Kotetsu was waiting for Barnaby to finish the fried rice. This was the first time he's trying the younger man's cooking. Truthfully, he's a bit curious. He's never seen Barnaby cook before but since one can't judge a book by it's cover, he's not being judgmental about what kind of cook Barnaby is.

It was a surprise when the younger male decided to invite him over because he wanted him to try his fried rice. He remembered how Barnaby ate his fried rice and assumed that it was because of that time that Barnaby is working hard to cook a simple dish.

I should be so judgmental over a man who is cooking fried rice for someone for the first time! I shouldn't care if it tastes good or not. It's his first time.

"It's done, Kotetsu-san!" exclaimed Barnaby as he served the fried rice to the older man.

Kotetsu only stared at the dish. It didn't look ominous. It smelled nice as well. He felt Barnaby's gaze and decided to eat.

"T-Thanks for the food…" Kotetsu grabbed a spoonful of the fried rice and eventually ate it albeit hesitantly.

This taste…!

"How is it?" asked Barnaby.

Kotestu didn't say anything. He tried to get what the flavor of the dish was. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. It's edible but it's lacking something.

"It's a bit bland…"

"I see…"

"I think you need to add a bit more seasoning."

Yeah. That's the problem. It's still edible nonetheless. It's better than my first try long ago.

"Well, it's still better than my first try." said Kotetsu as he chuckled a bit awkwardly.

"I'll try harder next time."

"Okay. I'll always be here to try your fried rice, Bunny." Kotetsu flashed a smile. "Also, could you pass the mayonnaise?"


A/N: This was a contest entry I submitted on Deviantart. It's not great. I didn't win.

Oh and if you didn't know, the episode teaser during Episode three (the next episode preview) reveals that Kotetsu likes to put mayonnaise on everything he eats. I wonder if Hijikata and Kotetsu would be good friends due to their love of mayonnaise.