Notes: This is a special E/O Challenge Collection. I am very bad at keeping up with the E/O Challenges, so here is my collection of missed challenges! After this, I'll be going back to one a week (hopefully!). Thanks for bearing with my hectic schedule, and enjoy!

"It's going to get nippy for the Minneapolis area, with temperatures in the low to mid 20s over the next few days—"

Dean shut off the TV and wrapped the thinning quilt from his bed around his shoulders.

"Why did you have to drag us to freakin' Minnesota in the middle of winter, Sam?" Dean complained. Across the room in the bathroom, Sam let out a violent sneeze.

"It's not my fault the heat is broken in this motel."

"My foot up your ass isn't going to be my fault if you don't find a motel that has heat."