Meeting Moka:

Tsukune stared at the card in his hand for a few minutes and thought about its function: when inserted into the card slot of a public telephone it would connect the phone to the Phantom Nemesis Q's personal cell phone, and by extension, the creator and master of Nemesis Q herself. Every Psyren Drifter had one of these cards, and to lose it meant to lose your only connection to Psyren Secret Society, the largest and most powerful group of psionists in the world. The best part about communicating with Psyren's leader was that you had a mental connection with her and didn't need to physically speak in order to communicate, thinking was all that it took.

Tsukune then remembered how the ayashi had been exposed to Psyren in the first place; a creepy priest had dropped a flyer for Yokai Academy near one of the mind-reading Drifters, who had then proceeded to leech any and all information about the ayashi from the priest as possible without being noticed.

"Get ready for your first look at Yokai Academy son," the bus driver warned, drawing Tsukune out of his thoughts. Sure enough, they were entering a dark tunnel that surely was the path to said school for monsters.

They entered the tunnel and darkness consumed them. Tsukune could feel a type of shift in the the space around them, and when they exited the tunnel, Tsukune knew that they were quite far away from where they entered the tunnel. One thing he noted was that there was no shift in time, so that meant that they were still in the present day. He quickly shoved the Psyren card into his pocket so the bus driver wouldn't be able to see it.

The bus came to a complete stop and the bus driver simply said, "Welcome to Yokai Academy." Tsukune simply got up from his seat, walked out of the bus, and thanked the bus driver, "Thanks for the ride Bus Driver-san." "It was my pleasure boy, my pleasure," the bus driver said casually, and then drove off, leaving Tsukune alone with his thoughts.

'I should probably get to work on the exact location of this school so I can later report it in to my superiors,' Tsukune thought to himself. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate, calling forth his psionic abilities from deep within the recesses of his brain.

"LOOK OUT!" at least until a sudden shout shocked him out of his focus and a runaway bike collided with him quite painfully.

Tsukune sat up, both groaning and mentally cursing himself for being caught off guard. He opened his eyes and found himself staring into the face of a beautiful girl with long bubblegum pink hair and bright green eyes. Tsukune realized the position they were in and blushed at the close contact.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" the girl began to apologize, "I'm anemic, so I get dizzy pretty often." Tsukune just smiled and said, "That's okay, I've been hit harder than that." The girl smiled, relieved that she hadn't apparently given him lasting damage, then she noticed something, "Oh, you're bleeding!" Tsukune took note of the small cut on his forehead and said, "'Tis but a scratch fair maiden." "No, we have to get you a band-aid or something to... to..." the girl trailed off, leaning in closer, then biting Tsukune on the neck, penetrating his skin. Tsukune's eyes widened and he frantically asked, "Wait! What are you doing?" The girl quickly withdrew and said, "Oh, I'm sorry! It's just that I haven't had any blood for ages and that yours smelled so good that I..." "Eh, it's no big deal, besides, I heal pretty fast anyway." Tsukune shrugged, indicating the cut that was already nearly healed. "You don't mind?" the girl asked with wide eyes. "Nah," Tsukune replied, "You only did it once, and I'm pretty sure it was an accident. Besides, I highly doubt such a nice person like you would have done it on purpose, no matter what type of monster you are."

"What's your name anyway?" Tsukune asked as they both got up. "My name?" the girl questioned, then perked up, "Oh, right. My name is Moka Akashiya. Who are you?" the newly-dubbed Moka asked Tsukune. "I am Tsukune Aono." Tsukune introduced himself with a bow. Moka smiled at this as she grabbed her bike and began to walk with Tsukune towards the academy. "You know Tsukune, I think I'm beginning to like you, let's see each other again after the Induction Ceremony."

'Well that's one friend made,' Tsukune thought victoriously, 'I just hope she knows how to fight.'


