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Cato's POV:

"So, who is she?" Finnick came up beside me, crunching on an apple.

"Huh?" I said, barely paying attention to him. My head was swimming with what had just happened.

Finnick snorted, "The girl you brought over. The one you couldn't stop staring at. I'm impressed, usually; you go to their houses and then leave before they wake up. This time you actually brought her here."

I didn't blush, but I could feel traces of shame on my face. "Prim's not like that."

"Oh, I know that. She's obviously special. Very special."

"Definitely." Marvel came into my room also, opting to sit down on the giant bean bag I had in one corner. "I've never seen you so infatuated."

"Where were you this morning then, huh?" Finnick, who was chillaxing on the couch in my room, watched me with bright amusement. He looked like a kid in a candy shop.

"I took her on a date." Though I didn't mean too, I really did want to brag about it. "We had fun." I saw the look my two band mates exchanged. "Not like that, but seriously, I have some mad charm."

"Do tell."

I might as well get it over with, since we spent a lot of our time hanging out together, when one of us did something interesting, the others usually liked to hear about it. Our life was very busy, and anything that didn't have to do with our band, was good news.

"Well, you guys saw how aggressive she was after I rescued her, right?" They both nodded. "Well, by the end of our hike, she not only flirted back with me, but I also scored her number. I invited her on a second date tomorrow night."

"What will you be doing then?"

"I'm going to show her the stars. On the lake." There was one spot, at our cabin that we sometimes went to during the summer time. It was big and about an hour and a half out of the city. The sky was a lot darker there, and when the stars reflected on the water, it was beautiful, and romantic. Many a time I have brought a girl there.

"Classic." Finnick and Marvel used that spot occasionally too. It was perfect. Plenty of time in the car to get to know each other, followed by a breathtaking view of the stars. Can someone saw classical romance?

"Cato, you're being careful right?" Finnick became serious again. "She sounds like she's been hurt before. You're not going to break her heart, right?"

I snorted. "No. Prim isn't like that. She's fun. I'll be very careful with her."

Marvel nodded, "Good, because you need to remember, she's not like the girls you typically date. She actually has a brain, and pretty trinkets won't appease her broken heart. She's not like Glimmer, where she'll just meet some other pretty boy and it'll be over."

For a second, I was irritated. Glimmer already moved on? That was fast. Then, I laughed. "Marvel, I'll be careful."

Marvel didn't share my humor. "Just keep in mind. You're Hollywood's playboy. She's just a regular girl."

I rolled my eyes, "You guys are just jealous because I finally found a girl who likes me for me, not just my superstar status. I'm sure you'll find someone. Someday." I was feeling a little irked at them, for assuming I'd be stupid and break Prim's heart. Didn't they realize that I knew she was fragile?

Besides I was going to do everything in my power to prove to Prim that I wasn't the player she thought all boys were. I'd simply turn up the charm.

Finnick's POV:

"Dude, we are going to be wearing chicken suits!" Marvel was freaking out after we left Cato's room. "I don't look good in yellow!"

I shook my head slightly, "Marvel, he's only known her for a day. You know he's going to screw it up royally with her."

"Did you see the way he was looking at her? I've never seen him look at a girl like that before. Like…like he was…infatuated."

I had to admit, yes Cato looked pretty happy around her, but it was only their first meeting. "Don't worry; they are two completely different people! There's no way that he'll be able to keep her. He's going to mess up, badly."

"What if he doesn't?" Marvel continued to pace, looking a bit frazzled. "What if he's found the 'one'?"

That occurred to me too, but there was no time for hesitation. There was no way someone as sweet and innocent as Prim would stay with someone as jerky and self-centered as Cato. No way.

"We just have to cross our fingers. I mean, Prim is smart, how long do you think this will actually last?"

Prim's POV;

The whole day had flown by. Everything happened in such a flash. I had spent the day first napping, and then spending the evening at the beach with my friends. We had giggled at all the boys that walked by like little school girls. Man, I had missed my friends.

