The young female hedgehog looks around as she slides her hand across the thick grass. Her blonde, silky hair flies with the wind as she breathes in the air. " Is, this... Earth?" The blonde hedgehog said quietly to herself. She gets up and wipes dirt off of her sea blue dress.

She stares off to the distance and notices a small city. " hmm..?" She started to walk over to the city when she saw something it the grass; perhaps a flower? The elegant hedgehog gently picks up the bright red rose. She then observed it and picked a petal off of it and smiled." So this is what a real flower looks like!" she thought.

Gently, she smelled it and then made a 'mmm' sound. While laying it back on the grass, she thought. " How did I get here...? Am, I an animal..?" She thought again as she looks at her gloves and her bright yellow skin. She starts to walk once again. Gazing at the city, she cocks her head to the side. She walks on the concrete and goes onto the road.

A car starts to notice the girl and starts to beep at her, telling her to get out of the way. The blonde hedgehog gasps loud and the car slams on its breaks. She looks in horror as the guy comes out of the car.

" WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" The gray wolf said as he looked coldly into the hedgehogs eyes. " I-I... Have no idea where I am... I'm so confused! Oh sir, please h-help me.." she said worried-like. He then stared at her like she was crazy and sighed. " Ok, where do you live..." He said softly. " I don't.. have a home. I don't know where I came from." She looked to the ground and shifted her feet.

" Ok... Uhhh.. Just stick around with me. Whats your name?" he said, waiting for a reply. She looked at his yellow eyes and said calmly," Maria, Maria Robotnik...". He nodded and signaled her to follow him. " The names Sander. Don't get out of my site and just stay alive, alright?" Maria nodded and sighed. He opened the door to his car and got into the driver's seat.

" Well, you coming?" He said impatiently. " Uhmm.. Oh! Yeah.." She stepped into the car and sat down. He started the car and Maria bounced of fright. "What's wrong?" He said. Maria shifted her head to him and replied," I never seen anything like this! This is a car, right?" The wolf blinked and nodded. " You're meaning to tell me, you don't know what this is?" He sounded surprised. " I've seen a picture, but not the real thing!" she sounded astounded and excited.

He started to drive and Maria smiled. The gray fox got a little tense and she actually started to freak him out. " Where were you all this time?" " What do ya' mean?" She said, questionable-like. " Just, never mind!" He grumbled and continued to drive. After five minutes past, he stopped at his house. " This is your house?". " Yes..." He said as he got out of the vehicle.

Maria jumped out and her tail started to wag. "This is so cool!" The wolf sighed and opened the door. " Come, on. There is more than just the outside." He said plainly. She followed him in and she gasped in amazement. " Oh my gosh! This.. is awesome!" She smiled. " Get comfortable, you'll probably stay here for a while. By the way, how old are you... exactly?". " Oh! I'm... uhh..." She slowed down and started to think. " You don't know your age either?". " I don't think so..." She started to feel shame. As Maria scammed the house, he thought," Gee wiz, this girl is as crazy as a old woman winning bingo!".

Maria opened a door to where There was steps ahead. "whoa!". She started to go down when suddenly, she hears Sander saying," Don't go down there!" She went back up and stepped in front of him. " Why not...?" "Because I said so! it's private!" Maria stuck her tongue out at him. " Do that all you want, i don't care." He started to walk to the kitchen. " Hey! I was talking to you!" " No, you were sticking your tongue out at me." He argued. The blonde hedgehog made a 'hmph' sound and walked over with him.

"What are you doing?" She wondered. " Fixing up something, it is dinner time.." She nodded and sat on the couch, observing the house some more. " It's sweet of you to take me here! I haven't met anyone like you!" She laughed and smiled at him. "yeah, yeah..." he blushed slightly and continued to cook. Maria breathed in the aroma and her ears pricked up. " What is that heavenly smell?" "It's the smell of pork chops..." He said as he put it into the oven. " What is that?" " Uhm... food.. Trust me you'll like it." He said, having the same tempo in his voice.

" Ok..." She said and just stared outside. After about thirty minutes, he took out the pork and put it on plates for the hedgehog and him. "Here you go." he called out.

"She stared at it and she got confused. " This is pork.. chops?" She poked at it. "Yes.. Eat it. It's good protein." She scrunched her face and wasn't so sure about the food. " Do I have to feed it to you?" He said, getting angry. " .." She spoke of nothing. He sighed and took the fork to his hand. Then, he picked some food fron it and said, " Open your mouth..." She looked at him and said," What do you say..?" He got confused once again and grumbled. "Pleease..?" It came through smart- elic. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes.

The food got into her mouth and she started to chew. Her eyes opened and she smiled. "this is good!" "So, I was right. Now, eat the rest.." He sighed and started eating his food. She started to eat it more and smiled at him. He looked up and rolled his eyes. "What?" He said coldly. " Nothing. Just glad I am here!" He had a fade smile and then it went away when the door bell rang.
Maria's full attention gazed at the wooden door and her ears twitched. Sander went to the door and Maria soon followed. He opened the door and the blonde hedgehog just stood there as A fox stared at her back. "Nice to see you again!" Sander said.