Tsukune sat in his desk and turned his attentions to his cat-themed teacher, Ms. Nekonome. "Okay, as most of you may already know, this is a school made purely for monsters to attend," she began, "as the humans have gotten stronger with their technology," 'And psionic powers,' Tsukune thought smugly, "that means we have to learn to co-exist peacefully with the humans," 'Well at least they aren't planning to destroy them,' Tsukune thought, relieved, "so the first rule you should know is that transforming out of your human forms is prohibited, and for those of you who are worried about humans finding out about Yokai Academy, you shouldn't be, because if any humans do find out about it, we'll bring them death, or something like that." At that last note, all the students except one laughed. 'They take death quite lightly in this place,' one Tsukune Aono thought, glancing warily around at the other students, sensing nothing but mirth from them.

"Why don't we just kill off all the pathetic humans? I could save the cute girls for myself," asked an arrogant boy in another seat who had the aura of a typical school bully. All the other students looked at him and started whispering to each other. "Hey, who's that guy?" "He's kind of cool, and scary." Tsukune merely raised an eyebrow at him and thought, 'Did he not just hear Nekonome-sensei's speech about why we have to peacefully co-exist?'

Suddenly, the classroom door flew open, showing a weary Moka Akashiya. "Sorry I'm late, I got a little bit lost after the initiation ceremony," She stated wearily. Tsukune could feel lust emanating from the male members of the classroom as they stared at Moka.

She then caught sight of Tsukune, "Tsukune! You're in the same homeroom as me? That's great!" she exclaimed while embracing him.

Now Tsukune could feel jealousy emanating from not just the male members, but also from some female members of the classroom. Seems he had caught the eyes of some of his female classmates.

Saizo merely stared at Moka smirking while licking his lips. Tsukune did not like the look of that smirk.


Tsukune sighed in relief as he walked out of the classroom. The students had been allowed to wander around the hallways of Yokai Academy so they could get to know the layout of the place, and Tsukune was planning to use that time to figure out the exact location of the academy.

"HEY, TSUKUNE!" but then again, Murphy's Law stated that "anything that can go wrong will go wrong." He sighed in exasperation and turned around, "What is it Moka?" he tiredly asked his pink-haired classmate. "Well I was just wondering if you wanted to explore the school grounds with me." she offered. Tsukune felt envy roll off the male students in the hallway as she asked this.

Before Tsukune could get the chance to reply, the character from before appeared. "Such a beauty we have here at our school, you are Moka Akashiya, correct? I am your classmate Saizo Komiya. Greetings." Tsukune felt a pang of fear roll through the other students in the hallway and heard them begin to whisper,"That's Saizo Komiya." "Some outcast ayashi." "Heard he was forced to go here because he molested human girls." "By the way, what's a lovely like you doing with a nobody like this?" he asked while lifting Tsukune up into the air. 'He's strong,' Tsukune noted then landed on his rear end as Saizo dropped him. "Wouldn't a strong man like myself be more fun to hang around than that puny little weakling? Why don't we just go off somewhere? Just the two of us?"

Moka gave Saizo a look of distaste and grabbed Tsukune's hand before running off with him saying, "No, I'm going around with Tsukune!"

"Hmph, just you wait. I never allow a pretty girl to get away from me." Saizo promised to himself.


Tsukune and Moka panted as they had run a fair distance away from Saizo. "That was a bit of a surprise, and it was kind of scary too," Moka panted out, "Are you alright there Tsukune?" "Yeah, I've seen some scarier things than Saizo," Tsukune said, thinking about the terrain surrounding Psyren's home base.

"By the way Moka-san, I'd like to ask why you hang around a guy like me even though I'm pretty mediocre." Tsukune stated, then thought, 'Wow, I've never been that blunt with myself around a girl before.'

"Don't say that about yourself Tsukune. You're not mediocre or anything like that to me!" Moka interjected, "Be...Because...," 'Because what?' Tsukune thought curiously while going bright red. "We're already on blood-sucking terms," Moka gushed, making Tsukune fall over. "You should be proud Tsukune. Your blood is exceptional compared to anything I've drank from transfusion packs. It's just perfect." "THE HECK AM I, YOUR DINNER?" Tsukune yelled after Moka's description of his blood.

