The Insufferable Human Female
Chapter 6

Who says Vulcans don't gossip? They do in my story!

Can't begin to tell ya how much fun I've been having writing this story! Two chappies in one day! :-)

"HE DID WHAT?!" Singh yelled and then covered her mouth when Captain Sisko looked at her in shock.

"Ensign... Trust me, I was shocked too. At first I thought it was some attempt to conduct some sort of shrewd experiment but then I saw the comment he sent to Star Fleet along with his request, would you care to read it?" He said as he handed her the PADD.

She took it from him and immediately her eyes scanned his note.

"My request for Ensign Violeta Singh has various justifications. Firstly I shall state that during my time on Deep Space Nine, she demonstrated skill, and work ethics that would be acceptable aboard the T'Kumbra.
Secondly it is my opinion that an all Vulcan crew is not conducive to a diverse environment and for this reason I also feel that Ensign Singh will be a valuable asset; we will seek her expertise and grow as a team. Thirdly, a member of my own crew wishes to be transferred to Deep Space Nine and it is only logical that the person replacing her should come from said ship.~ Captain Solok"

She looked up from her PADD, still not able to believe what she had read.

"Let me tell you Ensign, I don't think I have ever heard Solok compliment a human like that... ever; I think this is legitimate." He then leaned across his desk and gave her a curious look. "What did you do to him?"

She sighed as she placed the PADD on his desk. "I treated him the same as he does to others, and during the time we were in the holodeck I refused to call him by his title... He did not like that very much at first."

Sisko laughed heartily as he shook his head. "I knew it, all this time and all he needed was a strong human female to put him in his place! Ensign, I'm going to go ahead and agree to the request if you are alright with this. I think this will be an excellent opportunity for you, and Solok. If anything happens just let me know and we'll get you back here, but I have a feeling you'll be alright."

She seemed to think about it for a while before she nodded her approval. Fine, he had gotten his way; she was now going to be under his command, but if he honestly thought that she was going to change her way of being; he seriously had another thing coming.


She had beamed aboard the T'Kumbra with her small belongings in hand. Of course he was there to greet her, a small smile of victory upon his arrogant face, it really was nice to see him again but she wouldn't let on, she simply smirked and stepped off the landing pad.

"Reporting for duty Sir."

"I do have a title aboard this ship Ensign." He said smugly. She smiled in turn. "That's nice, so are you going to show me to my new quarters?"
She said as she walked away from him, his smug face falling instantly as he walked after her. "Ensign, on this ship you will refer to me..."

The two Vulcan crew members who were there looked at each other after they had passed, one of them giving hints of a small smile before saying to the other: "I give it 1 week before we hear of their union." The other looked at him and narrowed his eyes. "I believe she will end up returning to Deep Space Nine"
"We shall see." He replied.


"Ummm... what is this?" Singh said as she lifted a spoonful of neon green goo from her plate.

"Kal-teeli, a highly nutritious plant paste." He answered from his own plate of what seemed to be stir fried vegetables.

"Plant paste? Not that it doesn't sound delicious but you wouldn't happen to have soft shell tacos would you? Maybe some Vietnamese dishes programmed on the replicator? Even what you're eating now looks a lot better."

"I will see to your request." He said with amusement. "What part of Earth are you exactly from? What background?"

"I've got a little bit of everything. My father is half Indian half Vietnamese, while my mother is half Spanish half Irish. I am diversity itself."

"That is a very interesting mix."

She lifted her glass and took a tentative sip of the orange-red substance and made a repugnant face but immediately cleared her throat and set her drink down. "Interesting." She replied, all the while he was watching her reaction, knowing she would do just that.

"Do you like it?"

"I'll get back to you on that answer."

"I recommend you drink more."

"I don't see you drinking any." She replied.

"I do not care for that drink."

She narrowed her eyes and perked up her lips in the way she normally did when she was annoyed. He was growing very fond of that reaction, he found himself doing things to specifically bring about that reaction from her. "Are you experimenting on me or something? 'Feeding food nobody likes to the human?"

"Something like that." He replied in turn.

"That's a terrible thing to do! You should've welcomed me with a feast or something!"

