Katie was smitten.

She couldn't believe this. She had never been even remotely attracted to an authority figure before, and now, here she was... smitten.

She was just so unable to help herself. She blushed when she thought of him, couldn't take her eyes off of him throughout his lectures, and started to see him everywhere she looked. Ever since that first day.

Katie had been able to tell that she was not the only student surprised by Dr. Pierce. Based upon the descriptions provided by upperclassmen, Katie and her classmates had been expecting a wizened professor, a wise old owl, a shock of white hair and bushy eyebrows, complete with wire-rimmed glasses.

What they had been given, however, was... different. Instead of old, they received young and spry. Instead of crazy white hair, they were given a close-cropped brunette with a perpetual 5' o clock shadow. But one could not deny that this was a wise man. To quote a poet, "eyes old with the wisdom he knows I'd rather not have." Professor Pierce was completely unexpected, and the overall effect was... hot.

Ever since that first day...

Dr. Pierce strolled into the room with a briefcase and a smile.

"Hello, all. I'm Dr. Daniel J. Pierce," he said. "My apologies for my absence; I had a wicked cold. It is very nice to finally be back, and I'm looking forward to an interesting semester."

And without further ado, the professor launched into one of the most thought provoking lectures Katie had ever heard. She couldn't write fast enough, trying to get down every word of Pierce's brilliant soliloquy. She left that day with a brand new outlook on life... and a brand new crush.