"Well, you know, that was the first time," Moka said, making Tsukune raise his eyebrows in question, "That was the first time I've actually fed from a person. I'll never forget that feeling" "Moka-san" Tsukune muttered, bewildered. "Oh how embarrassing," Moka said, pushing Tsukune against a wall. "Let's go have some fun now Tsukune, let's check out the academy," she said while running off. Tsukune, who had been pushed into the wall, thought, 'My god, that girl is insanely strong.'

Tsukune and Moka went around school grounds, checking out interesting things like a gargoyle statue in the same pose as 'The Thinker' and a vending machine designed to look like a monster.

Tsukune walked behind Moka thinking, 'I have got to be dreaming, no girl would ever willingly hang around with me,' when they came to a huge ominous-looking building. "Look Tsukune, it's the school dormitories! Aren't they just GREAT!?" Moka exclaimed. "Oh, well, I suppose they are kinda nice," Tsukune said uncertainly while thinking, 'Are we seeing the same thing here?'

"Are you saying that even though you're a monster, you don't like it Tsukune?" Moka asked, noting his tone, "By the way, what kind of monster ARE you anyway?" The last question made Tsukune go pale, and he began stuttering as he tried to think of some monster he should pass himself off as. "Oh, wait. That's right. It's against the rules to reveal your true nature isn't it? Sorry, I shouldn't have asked," Moka remembered. Tsukune only chuckled nervously at that.

"Speaking of true natures, aren't you a vampire Moka-san?" Tsukune asked, making Moka give him a surprised look. "H-how did you know that?" "Well, the blood-sucking thing was a dead giveaway," the young psionist answered smartly. Moka could only blush in embarrassment, "Oh, right. I guess it WAS a dead giveaway wasn't it?" "Yeah, but it's pretty difficult to see you as nothing more than a normal human Moka-san," Tsukune marveled. "Well, about that, my true form is being suppressed by this rosary around my neck," Moka explained, indicating said rosary, "If it's taken off, I become the real deal. A very terrifying vampire."

'Rosary?' Tsukune wondered. "All rosaries have the power to seal away a vampire's powers, and this one was placed on me so I wouldn't cause harm to anyone else," Moka elaborated. 'So she's really different from me, a human with psionic powers,' Tsukune contemplated, 'She's a vampire with supernatural powers, even though she's so sweet and kind.' He extended a part of his consciousness and discovered that the rosary was MORE than just a seal, he could also feel another mind within the seal. "But even if our powers are sealed away, we still crave blood," Moka said while getting closer to Tsukune. "Wait, what? Moka-san?" Tsukune said right before Moka bit his neck, "It's our weakness." "AH! THAT HURTS!" Tsukune yelped.


Tsukune walked near some other students next to a concrete wall with a school withdrawal notice in his hand.

'I wrote up my notice just in case, but that was only because I think that this mission is as good as done, and that I have no reason to linger around here anymore, but I do want to stay here with Moka-san, so should I leave or stay?' the young psionist wondered to himself.

"Hey, loverboy, wait up," called an unpleasantly familiar voice. Tsukune turned around only to be grabbed by the collar and slammed against the wall by one Saizo Komiya. "Heard you had a great time with Moka Akashiya yesterday, so you're gonna make up for it today," Saizo said menacingly, "So tell me your true form punk." 'This isn't very good, if people here discover that I'm human, it's curtains for me,' Tsukune thought, then said, "I... I'm a... vampire..." Apparently, that was the wrong thing to say, because Saizo suddenly dropped Tsukune and punched the wall behind him, causing it to shatter from the blow.

"You say you're a vampire? Don't lie, it is said that vampires are the most powerful monsters of all because of their advanced usage of their supernatural powers. Are you truly a vampire?" Tsukune was unfazed by the wall's destruction, but he didn't expect Saizo to blatantly disregard the rules by transforming his hand that was now hovering over Tsukune. "Anyway, if I catch you near Moka again, you're gonna get shoved into a meat grinder," Saizo threatened the psionist while walking off.


Tsukune merely stood there and contemplated his position, 'It would be dangerous to stay here, but ending my mission now would be premature, and I am a psionist, not a normal human.' Just then, Moka appeared and glomped Tsukune, "Good morning Tsukune! If we don't get going to class we're going to be late!"

At that moment Moka noticed all the luggage Tsukune was carrying, "Is something wrong Tsukune? What's with all those bags?" she asked, concerned.

