A humor piece, only the insufferable female is my OC in this fic. Because of the constant interaction with humans, Solok is going to be slightly OOC to fit the humor. Enjoy!

The Insufferable Human Female
Chapter 1

It turns out that the crew from T'Kumbra had to stay on board longer than expected, repairs that were estimated to take only a week had been extended for another three days. Most inefficient to the eyes of Captain Solok who had long since been ready to depart deep space nine, especially since the holodeck incident but it was of no matter. So long as he kept to himself and interacted only with the immediate members of his crew, the rest of his stay should prove to be tolerable.

The extent of wanting solitude went as far as requesting replicated meals from his guest quarters, so it came as quite the nuisance.. if he felt such emotions when he discovered that one evening when he went to have plomeek soup replicated, the computer denied his request.
His grey eyes blazed as he asked the computer more forcefully: "I said, I request plomeek soup!"

"Request denied" The computer replied.

He sighed as he ran his fingers through his bangs. Momentarily contemplating skipping dinner altogether then deciding avoiding interaction with humans was illogical.
He straightened himself out and put on his most neutral expression as he made his way over to the small mess hall.

Shocked was not quite the word but he was surprised when he saw one of his female senior officers avidly speaking to a male human. He could tell from the look in the young man's eyes that he was intrigued by her. The thought was repulsive to him, how a Vulcan could find a human aesthetically pleasing was simply unwarranted for a wide array of reasons.
He was able to replicate his soup there with no problems, and he made a mental note to speak to Sisko about the growing list of inefficiencies on his ship. You would never see such disastrous happenings on a ship run by a Vulcan crew.
As he thought these things he realized he was being observed by a rather small human female sitting almost across from him, she was more towards his left hand side. He stayed staring at her in a way he knew intimidated most humans but she didn't even wink.

He was the one that gave in and finally looked away, continuing to eat his soup before it got cold, but when he looked up again, sure enough she was still looking at him. He abruptly dropped his spoon- he caught himself, he had displayed annoyance, he should've been more in control. Another side effect from intermingling with humans.

"Can I help you?" He finally asked.

"With what?" She answered.

He raised a brow. "You are looking at me."

"Yes, I am." She replied.

He blinked. "Why are you looking at me?"

She blinked. "Am I not permitted to look at you?"

"Logic dictates that when you look at someone it is for the sole purpose to enter into discussion, or to ask a query."

"Nope, those aren't any of the reasons." She replied.

He sighed. "Fine, what is your reason?"

She shrugged. "I don't know, its cause you're funny looking I guess."

His eyes grew wide, who did this slip of a human think she was saying such things to him? Did she know who she was talking to? He was a star fleet captain, and not just any captain, but THE BEST captain starfleet has ever known!
He would talk to Sisko about this immediately! She would not get away with this!

He calmed himself immediately; he knew how to handle such circumstances if his vast variety of essays regarding illogical humans meant anything.

"Tell me, what is your name?" He asked with command in his voice.

"What is the logic in asking me such a question, what do you seek to gain by such information?"
Of all the insufferable... ! Who the heck was this girl?

"I demand you tell me your name this instant!" He said in a voice loud enough to get everyone's attention in the mess hall.

She made a face and gathered her things before rising out of her chair. "Gosh, I didn't think Vulcans were so emotional; I'm getting out of here!"

WEIRUFJ#*$*%)! For a moment he actually visualized himself slamming the small human female against the wall and forcing her to tell him; yes! Nobody obscured information from Captain Solok! Nobody! He didn't even realize he was getting out of his chair and following after her when suddenly the damn Ferengi Quark ran right into him with a PADD in his hand.

"So when you gonna pay my tab Vulcy?"
He quickly raised himself up to see where she had gone but she had been fast and was already too far away to be seen anymore. He caught himself as he almost snarled, grasping the PADD roughly away from the Ferengi as he signed over the appropriate credits.
Quark gave him a toothy smile. "You know.. if you're ever in need a Vulcan love slave.. I can certainly accommodate.."

"Out of my way Ferengi!" He stated powerfully as he exited the mess hall.

He needed to meditate, he needed to let out some steam, and he needed to get the heck off deep space nine already! But he would control himself, he would never let these humans get the better of him; he was after all Solok of the T'Kumbra; decorated star fleet captain and it would take a lot more than some human girl to set him off and disgrace himself.