Brenda stood up and decided she couldn't take it anymore. She'd been watching the rest of the gang sitting in the emergency room waiting for word on whether or not Dylan survived the surgery. She'd seen how Kelly had been more focused on her makeup and Donna had been looking over at David like she viewed him as eye candy and hated herself for it. Andrea harbored some secret which probably wasn't very thrilling and dripped feathers while David and Steve were both on the phone. Besides mainlining cola, Brandon seemed to be the most vigilant of all of them.

She knew why she'd decided one morning she was just way too mature and too far ahead in her own evolution for this group. She had to move on and get herself a new crowd, a better scene and leave her old life behind.

Only Dylan had dragged her back into it when he'd likely chugged some more booze, popped more pills and crashed his motorcycle again. She sighed getting up wondering if she should call and check on Cyrano…and wondered why he hadn't called her. Oh well, he was probably very busy with his art and she'd see him later on when she got news about her ex-boyfriend.

She knew she'd have to start looking for the killer…or the wannabe killer because she knew that despite Dylan's many vices, he had help in his own accident. She knew there had to be someone out there with a vengeful wicked heart and cruel intent to snuff everyone in the group out one by one. But who could it be? She knew the rest of them cast her a suspicious look but paid no mind to it. She wasn't running around threatening people…in fact she had her eye cast on Brandon's ex, Emily Valentine who had been locked up in the loony bin but none of them had checked lately to see if she was still in her padded cell. Maybe she'd been released.

After stretching her arms because they were in the 10th hour after all, she got up to go get herself some Zen tea from the cafeteria. She steeped it, bought some California rolls and then went back to the waiting room. Kelly eyed the food hungrily as she was still subsisting on celery and zero calorie cola. She had that photo shoot to do on Monday after all. God, she'd never be as pathetic as that blonde waif with the nose job. Brenda knew herself to be a more natural beauty…she bet she could get modeling jobs if she had a mother like Jackie and well, she had other more important talents than her good looks. She was very good with her art and would be a major talent someday. Cyrano would see to that. She thought about calling one of her new friends, Blue Oyster Pearl or Little Fawn what's her name but didn't want to bore them with the details of what happened to Dylan.

"Hey Bren…can I have one?"

It wasn't Kelly who asked but Andrea who had wondered over still dripping glittery feathers. What was up with that and then she decided because it was Andrea, she really didn't want to know.


Andrea pointed a finger at the California rolls.

"One of those…they look good and there was no food in the frig at Grandma Rose's," she said, "She's going to be going out of town to a national bridge tournament and the cupboards are bare."

"She left you with some money didn't she?"

Andrea shook her head sadly.

"No…I'm supposed to bring it home with my new job," she said, "But the tips haven't been great. I'm thinking about getting more on top you know…"

Brenda blinked her eyes wondering if she'd heard her right.

"You're going to do what?"

"Get more on top…I want to be more busty like the other girls…the ones I work with," Andrea said, "I'm going to ask Kelly and Donna for a good surgeon."

Brenda sighed.

"I'm sure Kelly would know," she said, "Jackie looks way awesome for her age and she's probably had some work done."

Andrea nodded.

"I'll go ask Kelly…thanks…"

Then she got a peculiar look on her face. Brenda sighed wondering what would come next, not really wanting to talk to a nerd like Andrea now that she didn't have to do that.

"Brenda…do you think that someone might have been trying to kill Dylan?"

Brenda just looked at the other girl who was going out for valedictorian after all.

"Why do you say that Andrea…?"

The brainiac bit her lip.

"I don't know…it just seems odd…yes I know that Dylan's got his demons but why would he get in an accident right after we started getting these threats?"

Brenda shrugged, playing it all casual. She had her own intentions to investigate the mysterious circumstances and didn't want Andrea as a sidekick.

"I don't know…he probably got in another fight with Kelly and hit the liquor…maybe dropped some acid and then took off on his bike…it's happened before."

Andrea frowned.

"I always thought he'd gotten himself clean."

Brenda sighed.

"No Andrea…he's off the wagon and it's not my fault this time."

Andrea digested that and then she looked resolute.

"I'm sure…but I'm an investigative reporter…I broke the cafeteria story and I will find out if anyone's trying to kill us…and then I'm going to write about it."

She walked off and Brenda just watched shaking her head. The girl wasn't only pathetic, she was just plain nuts.

Brandon sat in his chair drinking his fifth cola…stewing over the phone call he'd just gotten. He knew it had to be from the person who'd been sending them threats over something he knew about them. But then again it could be a girl…the voice had been so scratchy…so distorted that had to be done on purpose.

Who was it, he wondered. He knew the others had their suspicions, the ones who were thinking clearly and not wrapped up in their own petty problems. He knew that his sister had her suspicions…he could sense them inside his head because she was the other side of the coin from him. But it couldn't be Emily Valentine…yes he'd been getting some strange phone calls at home and on his cell…still that didn't mean that she was guilty.

He knew it was likely forbidden to think this way but despite everything that happened, he harbored some sweet sentiments about the girl who'd gone fatal attraction on him after he'd broken it off on her. He hadn't meant to ditch her permanently…just until he thought about the whole Euphoria deal out. He couldn't shake his attraction for the bleached blonde transplant…with the faded jeans and the leather jacket. Just thinking about her…made him feel unsettled because he knew he should want to be as far away from her as possible but…

"Brandon…why haven't we heard anything yet?"

He looked over at Kelly who had put her hair into a ponytail. Her face looked peaked but he knew she didn't eat much these days and Dylan hadn't been the best boyfriend to her. Kelly deserved better than that loser…that somehow managed to attract all the chicks to him in a flock while Brandon was left with the leftovers. It vexed him to no end because he knew he had that wholesome Midwestern thing going for him…girls should love that too but they went for the bad boy with the flashy wardrobe and the trust fund every time.

"The doctors are doing everything they can to save his life," Brandon said, "They'll come out and give us the news when they've sown him up again."

"I know that Brandon…it's just that this has been hard you know," she said, "and I'm facing it all by one to support me…"

He saw the hint of vulnerability amid her angular cheek bones and realized she was quite pretty but she carried a torch for the man on the operating table and besides she'd been his sister's best friend before she'd ditched everyone for her latest episode of eccentric behavior.

"It's going to be all right Kelly just wait and see…"

A deep sigh and other gurgle of coconut water followed his sage words.

"I hope so Brandon…"

But somewhere not so far away a killer plotted.