Beginning the Dream

by: Anya
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Beginning the Dream

Vegeta held onto Bulma tightly, keeping her as close as possible
as his breathing slowed. The nightmare had been so real, so vivid. He
honestly didnt' know what he would do if it ever truely happened.
Pulling his wife to him, he now regretted his decision to have separate
rooms. After Trunks had been born he hadn't seen the need to sleep in
the same room, he could simply come and take her whenever he felt
the need. He hadn't needed a silly human woman 'snuggling up to
him' in the middle of his rest period. (A/N: See?) But now, he understood
her reasons. Nightmares like that could leave a man ready to cling to
a human like a weakling child, but Vegeta found that at the moment, he
didn't care if he seemed like a weakling. All he cared was that she was
alive and she was here and that tonight, and the rest of her life, she
was his.

"Vegeta, are you alright?" she whispered into his ear.

He thought about retorting, but took a moment, then thought
against it. "I am, woman." he sighed.

"What happened Vegeta? Tell me what's wrong...please?"
she pleaded with him. She had to know what had brought the strong Saijyin
warrior to tears and to her arms.

"It was nothing woman."


"Hush wo-Bulma, I do not wish to speak about it. I do not wish
you to speak at all." he whispered running his hand through her hair
and pulling her in for a deep kiss.

'Who am I to refuse?' she thought before returning the
kiss and wrapping her arms around his neck. She could hear his breathing
start to pick up again and knew exactly what he wanted and she wasn't
about to deny the man she loved comfort in her arms. And now she knew,
she knew it wasn't just sex to him, he had told her. He loved her. She
knew how hard that must have been for him to say after all this time, but
she was thankful to hear the words come from his lips, even if it had
taken something that brought him to tears to do it.

She felt Vegeta pushing her back onto the bed and the softness
of the pillow as she sank her head into it. He started kissing his way
down her neck towards her ear. "Be mine, woman, be mine for tonight
and every night." he whispered. Tears filled Bulma's eyes and she
tightened her arms around her Saijyin Prince.

"Always." she whispered back before meeting his mouth in a kiss

Vegeta slipped his hands inside the bottom of her night shirt
and ran them up, pulling the garmet off of her in the process. Bulma
broke the kiss and let him pull it off of her top. She watched as Vegeta
stared at her exposed skin, his eyes alight with passion, before
he kissed her again, slipping his tongue into her mouth. His hand
wandered down her side to her breast, gently taking it in his palm,
making Bulma moan. She ran her hands over his bare back, seeing as
how he normally slept in his sweatpants. Running her hands down as
his continued to administer to her, she slipped them under the hem of
his pants and played her fingers over the tender flesh of his lower
back, searching until she heard a groan and knew she'd found the little
patch of hair where his tail used to be.

Vegeta moaned into her mouth as she rubbed the sensitive spot
with her fingertips, making his growing erection almost too hard
to bear. Knowing that he would need her soon, he lifted up and
watched her suprised face as he ripped the small pajama bottoms
off of her hips and down her legs to throw them across the room. Next
went her panties, flinging to the floor nearly ten feet away. At a
slower pace, Vegeta sat back and ran his hands down her sides,
listening to her breathing as well as her heart rate pick up. Running
his hands over her stomach, he outlined her little belly button before
continuing down, outlining her womanhood with his fingers.

Bulma caught her breathe as he slowly examined her. He'd never
payed this much attention to her before, nor had he ever gone this
slow. She watched as he dipped his fingers into her, making her gasp,
before pulling them up to his lips. She felt her heart skip as he tasted
her on his fingers and she closed her eyes, afraid she would faint if she
watched his teasings any longer.

Vegeta knelt over her, sliding further down the bed and ran his
tongue along her small stomach, feeling her muscles fluttering under
it. He traced his way down and along the inside of her thighs until he
came apon where he knew she wanted his tongue to go. He had done this
once before and enjoyed the noises she had made. Vegeta wondered
if he could make her scream louder this time, then though better of
it, as it might wake their son. Leaning forward, he inhaled her scent
before running his tongue lightly over the soft blue curls.

"Oh my kami..." Bulma breathed as she felt his tongue enter her.
He hadn't done this in quite a while and it felt like this time he
wasn't going easy on her as his tongue and fingers swept roughly
in and out. Bulma moaned as he found the spot that drove her crazy.
She could already feel it building inside her, the tingling sensation
rushing through her stomach and downward until she couldn't hold it
in anymore. Grabbing a pillow, she stuffed it over her mouth and moaned
loudly, making sure she didn't wake the child only down the hall
from them. Shudders wracked her body until no more could come and
she had to push Vegeta from between her legs to make him stop.

She tasted sweeter this time, that's all Vegeta could
think as he moved up. He needed her. It wasn't just a question of
wanting her anymore, it was a question of needing. He couldn't see
himself without her, or his son any longer. They had a bond now,
something deeper than he had ever thought possible. He quickly discarded
himself of the sweatpants and returned to the bed. Moving himself
over her, he wrapped his arms around her back as he entered her
gently. Vegeta heard her gasp and leaned down to kiss her deeply as
he began to move within her. Yes, this was something even more than
he could ever had imagined. On Vegetasai, bonds were normal, but
bonds of this measure were very rare and something to treasure, and
that's exactly what he planned to do with this woman. Treasure the time
he had.

Bulma held onto his arms as he tightened his grip, bringing
her in closer to his sweat covered body as he moved faster. She knew
he was close. His thrusts were erratic and desperate and she wasn't
far behind, hearing his breath in her ear. She took his ear between
her teeth and gently chewed on it. This sent Vegeta over the edge,
his body shaking as his orgasm took over. He thrust harder, sending
Bulma into hers as well. She grasped onto his body as they both came
down, gasping and panting, covered in sweat. She watched in
amazement as he lifted himself above her, running his hands through
her hair and kissed her with such tenderness it was hard to believe
he was the stiff warrior he was. Returning the kiss, she rolled with
him as he fell to the side, pulling her body to his and tucking her
into his arm's fold.

Resting his head on top of hers, Vegeta stared off into the
darkness, thinking about the bond and the life ahead of him. Things
had to change, he knew that, but for some reason beyond him, he
didn't seem to mind changing all that much. Staring back down at
the now sleeping woman in his arms, he kissed her forhead before
pulling the sheet up over them and drifting off to sleep himself.
Tomorrow there would be questions, there was no doubt about that, but
for now, he would sleep and tell the woman of the bond when the time


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