It was the perfect day. The trio of us together again, likes old times. I hadn't really realized just how much I had missed Annie until we hung out with her again. There weren't any awkward silences at all. We had slipped back into our comfortable stage right away.

I was a little red from the beach, but I had layered up on sunscreen, so it was bearable. Annie was already used to the sun, so she didn't have anything to worry about. Rue never burned, which I was pretty envious of.

Now, we were getting ready for bed, blasting some music and just having a good time. Ironically, it was Free Fall's latest album. Their hit new song, Fall for You was playing in the background.

Rue was jumping up and down on the bed, hairbrush in hand, shouting the words.

"And tonight will be the night that I will fall for you!"

Annie shook her head in the mirror, before running her own comb through her blond locks. "What grade are you in again?"

"2nd." Rue grumbled sullenly, sticking her tongue out at my Californian friend.

I giggled at the two of them happier than I've been in a long time. I finished putting on my pajama shorts and a tank top.

"Well, it's been a great day." I said, faking a stretch, "But I'm exhausted. I'm off to bed."

Rue shot me a frown, looking sad. "Why won't you stay up with us and watch a movie?"

I laughed, trying to appear tired. "It's been a really long day. I'm just going to head off the bed. We can watch a movie together tomorrow." I promised.

In reality, I wanted to get a few hours of sleep before Cato showed up. I didn't sleep a ton last night, and I was going all day. I was going to be utterly exhausted tomorrow.

It was ten o'clock right now. I could get three and a half hours of sleep. Yeah, that sounded nice.

I set my phone alarm, and placed it by my head, tucking myself in.

Too soon, the alarm was going off. 1:30. that left me only an hour until Cato was due to arrive.

I hope he didn't expect to take me anyplace fancy. I threw on sweatpants, and a tank top, praying we would just be hanging out. I swiped a brush through my hair, pinning parts of it with bobby pins.

I hastily brushed my teeth, popping a piece of gum in my mouth. A swipe of lip gloss, a line of eye liner. That was all I was wearing. If Cato wanted a super fancy girl, he should've picked a celebrity.

I snuck out the front door, bringing my purse and tossing my jacket over my shoulders. Cato was waiting outside for me, early.

He grinned when he saw what I was wearing. "You read my mind." He said, taking my hand and helping me into his car. "I was wondering how you were going to dress tonight."

I crossed my arms as I sat down, "Why? Are we going someplace fancy?"

"Nope, I've got this cozy little spot we can go too. You'll be glad you didn't wear a dress." He winked.

The ride to wherever we were going was comfortable. Cato played music softly in the background, and I enjoyed the silence, trying to fight off tiredness creeping at my consciousness.

"It's kind of a long drive." Cato warned, shooting me a glance. "Sorry."

"I don't mind."

"Oh, here." Cato handed me a bottle of water he had tucked into his console. "I thought you might want this. Do you drink?"

I laughed and shook my head. "Only water."

"Darn, so no wine tonight?" Cato looked only mildly disappointed.

"None for me. Rue however…" I trailed off and let out a small laugh. "I'm always her designated driver."

"Aw, boo. But that's also fun. You are completely sober, so you can not only witness the stupid things people do while drunk, but also remember it in the morning."

I let out another giggle. "I never thought about it like that. I remember this one time, this guy was so drunk, he was trying to hit on this girl on the stairs, and she pushed him, and he ended up doing a back flip off the railing."

Cato chuckled. "I've witnessed many a blunder made by people."

"Are you a heavy drinker?" I asked, tilting my head.

The singer shook his head. "Nah, I'll have a couple a party, but I like to keep my head clear. It's easier to stay out of the media. It keeps the press mostly away, and there's less bad press."

"Oh." I hadn't really thought about that.

"I mean, I think Marvel should meet Rue. They probably would have a great time at parties together."

I laughed, thinking of Cato's goofy friend with my goofy friend. It was a positive thought.

The rest of the trip passed easily, us alternating between talking and comfortably enjoying each other's company.

Finally, we arrived at a huge cabin.

"Wow." I breathed, taking in the sight. It was massive, so beautiful and detailed. It fit though for the place. The quieter outside of the city. Untouched by the city lights, thankfully.

