As the plane flys in I finally wake up."Ah, Back in Sunnydale at last." Is all I can say. I notice the guy beside me is eating. "Did I miss the meal?" I ask him directly. "No. Well ok, Yeah but they put your food in the little compartment." Then I see it sticking out. "Oh, thanks." How could I not see that?

As I leave the plane I see my mother standing just outside the door.

"Hey Tara, How was the flight?"

"Good mom. Really...Good."

"You're just glad to be home?"

"Ah, Yeah. You could say that." I might just be glad I don't have to patrol tonight.

"You got everything?"

"Yeah, I think so."

Its around 9pm when we get home. After I unpack I become in the mood for patroling. "Hey mom can I patrol? I know Ionly just got back but I wanna see if I can find Willow and Xander on their patrol."

"Sure be back by midnight."

"I will" I yell as I close the door behind me. I head to a popular park that Willow loves to patrol in. As I enter the park I hear a familiar scream and see a red-head teen pinned to a wall by a vampire while a wimpering boy lays on the ground. I run up and do a handspring before driving a stake through its heart and catching Willow. "Miss me?" "So much" I hear Xander say from on the ground. I help him up but he doesn't seem happy that he needed help. "So, How was LA?" Willow askes me. "Ah, kinda boring"

Being saturday I don't have to go to school so I go to see Angel. After talking for a while Angel lovingly grabs my arms. After we kiss I say something I didn't expect to say "Angel. I wanna have sex with you." After a while he answers simply "Are you ready?" "Of course i'm ready." So we have sex.

The next morning I wake up and can't find Angel. I don't know why im so worried. Maybe because its day. I find an old mansion on Cranford Street. "That looks like a vamps dream house." I mutter to myself so I go in. What I see next broke my heart. When I walk in Angel is having sex with Drusilla. "Angel?" He looks at me shocked. "Tara, What are you doing here?" He comes over to hug me. "Don't touch me ever again. You're acting like you don't have a soul." I feel so horrible. "Well" Angel says "Maybe thats because I don't have one anymore." I sprint away but he moves fast. "Murus apparere inter nos, custodies nos seorsum ab invicem." I yell and a wall comes between me and Angel. No. Angelus.

Later that day Willow comes over and sees me in tears. "Tara, Whats wrong?" I just feel sick trying to say it. "" "Oh Tara." She goes for a hug but i'm not finished. "Angelus is back."