Hi! I'm so glad that people like my story! Sorry if it does seem like an unoriginal setting, but you know, I just based it off of my old school so it probably would XD. I don't know why I'm posting this considering I don't work on this much and I should really be spreading out my posts more, but whatever. So thank you to everyone who reviewed and favorited and whatever else; you guys rock. :)

Now, our principal's name is Ms. Angela Blanc, and she's really pretty. She also seems really nice. But she isn't; she's evil! Well, whenever I get sent here, she's evil. But she was being nice to Ciel; it wasn't fair at all! "Ms. Blanc, may I question why you are being nice to Ciel?" I asked politely.

"Alois, you get in trouble all the time. Today was Ciel's first day and he was found with you. Skipping classes. I believe that this is your fault, and I am only using deductive reasoning." The principal explained. I sighed, "Whatever." Ms. Blanc narrowed her eyes at me.

"Maybe I should just expel you." She said. Ciel's eyes widened. I leaned back against my chair, closed my eyes, and said, "You've already threatened me with that. It's not like my parents or even Claude would care." The principal huffed out a breath and said, "Trancy, I am tired of your attitude. You get sent here all the time, and now you're influencing the new boy."

Ciel came to my rescue, which was actually quite a surprise to both me and Ms. Blanc. "Ms. Blanc I assure you that I wasn't aware of the passing time. I'm almost positive Alois wasn't quite aware either. He is not influencing me in the slightest. If anything, I hope to influence him. If we could maybe let this one time slip without having to tell Sebastian, or Alois's guardian, I would be very pleased and I would try to help reform Alois. Expellment doesn't really seem an option for him, considering he seems to need schooling more than anyone else here."

I was proud of Ciel for standing up to the principal with all his fanciness to impress her. Although I believe he may have insulted me a few times in whatever speech he said… but at least Ms. Blanc seemed persuaded. "Okay then, this will not go on either of your permanent records. But it will be added if I don't see Alois making any progress." After we both nodded, she dismissed us and we went to the last class of the day.

We seriously skipped an entire class so my goal in life was pretty much accomplished. On our way to class, Ciel cussed under his breath. "Now you need to start making progress," Ciel muttered to me, which is when I decided on a new goal in life. I smiled, but quickly hid it, not sure if smiling right now would be smart. I had thought of the perfect way to make progress.

"Hey Ciel, maybe you could tutor me." I suggested, faking nonchalance.

"…You somehow planned this all out didn't you?" Ciel asked.

"I wouldn't do something like that!" I replied defensively.

"Correction; you couldn't do something like that. I know you would." I didn't even know Ciel for all that long and he came up with this? How was he so spot on?

"C'mon, I'm going to be expelled if you don't tutor me. If I'm expelled I'll be forever dumb." Ciel didn't react very much at all. "If I'm expelled, you'll be stuck with Elizabeth!" I tried. Ciel seemed to hit a realization. "Okay, I'll tutor you," he resigned. Oh, this will be so much fun!

Eventually we got to class. It was math. Yay. I kind of listened to what the teacher was saying because Ciel wanted me to do better in school, but it didn't make as much sense as I'd hoped. Since Ciel was sitting next to me, I kept asking him what the big words the teacher used meant. Usually Ciel's definitions had other words I didn't understand in them though so he wasn't much help. How was I not failing this class?

"How are you not failing this class?!" Ciel asked incredulously.

"I honestly have no clue," I replied, well… honestly.

"Okay, when do you have free time for tutoring?" Ciel questioned, now understanding how much I needed it.

"Every single hour of every single day." I replied, sighing about my lack of a shopping trip this week.

"What about tonight?" Ciel inquired. I raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm free. Are you willing to tutor me tonight?" I wondered.

"I don't see why not. Sebastian will be happy too, considering he thinks I need to be social and have more friends." I didn't reply to that. Instead, I took out my phone and called Claude, telling him I would be going to a friend's house.

"Lizzy's?" he asked.

"No, Ciel's." I replied tartly.

"Well then, have fun," Claude replied monotonously –which, by the way, did not go well with his statement.

"I will. Bye," I said and hung up. So then I followed Ciel, because apparently we were walking to his house. At least the rain had cleared up. In fact, it was quite sunny now.

Wow I had no clue where to stop this. It's probably really short... sorry about that. And I also apologize about the lack of a chapter ending; this actually ended in the middle of a paragraph, but you know. I... I don't know. Just... Review. As long as it's not flames. -.-'