"What has happened?" Tails was uncertain to the outcome, but he waited. " The Tageants have ordered all of us to come forth to their location at once..." Sander replied. Tails had a faint sigh come out of his mouth. "Wait, all of us...? How do they know about Maria?" Sander shrugged," I have no idea. I'm thinking it's not a good thing to take her though..." Tails nodded, but he had an idea. " What about I have Vanilla and Cream come over to make sure Maria doesn't go exploring?" Tails whispered in his ear. The hedgehog looked towards their direction and cocked her head.

" What are you guys talking about?" She said. "Tails, you go do that, and I'll explain to her." Tails nodded again and went to get his phone. "Okay, the Tageants are a bunch of enemies that can take out our planet in seconds. Tails and I are like their puppets that have to do a lot of tasks. That's all basically." He explained throughly. She got the idea and looked back at Tails on the phone. "Wait, how does he know about me?" "I'm not too sure yet. He might of thought of another person."Oh..." She said. "Okay, she'll be coming soon. We have to go now." "Wait, who will be coming where?" Maria once again was puzzled. "Okay, when you hear a bell ring, open the door because that's Vanilla and Cream. Don't worry, their nice." Sander closed the door. She was alone once again.

She sighed and her stomach started to growl. "Okay... I can try to make something." She hesitated and took out a bowl. She then searched the cabinets and grabbed some cereal. " I think I had this at the ARK!" She had a smile cross her face. Pouring it into the bowl carefully, she searched the refrigerator. There was milk, so she swept it out of the cold storage. After dripping milk into the bowl, she sat down. "I hope this is right..." She thought cautiously. She took a fork and tried to scoop some onto it. Feeling the taste in her mouth; she liked it. She was pretty satisfied with herself; only being here for a day and a half.

It's been past an hour and the poor hedgehog was still alone. She had nothing to do, and still had the eager to go search Mobius. She knew if she did, she would get lost. The blondie was getting very exhausted, so she fell asleep on the velvet couch.

"Sir, you called for us?" Sander said right when he approached. "Yes, indeed I did. There was something odd and strange that occured a day or two ago. Sage and I were just discussing it momentarily. The whole entire Mobius area and our area has seemed to be off balance. There has to be a problem to this, so I was hopeing you would have an idea." The snake seemed to frighten Tails everytime he had came to him. Of course, he is the ruler of all the Tageants and apparently Mobius too. "Well, since you all have been chatting about it, why don't you give us any clues or guesses to this happening?" The gray fox said while the snake thought. "A strange force has stretched out our galaxy to a minimum size. That goes to dissapearing planets and for other species to complain."

The two-tailed fox thought a second and he knew what has happened; Maria's existance. "I have a solution to this problem sir. It seems that an unfamilier hedgehog came to Mobius not to long ago. She neither knew where she came from or who she really was. It all came to her after a few hours or so." The golden python nodded and gestured his hands for him to continue. "She came from a place that was built about fifty years ago. That place was called the ARK. She lived on their until she was about... twelve or thirteen. On the ARK, she was killed by a G.U.N soldier. She also saved a life of an ebony hedgehog." Tails thought he had a great sense of knowledge and triumph, so he smiled. "Okay. I get the idea." He said and shifted his position in his red-bejeweled chair.