Cato got out of the car and walked over to my side, helping me out. "This way. I'll give you a brief tour."

The cabin had five bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms. There was a huge kitchen loaded with every type of food imaginable. Cato made some popcorn and also grabbed some wine glasses. I raised an eyebrow, wondering what he was doing.

Cato winked and grabbed a full bottle of sparkling apple juice.

I laughed, and Cato handed me the food, going around and grabbing several other things, not showing me what he had.

"Now, this way." I was expecting him to like pop in a movie and we could just relax, but instead, he led me outside again. The air was a little chilly, but I was fine thanks to my jacket.

Cato let me to a dock, on their lake. I gasped again. It was absolutely stunning. The dock stretched out over the lake, where millions of stars reflected on the water. There was a lounge area where we could sit on some couches and chair, and also a fire pit. Cato ignored all of those and led me to the edge of the dock.

He spread a blanket on the ground, and set a small radio down. After messing with it for a few moments, he got it to play soft music. I set the bowl of popcorn down, while Cato poured us two glasses of apple juice.

"Wow, I didn't know you had a romantic side." I teased, popping some popcorn into my mouth.

Cato shrugged, sipping his juice. "I thought you would enjoy this more than a fancy dinner."

"You thought right." I admitted, staring out into the water.

"So, tell me a little more about yourself, Primrose." Cato started, giving me a deep stare with his blue eyes.

I blushed and looked away. "Well, when I graduate, I'm going off to become a doctor. I've got a cat named Buttercup, and also an older sister. She's already in college. I've got one mom, and an almost step-dad. That's basically my life." I finished.

Cato pouted, "That's not an interesting life." He smirked at me, "I on the other hand, I'm a famous singer, in an even more famous band. I've got two houses, and a Ferrari. I don't have any pets, or siblings, and my parents live out in Colorado. I've got two basically brothers named Finnick and Marvel."

"Wow, I guess you win." I muttered, picking up a piece of popcorn and hitting him. "You make me feel boring in comparison."

Cato shook his head and caught the popcorn. "I think you're very interesting."


Cato's POV:

This was going better than I had hoped. The more we talked, the more honest we were being with each other. I told her that the worst fight I've been in was with my parents. They hadn't wanted me to go, and I had left angrily.

We had made up, but our relationship was rocky.

She told me that she had only had a couple boyfriends, and she had regretted both of them. She also said that she had a hard time opening up to people, and sometimes she wished her dad was back.

I told her that I had had many girlfriends and regretted all of them. I couldn't stop though, because that was what was expected of me. I was portrayed as a player, so why not keep that up? The media loved it, my fans loved it.

I started talking about something else, when I noticed something. Prim had fallen asleep. She was slumped over, eyes closed, a breathing evenly.

I let out a small chuckle, enjoying how sweet and innocent she looked. Gosh, she was pretty.

"And, also, I had this one girlfriend." I told her softly, "The only girl who ever broke my heart. She was a lot like you. Except, I lost her, for good. I don't want to loose you."

I gently scooped her up and began to carry her inside. She let out a small noise and snuggled against my arm. I stared in surprise for a moment before smiling.

Finnick's POV:

"Dude, we are completely and utterly doomed." Marvel hissed from our vantage point.

I turned to shoot him an irritated look. "Don't dude me, I know."

"What happened to 'oh, Cato will totally screw up, don't panic." My band mate glared at me.

I rubbed my temples. We had parked our car at a shady gas station, and then walked a mile so we could do some spying. It didn't look good. "Why is he carrying her? Why doesn't he cuddle up beside her, or gently shake her awake.

"We are going to have to take drastic measures!" Marvel whined, stowing the binoculars.

"We will not lose this bet!" I declared, starting to climb out of the tree.

"Cato's going to go bald." Marvel muttered, slipping a few branches and landing hard on the ground with a yelp.

I was more careful exiting the tree, clenching my fists. "Any means necessary."

Marvel rubbed his hands like a villain in those cheesy movies. "Oh goody."

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