Sabrina spoke in a different voice now, one softer and gentler than she had ever used before. Peter remembered hearing it coming from above his cradle as a child. It was now, truly, his mother's voice. "Mom?" he asked, laying a hand on hers. Sabrina smiled, "It's not easy to tell you about what you've possibly inherited from me. Your father never knew either. I never told him about being 'Deathdancer' the most dangerous woman in the world or, about what I was born with."

Peter looked at her, "Whatever it is, it doesn't change the fact that you're my mother and I love you." Sabrina cupped his cheek in her hand and smiled. "I hopt you're right, my son. You see, the reason those women did what I said is because I'm just like them. Peter, your mother is a werewolf."

Peter listened to her, and somehow, this wasn't a suprise to him, somehow, he had known he was more different than just being raised Shaolin. He looked at her, "That would explain some things about me." Sabrina looked at him keenly, "Such as, my son?" Peter smiled, "My hearing seems to be more acute than other peoples and, sometimes, I can see in the dark like it's broad daylight."

Sabrina nodded and gestured for him to continue. "Well," he said slowly, "My reflexes, sometimes its like I can leap furthur than anyone and I react quicker too." Sabrina looked at him. "Let's see, you're 21 now, right?" He nodded in silence. She continued, "Ok, then, if you were going to shape shift, you would have long before now so, obviously you did not inherit that part of me, thank the Mother for that. It doesn't matter, I love you no matter what."

She and Peter hugged and then walked down to the lake. She watched the ripples on the surface. "You come here to be alone and think, don't you?" Peter nodded, "How did you know?" Sabrina smiled. "I've always been drawn to water as well, my son. I always found it calming and a good place to think. Peter," she said, facing her son, "Tonight is the full moon. I can shape shift whenever I need but, tonight, You will see just what I am. Are you afraid?"

Peter thought for a moment, "I'd be lying if I said no but, I know that you won't hurt me." Sabrina smiled as she took his hand, "No, I won't harm you and, because you are my son, you will not be affected by the madness that affects normal humans who witness our shape changing. Are you sure you want to watch this?"

Peter nodded, "Yes, I want to know everything about you, Mom." Sabrina smiled, "Very well, when the moon is at its highest point in the night sky, you'll see just who and what I really am, and what you've gotten yourself born into."

They walked back into the cabin, Peter eager to see his mother in her true self and wishing that his father could be there to know as well. He had the feeling that his father would have accepted what she was as well but, now, they would never know if he would have or not. Peter knew one thing, however, He was never, ever going to do anything to lose his mother now that he had found her again.

End Part Fifteen