It's not the kind you think. It's not where you think.

It's totally different. I survived

The Holocaust.

I thought Hitler was going to make everything better my parents thought that too. But that's when it started.

1939- I was still in a concentration camp; I was the only one still alive in my family. I watched and waited to see who was going to die today. I was relieved I wasn't picked that day. Though I was sad that I would never see my family again, but I needed to live on to tell my story, what happened this day.

1940-I'm still alive but not doing so well because I am so hungry I never thought I would go hungry I never had to think where my next meal would come from. But now I don't even know if I'm going to get a meal today. No person but the guards knows. None of care because we know that soon we will be saved by the Americans. We all know just some don't believe so much.

For some of us it was too late they put them in the gas chambers. Then they were discarded like last week's moldy bread which now had tasted so good.

1941- I am coming to my second year here, a lot of the friends I have made have gone to the gas chambers, I still mourn but I am happy they are out of suffering and can see their families again. I am also so glad that I can live and tell our lives to people.

Years after being rescued- Yes I have made it out alive but I was about to die when they came and nursed us back to health. Now I am in Therapy for my trauma but I am getting better and I have been adopted by a nice family. I am loved so much but am respected for who I am and where I come from.

Because I am a survivor.

A survivor of the holocaust.