"I'm actually testing to see how we differ in likes and dislikes when it comes to food. What is something Earth based that you do not like versus one you do like?"

She thought about it for a moment before replying: "When I was twelve years old we went to Spain to visit my grandparents and there is this stew that everyone seems to love in Galicia called 'favada' it's really just a stew of organ meats, blood sausages, etc... You get the idea... Anyway they didn't tell me what was it in, they just placed the bowl in front of me and I took only one spoonful before I excused myself and didn't return to the table that night. That was probably the foulest thing I've ever eaten. What I like however; what I turn to when I'm not in a good mood is chocolate and if I can have it in the form of a hazelnut chocolate tart this small bakery back home makes; I will be extremely happy. It's because of how I feel while I'm eating it it's… indescribable, that's all I'm going to say."

Solok raised a brow. "Human females and their chocolate; such a cliché answer."

She blinked and then scowled at him. "Have you actually ever had chocolate?"

"Never." He ground out. "It has undesirable effects to our anatomy."

"Like what? It gives you the runs or something?"

He blinked this time. "I have never eaten a food that has made me want to run."

She laughed out loud at that, several Vulcans turning around to look at them. She covered her mouth and gave him an apologetic look. "Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore." She mumbled to herself.

"If you're done eating.." He began.

"You expect me to eat this? When are you going to feed me some real food?" She then picked up her fork and grabbed some off his plate and placed it in her mouth, completely ignoring his shocked expression.
She again made a face before putting down her fork.

"You seem as if you do not like it."

She kept looking at his plate while she finished chewing. "It's bland."

"I will have you know this is one of my favorite dishes!"

"I hate to tell ya fishbait, your favorite dish is bland."

"Insufferable human female! You do not know quality food when you eat it!"

She smiled as she looked across at him, how was it possible that with just one look, the inner male in him was already beginning to stir? He swallowed hard; looking around him to make sure nobody was looking.

He got up from his chair, gathering his dishes with him. "I want to show you my quarters, there's a food replicator there and you can have whatever you wish."
She didn't answer, and she seemed weary at first but she didn't protest as she followed him out of the mess hall.

As soon as they left, a table of Vulcans turned to each other, the male in the red uniform was first to speak. "I give it 4 days 2 hours, 17 seconds before they announce their union."
The female in blue shook her head. "Did you not hear how she addressed him? It is quite obvious that they already probably have a secret union."
The other male gave his two cents by saying: "I think it will take longer than that, humans have a courting ritual they follow; I give it one month, 3 days, 17 minutes."

We shall see, the female said as she raised a brow.


"These are your quarters? It's at least three times bigger than mine!"

"Even if you refuse to say it; I am the Captain of this ship and as such, this is how the layout for the Captain's quarters was constructed." He said as he came up behind her, she was about to turn around but he held her in place. She felt his strong hands slide slowly down her arms followed by the wisps of his warm breath on her neck, he then gently placed his fingers on the healing bite mark he had previously given her; it was barely visible.

"What are you doing?" She said breathlessly.

"Claiming what is mine." He said before he sunk his teeth into her flesh. She gasped as she had the times before, but he was taking longer than usual as he nibbled up and down her neck before again biting her in a different area.

"So this is why you wanted me on your ship; so I could be your chew toy… Ah!.. you're going to leave marks, and then your crew will know!"
She could fight it, she could demand he tell her what kind of kick he got out of biting her but the fact was that she liked it too, and she had a feeling she rather remain in ignorance than find out what his actions meant for Vulcans. She didn't understand what they had between them, all she knew is that she was growing fond of being with him…Things could get messy; she hoped not.

"I will give you a scarf to wear." Was all he replied as he continued to nibble on her neck and was now guiding her towards his bed, but she escaped from his grasp and placed her hands behind her back.

"I'm really hungry; can you show me how your replicator works?"

He took a deep breath to calm himself. He knew that wasn't the main reason she had stopped him, and while the inner male growled in frustration, the logical part of him admired what she had done. It took him a few seconds to collect himself before he could walk over to the replicator. "Come; this is how it works."

So…. How long DO YOU think it will take before they make it official? ^_^