Katie Moretti was a fresh-out-of-high school college co-ed, ecstatic and anxious to be starting her freshman year at CLMU.

She was a feiry young girl, but underneath all that fire, she was just that: a girl. A girl who was still nursing the wound left by her cheating high school boyfriend, a girl who giggled into the night with her new roommate, and, like so many others, she was a girl who masochistically wanted what she couldn't have.

Katie eagerly attended her classes, sitting in the front row, taking notes like her life depended on it. She had always been a star student, and that wasn't about to change.

Her Neuroscience course had been postponed until the third week of school; the professor was suffering from an unspecified illness. Katie was left bitterly disappointed- this was the class she had been anticipating the most. Many rumors regarding the missing professor circulated across campus, and Katie wasn't sure what to believe. However, one thing seemed to be certain: the man was brilliant. Katie couldn't wait to learn from him.

On the first day the class was to be taught, Katie sat front and center, notebook open, pen in hand. She listened to, but did not join, her classmates' whispered conversations; everyone was slightly wary of the unfamiliar teacher.

All discussion halted when the door opened. Katie took one look at the man that strolled into the room and felt her jaw drop to the floor.

"Hello all, I'm Dr. Daniel J. Pierce."