Nightmares and Awakenings

By: Anya
Disclaimer: I dont own any of the characters, wish I did, but I dont. 
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	The colors swirled around Vegeta's head as he let the darkness 
envelope him into sleep. At first the images were blurry and unable 
to be made out, but as it came closer, they cleared up and there was but 
one image promenent above the rest. 

	She looked different though. Older. Not by much, but her 
face was slightly worn and there were bags under her eyes from apparent 
loss of sleep. Her eyes themselves were red more than the beautiful 
blue they usually were and small tear streaks stained her beautiful face. 
She had been crying and from the looks of it, alot. Her hair hung 
unattended over her shoulders. 

	The entire situation, her looking down on him so miserably, 
unnerved Vegeta. The feeling inside him worried him as well. Pity, for this woman who stood looking so weary and worn 
over him. It scared him. What could make her so miserable?

	Her hand reached out and touched his cheek, though he could 
not feel it and fresh tears began to form in her face. 

	Me? She is crying for me? But...why?

	Another face appeared beside hers, further back...Trunks. 
But this Trunks was different. He wasn't a small child as Vegeta knew 
him, but was not future Trunks either. He looked to be just entering 
his teens. His face was stern, but a sad look still sat apon it, 
though no tears came from him. He looked down at Vegeta, then 
placed a hand on his mother's shoulder. Vegeta watched as Bulma 
turned to look at Trunks before taking her hand away, turning around 
and leaving. 

	He wanted to call out to her, Kami knew he did, but he 
couldn't. His voice wouldn't work, he couldnt even move. It was 
then that Vegeta noticed something new. His surroundings had 
become more clear. There was lace all around as well as silk and 
he was lying in something, but what he could not tell. 

	Suddenly as he watched his son turn to leave everthing faded 
to black again, only to fade into another scene. This time he was back 
in his, this was not his room...was it? It looked so different. 
It looked like a hospital. There were pans of water and blankets 
everywhere. Clothes smeared with blood. What had happened here. 
Then he noticed her. Bulma. She was sitting on the window sill 
staring out at the moon. (And yes i know the moon is gone but im 
saying it's back so HA) He tried his hardest to move and found 
that this time indeed he could. He walked slowly over to her and 
found his voice.

	"Woman?" he called, but she did not turn around, "Woman!" 
he got closer this time coming around to look her in the face. "WO-" 
his voice halted dead in it's tracks as he took in her face. 

	Her eyes were closed tightly togather, tears streaming down 
her face in steady streams and small sobs were wracking her 
frame. He didn't know how he had missed them before, for now they 
seemed loud. She was crying with all of her heart. Again he tried 
to speak to her.
	"Wo...Bulma." he said, daring to use her name. "Bulma, 
why are you crying? What has upset you? Is something wrong with 
Trunks?" he asked but to no avail. Sighing he looked down getting 

	"vegeta..." she sobbed out, dropping her head and going into 
full out sobs. 

	Vegeta's head snapped up and he reached out for her...only 
to have his hand pass right through her skin. Vegeta stared in shock 
as he noticed for the first time that he could see through his own 
hand...indeed, his whole body. But how could that be? That would mean..

	"Why did you leave us??.....Why....why did you" 
Bulma sobbed out, her sadness permeating the room, making Vegeta's 
heart catch in his throat. He watched as she looked back up to the 
sky with tears in her eyes. "You never told me, Vegeta. I needed 
to know so i'll never know....."

	"What? Know what??" he asked frantically.

	"I'll never ever know...if you ever loved me..." she sobbed 
and collapsed down against the wall across from him, sobbing her eyes 

	For once in his life, Vegeta sat back shocked, frozen and unable 
to do anything about the situation. 'I'm dead? But how? How did I 
die? And how can my death make the woman so miserable??...I 
never said...I never told her that-.....I thought she knew I-' he 
couldnt' even finish his own sentence, all he could feel was the 
pain and sadness that radiated from her as he watched her stand and 
stare out the window before moving closer. She wasn't going to-

	Vegeta watched in horror as she fell from the window towards 
the ground further and further-

	Vegeta sat up in bed with a loud gasp. Looking around quickly 
he picked up his hand, relieved to see that it was not transleucent 
any longer, but whole and flesh. He gave a huffing laugh before 
looking around the room. It was just the same as he had left it 
before he went to sleep. Gasping he suddenly remembered the 
dream and jumped up and dashed out of his room towards where he knew 
Bulma's room was. Not even bothering to knock, he barged into 
the room. The scene that greeted him there, caused him to sigh in 
relief. Bulma had been fast asleep , though now she was awake 
thanks to him and was well and just like he'd last seen her the 
day before.

	"Vegeta??" she asked groggily, wiping her eyes, the 
annoyance apparent in her tone. "What are you doing in here? Look, 
if you need something to eat, just go-" before she could finish, 
Bulma found herself nearly knocked back by the force of Vegeta's 
body colliding with hers. His arms were tight around her, making 
almost impossible to move and it sounded as if he were...crying??

	"V-vegeta? What-" she couldn't speak anymore, to afriad to 
ask what had brought this strong stubborn man to collapse to 
tears in her arms. All she could do was wrap her arms around him and 
hold him. Comfort him as best she could.

	After a few minutes, he sat back up and took her face in the 
palms of his hands and stared into her eyes. "Your alive." he 
whispered and before Bulma could contemplate the meaning of his 
words, she found her lips pressed to his. Shock took over for the 
first few minutes, then she closed her eyes and returned the 
kiss she thought would never come. He had never been so affectionate 
to her before and she would be damned if she would pass up the 
chance at having the man she loved in her arms for at least one night. 

	Pulling away from her, he closed his eyes and pressed his 
forehead to hers. "I promise." he said, loud enough so she could hear, 
but soft enough not to wake Trunks, "I promise this to you woman, I 
will never, NEVER leave you without telling you I love you. I promise, 
on everything I have. On my honor and on my Sayjin soul, I will 
never take this life for granted again."

	Bulma was in complete shock. This wasn't Vegeta. It 
couldn't be. He would never say such things to her...would 
he? It was true, she felt he had taken her for granted for a long 
while now, but for him to so suddenly come to her and tell her he 
was sorry? That he would never leave her without-

	"You love me?..." Bulma's whisper was almost unable to be 
heard, but with his sensitive hearing, he heard her clearly and 
looked up into her soft blue eyes.

	Vegeta couldn't speak. He had been so....afraid 
of those words. Yes, afraid, for the longest time to ever admit it, 
but he did love her. "Yes." he paused, then a smile, not a smirk, 
but a real smile spread over his face, "Yes woman, I love you. I 
love you more than I know how to say..." he trailed off, getting 
lost in her eyes before claiming her lips again. This time Bulma 
wasted no seconds returning the loving kiss and let him hold 
her to him. This was more than she had ever dreamed. 

	The kiss went on for what seemed an eternity before the 
two broke apart again, and when they did Bulma was smiling. "Oh 
Kami Vegeta, I love you." she laughed and hugged him once more, 
holding him as closely as she could. And if she had any say in 
the matter, she would never let him go.

The End

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