Tsukune cast his eyes downward, "I've been thinking about leaving Yokai Academy, Moka. It's more dangerous than anything else I've seen so I've been thinking of going to a human school." "A human school?" Moka repeated, "NO, I'm not going to let you. Those humans are the worst!" she exclaimed. Tsukune could only stare in surprise with a questioning look on his face. "Well, I went to a human school up until the end of middle school," Moka clarified, "All the other students just laughed at me for 'believing in vampires.' They even made me start thinking it would be better if I were to vanish. It was so hard for me," she explained further with a downcast look, then looked up again with a smile on her face, "But you said that I was okay even though I was a vampire, so this is the first time in my life where I haven't felt so lonely." Tsukune could only stand there as he contemplated Moka's story. "That's why you can't go Tsukune. I want us both to study at this academy together and..." Moka started, but was interrupted by Tsukune, "Just..." he started. "Just what if I said that I was a human like the ones you hate so much, would you keep trying to stop me?" he questioned the vampiress. "What?!" Moka said in disbelief. "It's true, I'm a human, in a school for monsters." "No... no way that a HUMAN could be here," Moka said, confused.

Tsukune looked at Moka's sad and confused face before saying, "But I'm not a normal human either," he stated, making Moka even more confused. "I'm what's called a psionist, a human with a hundred percent of his brain power unleashed," Tsukune explained. "I am one of those few who remembered how to use the powers bestowed upon humanity that were forgotten by them ages ago, and because of that I would be labelled as a freak of nature by 'normal' humans." he lamented. "But that's not all either. Monsters would want to kill me, scientists would want to study me with a series of horrible tests for the sake of knowledge, and the yakuzas and government would want to exploit my powers for their own purposes. So, in a sense, I'm all alone in this cruel world." Tsukune finished, turning away from Moka.

Moka ran up to Tsukune saying, "Wait, Tsukune! That's not..." Moka couldn't finish what she wanted to say, as Tsukune interrupted her, "You said that you hated humans didn't you? Well excuse me for being nothing more than what I am!" he interjected, and then ran off. As he ran, Moka could only stand there helplessly and call his name.


Tsukune stared at the withdrawal notice in his hand and pondered. 'If I leave this academy, I'll be safer as a normal Psyren Drifter. But... am I really... making the right choice here?' he thought as the bus approached. When the bus came to a stop in front of Tsukune and had its door open, the bus driver from before said, "So, fleeing with your life eh? What happened to all that tough talk about being able to handle yourself? But that's okay sonny boy, so climb aboard if you have no regrets about leaving."


Moka slowly plodded through the dead trees, thinking about Tsukune. "No way," She said aloud, "The first time I finally get a friend. The very first time in my life..."

"Hey, what are you doing here all alone?" a horribly familiar voice said as a hand grabbed her wrist. "S-Saizo!" Moka exclaimed, startled at his sudden appearance. "Why be all alone Moka Akashiya when you can walk with a man like me?" Saizo said lustfully. Moka was violently thrown against a gravestone as Saizo laughed. "I'm deadly serious here, you're by far the most beautiful female I've ever laid eyes on," Saizo said, then began to transform. "Ohh, there we are, I can't contain myself anymore. When I reach this point, I just can't be stopped, there's no staying in human form as I am now!" "N-no... help me... please... TSUKUNE!" Moka screamed as Saizo completed his transformation and laughed, "This is going to be a great violation of the school rules!"

Saizo stuck out his tongue and was about to do something naughty to Moka, when a foot came out of nowhere and smashed Saizo in the face. The monster was thrown sideways a few feet and landed with a crash. Moka looked to where her savior was standing to see Tsukune. "You called fair maiden?" Tsukune said with his foot still in the position it was when he kicked Saizo. "Tsukune!" Moka yelped. "Moka-san I want to say something first," Tsukune started. "What's that? Did the worm want to say something? I thought I warned you not to go near Moka again." Saizo snarled. Tsukune chose to ignore this and said, "I don't care about the dangers this school has, I've decided that I'm going to stay here with you, no matter what!"

