Ok I don't know what else to say haha I think I told everything in the summary. But I'm gonna repeat it in case someone didn't understand my idea. I thought about asking you your favorite songs and then according to these songs and their lyrics I'm gonna write a bade one-shot. In the one-shot there are gonna be the lyrics of the song. My motto for this "story" is: a bade moment could be the inspiration for this song. The one-shots are gonna be big or short (it depends on my inspiration haha) So I guess that's all I can say.

I'm gonna give an example of my idea.

This first one-shot is dedicated to pantherfan97 for being such a supportive friend and reviewer to all my stories. Pantherfan97 has asked me to write a bade one-shot based on John Lennon's Jealous Guy (Sang by Liz Gillies) so here it is!
Pantherfan97 this is for you! I hope you like it and that it's worthy of your expectations! Thank you for being such a great friend and reader!

Jealous guy by John Lennon

Beck's POV

We drive in silence. I can say she's trying hard to keep a controlled face but I know her well enough to be sure she's boiling inside. Still she doesn't let a word out. I prepare myself for her outburst and I don't quite blame her. Still I'm very surprised that she hasn't snapped yet. She really has changed a lot from the day we went back together. She changed for me. And look now that despite her will to satisfy me I end up causing problems. So here we are in my car while the tension is filling the atmosphere and makes me even more nervous. As I stop the car she storms out of it and I follow her unwillingly.

"I can't believe the scene you made out there" she shouts getting inside my RV and giving me a critical look.

"I didn't make that big scene. And I had a reason to behave like this" I say back closing the door and she rolls her eyes. Typical Jade. But I know I'm really screwed up so I don't try to push it to the edge.

"You acted like a crazy man. I was only talking to him. What on hell Beck? It's Ryder Daniels"

"That's my point. I'm about to come to your locker to tell you that I have a gift for you and I find you chatting with HIM, smiling with whatever HE was telling you. Smiling! You always smile when I'm by your side and never without anyone else"

"You're paranoiac Beck. And I actually don't understand how you changed your mood so quickly. I mean… I saw you. I saw you coming towards my locker. Then you stopped looking at us. You seemed… I don't know. Betrayed. Like I had kissed him. Which I clearly DIDN'T do and I would NEVER do. You should have known that!" she answers and my eyes meet hers.

"I was kinda dreaming of the past. Of us. Of you giving me the same smile you were giving him. Jade my heart started biting fast. I saw you there with him and I don't know… I began to lose control"

"I saw that too. You started walking again and from one minute to another you were screaming to Ryder to stop playing and just leave me alone. What were you thinking? We were just talking. TALKING"

"I was feeling insecure that you started liking him. That you might not love me anymore. I was shivering inside" I respond and I see her seating on my bed. The fact that she doesn't comment such a cheesy response means that I have caused serious trouble to myself.

"So what you say is that you thought I would cheat on you. That you don't trust me. Is that what you wanna say?" she whispers and I can see she is holding tears back.

"No baby it's not that. It's just that…" I try to find an excuse but I can't.

"And then you took me from the hand dragging me with you. And for the rest of the day you stalked me all the time" she murmurs and I make myself get closer to her.

"I was trying to catch your eyes. I thought that you were trying to hide. Hide from me. Janitor's closet. Your favorite place. But you didn't do it. You kept doing your routine like nothing happened. I was swallowing my pain from the moment I first saw you with him. But I couldn't bare it anymore. That's the pure truth"

Silence doesn't help that much considering that my stupidity made my girl angry and sad. I look up at Jade to see her crying. CRYING. What on hell have you done Beck? You made Jade –the reason you breathe and live- cry. You promised to her that you won't ever make her cry. Yet you didn't fulfill your promise. Jerk. Promise is not enough you know.

"Hey baby come here" I say and take her in my embrace. It hurts me seeing her like that but it hurts more that I AM the reason she's so sad "I didn't mean to hurt you babe. I'm sorry that I made you cry. I'm so sorry" I try to apologize. She doesn't reject my embrace but she doesn't answer back. She needs time. I know that. Don't be impatient Beck. Give her time.

"Do you trust me?" I hear her ask after a couple of minutes.

"Of course I trust you. I always do"

"Then why? Why did you do all these? I just don't understand Beck. I really can't understand. You say you trust me yet you behave like I'm the unfaithful in this relationship"

"I'm sorry I'm so so sorry. Please forgive me. I don't know what happened. I don't know what made me feel that insecure. I didn't want to hurt you" I say and look into her eyes "I'm just a jealous guy" I add and she smirks a little.

"You never are" she comments and I shake my head.

"I always am. The fact that I don't show it doesn't mean I am not. Every day a bounce of guys come close to you and flirt you but you reject them. And that makes me happy and sure you are staunch. I love you more for that. I love you Jade. I love you. I want you mine"

"I am yours Beck. I always was"

"I know. It's just… sometimes I feel so insecure. No it's not your fault" I cut her because I see she's about to disagree "It's not your fault. It's just my stupidity. And jealousy. After all my calm face today lost its calmness so I don't think you need more proof to confirm I'm a jealous type. The fact that I don't always make a scene doesn't mean I don't want to. God Jade my eyes are all over you all day. Every second of the time. I see what others see. You, dark but simultaneously bright. Talented. Extraordinary beautiful. Exceptional. You are the dream of every guy. You're my dream"

"A dream that came true?" she asks putting her head on my shoulder and I kiss her hair.

"A dream that came true" I confirm and take her face in my hands "Will you please forgive your stupid jealous boyfriend?" I ask and her face is serious. Not for long cause she now smiles widely and kisses me passionately.

"I do. But you have to understand this Beck. The fact that I speak with other guys doesn't seem I cheat on you. Especially with Ryder. But I excuse you a little bit cause I know how you feel. After all I'm a jealous girl too" she smiles.

"I love you" I look into her amazing eyes and caress her face.

"I love you too Beck. Always. Don't ever doubt about it. Never" she takes my hand in her and plays with my finger "By the way. What's the gift you intended to give me?" she says playfully and I chuckle.

"Tickets for a trip. Only you and me. Away from everyone"

"That sounds pretty good" she says and gets comfortable in my embrace.

"As long as you are by my side everything sounds pretty good"

The look she gives me tells everything. We don't need verbal confirmation of how much we love each other. She can see it in my eyes. And I can see it in her eyes too. I feel the happiest person in the world. Jade loves me. She really loves me. I feel complete. What a lucky yet jealous guy I am….

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