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Chapter 6

The two boys hurried past the colossus-sized door and into the throne room, there their mother and father sat side by side. The mother looked intriguingly at the object Thor was carrying but Odin rolled his eyes… "You know there are many ways of carrying a lady" Odin said and then he let out a light chuckle. "But I have to admit I never did carry Frigga like that". Sif still hung lose over Thor's shoulders, she was facing the back of the room so she listened intently to what was happening at the front. So she could try to guess what form of punishment she must presume. "And Loki my dear son, what happened to you?" Frigga's attention was now drawn to Loki's wounds. "Awww my poor darling!" Frigga weaned. Sif accidently released a little snigger. Which unfortunately brought the attention back to her.

"Well are you going to introduce us to your new companion Thor or must we wait?" Odin asked slyly. "Oh right" Thor replied and suddenly Sif was being lifted from his shoulders, she was desperate to stay on, to avoid the all father's stare. "Clingy" Loki muttered under his breath. And Sif suddenly had the urge to punch him again which then released her grip from Thor's shoulders. And she was lifted and plunked on the floor in front of him. "Damn" she cursed under her breath, and she lowered her hair making a silken black curtain over her face. She would avoid the all fathers gaze at all costs so she stared at the ground. Her hand lay to the side of her feet, which crumpled at an awkward angle however she did not dare to move them. Ideas of torture ran through her mind but got interrupted…

"And what may I owe the pleasure of your company?" he queried Sif and his sons. She lifted her head and brushed her head behind her ear and met the all fathers gaze. His grey eyes locked onto hers but she stayed strong and kept her gaze. "What a beautiful young girl!" Frigga exclaimed. Sif smiled shyly at this compliment trying to figure out if she should or not. "So..." Odin asked again. Loki opened his mouth and Sif tried to block out his words but instead the rumbling voice of Thor spoke up. "Father, I wish for her to train as a warrior" surprised looks darted off the walls and ceilings of the room. Frigga changed the topic and turned her surprised look into an inquisitive one.

"Where are you from and what is your name dear child? Come on I am not going to bite!" she exclaimed. Sif turned from the all father and instead locked eyes with Frigga, her kindness and beauty had not been exaggerated. She looked at her with such a genuine smile and such beautiful eyes, the eyes of a caring mother… Sif opened her mouth to try to speak but she feared she would cry, how she wished she had a mother or even a father! "I a-am Sif my lady and I live on the out-outskirts of Asgard" she finally stuttered, how she hated being so weak. "And what is your surname?" Frigga asked questioningly. "I, I do not know ma'am". And once again surprised looks bounced around the room, be honest, be straight and explain…

"I am an orphan ma'am, I never knew who my parents were and I believe I have no siblings". Her confession somehow impressed the all father "Your honesty and bravery is quite impressive Sif, but the question is do you have any strength?" Wait, Sif was confused was the all father really considering Thor's proposal. The happy thought vanished her terrified ones and she opened her mouth to speak but yet again Thor spoke out… "Well look what she did to Loki!" Thor exclaimed. Sif moaned any other sentence would have been just fine, but no! So Sif decided to resume her position before, ready to plead… "Ha you, you did that to, to Loki!" the all father burst out laughing and Sif raised one eyebrow and Loki gaped in disbelief, "Now Sif you must enlighten me! What did you do?" he asked. "I put him in an arm lock because he teased me and then he called me a peasant so I…" "So you pummeled me to the ground!" Loki explained trying to get his side of the story in.

"GUARDS" the all father roared. Now Sif began to panic, she was going to be taken away… She turned to the four guards that were advancing on her. She landed a kick in the first ones chest and he went flying into the air and then she turned and punched the second guard in the face making him fall on top of the third guard. Only one left she panted… But she was grabbed and hauled into the air from behind so she elbowed him in the stomach and just to finish things off kicked him in the balls.

A booming clap echoed around the room and Sif froze… She swore and turned to her audience, would she to try to fight? No she was bound to lose! "Bravo, I was just checking no need to be so frightened Sif" he said and even Loki had to try to wipe his impressed look off his face and as for Thor… Well his lips spread into a huge grin, which made Sif grin too, and he made a little thumb up action. "How would you like to train in the house of Odin with my sons?" the all father asked. And the shock off the question drilled into her "Of course all father! Thank you so much" she beamed… "Excellent" Odin replied "Sif, Sif, SIF!"

Thor was the first thing that came into sight and he looked so worried. "What are you doing?" she asked, "Checking that you're alive," he replied. Sif burst out into laughter and Thor was confused, when she finally calmed down she asked, "Hey do you remember when we first met?" For a minute he didn't answer then replied, "Of course I do how can I forget… Loki really shouldn't underestimate peasants," Thor laughed. Sif stared at him… "Did you really just?" He didn't have enough time to answer as Sif tried to put Thor in an arm lock but Thor overcame her and tickled her until she calmed down. "Never call me a…" her words got cut off as Thor kissed her lips. "Now that shut you up didn't it" Sif regained composure and threw a pillow at Thor's face. "Sif 1, Thor 0" laughed Sif and she turned to face him. The sparks in his eyes had faded and he opened his mouth to speak but Sif interrupted. "I know, Loki. Come on we'll try until we succeed!" She announced and Thor smiled at her weakly. Sif turned to walk out of the room for Thor to get ready… "Oh brother…"

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