Tsukune didn't notice the huge hand coming towards him until it was too late. WHAM! CRASH! Tsukune had been smacked into a nearby gravestone by the transformed Saizo, who laughed. "Tsukune!" Moka called, worried. "What's the matter you fake vampire? Did you not think that a rogue like myself would be able to get up again after one blow? YOU'RE PATHETIC SCUM!"

Tsukune winced as he tried to sit up, 'Man, that blow hurt a lot! Good thing I was Enhancing at that moment, or the damage would've been a lot worse.' "Tsukune, I'm so sorry. It's because of me you got caught up in this mess," Moka cried next to Tsukune. "Moka-san, you should be less worried about me," Tsukune said as he curled his hand around the rosary, "And worry more about yourself!" Tsukune exclaimed as he tugged the rosary off.

Moka's eyes widened in shock. "The rosary came off?" she remarked dumbfoundedly, before a sudden and overwhelming blast of supernatural energy came from her body. Tsukune managed to back off a short distance as Moka began to transform; he noted that her hair had turned silver, and he heard Saizo saying, "What is she? This overpowering presence. This isn't the Moka Akashiya from moments ago!"

'So... this is... a real vampire!' Tsukune thought incredulously, 'her consciousness is similar to-no, exactly the same as the one I felt when Moka had the rosary on.' "It's exactly like I heard, red eyes and powerful supernatural energy! This is the super vampire?" Tsukune heard Saizo saying.

"What's the matter rogue one?" the now unsealed Moka spoke, "Didn't you want my body? Well come and get it, if you can that is. Won't you?"

Tsukune merely watched as Saizo lunged at Moka. When Saizo's blow struck, Moka didn't move an inch. In fact she even seemed unimpressed. "Attacking me with so little strength," Moka began to the horrified Saizo, "You had better learn your place." With a swift kick to the face, Moka defeated Saizo with ease, sending him through several trees in the process. "A minor brute like you who's bark is worse than his bite, makes this contest of strength absolutely no contest at all," Moka lectured the defeated monster boy.

Tsukune, who had mustered enough strength to stand, watched the spectacle, rather impressed with Moka's immense strength. Moka turned away from the defeated monster toward Tsukune, who tensed up, unsure how to react. "What's wrong? Does this face frighten you?" Moka questioned the psionist, who wondered, 'Which Moka is the real one?'

Moka reached out and grabbed the rosary from Tsukune. "Don't get so tense, the me who has been asleep for so long is still quite tired. So I don't feel like causing you any harm," the new Moka reassured Tsukune. "That, and my other self finds your blood delicious," she said while she placed the hand with the rosary on Tsukune's cheek, coming off as being rather seductive. 'Moka has split personalities! This one's presence is unnerving, but she's also quite beautiful,' Tsukune mentally deduced. "So until we meet again young psionist of mine, you'd better look after the girly pacifistic other Moka," Moka ordered as she transformed back into her pink-haired form, who promptly fell into Tsukune's arms, fast asleep. Tsukune merely looked down at the napping Moka's face and asked to himself, 'Was that it?'


The bus driver stared at Yokai Academy in the distance and said to himself, "So you decided to stay after all huh? Well then, he'd better be prepared for the dangers here if he wants to survive."


Tsukune stared at the withdrawal notice in his hand, thinking 'just so I'm not tempted,' he summoned his blast powers and tore the notice to shreds, envelope and all. "Morning Tsukune. What'cha doing?" a pink-haired vampiress asked as she glomped him.

Tsukune glanced at the girl before saying, "Just making sure I don't ever leave this place too early."

In the hallway, Moka stopped Tsukune, saying, "Thanks for yesterday with Saizo Tsukune." "No problem. It's just my duty to help a fair maiden in need," he said chivalrously, making Moka blush. "Oh my, Tsukune, when I'm with you, my heart starts to race," she said, trying to lure Tsukune in. Tsukune knew where it was going and took off down the hallway screaming, "NO!" But Moka gave chase, euphorically yelling, "Come on Tsukune, I want to suck your blood." Tsukune felt envy roll off the male students in the hallway and he mentally sighed, 'It's definitely going to be an eventful school year.'

End Chapter