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Sarah lead the three guards, Jareth and Gerald to the throne room.

The group walked across a wide corridor leading to many doors and other corridors stretching far. The marble floor shone brightly illuminated by the light coming through the windows lining the walls on either side.

As they reached the massive double doors that stood slightly ajar Sarah told all the men to wait outside and entered herself. Her father was lounging on his throne listening attentively to a his advisor. He looked rather dominating but at the same time concerned about whatever Ampelios, his advisor was telling him.

"Father," Sarah interrupted and Oberon and Ampelios both looked at her "may I have a word? Alone?"

Oberon nodded his head gently and gestured for Ampelios to go.

"We'll discuss this later Ampelios."

"Yes your Majesty"

"And Ampelios please close the door behind you" Sarah mentioned to the advisor who was shocked to see the sight of the three guards, the prisoner and Gerald as he left the throne room.

The prisoner who was meant to be dead by now leaned on one if the guards for support as he looked into the advisors eyes.

"The Princess's orders" Gerald stated before the other man could ask and Ampelios walked away without saying anything.

Sarah had been planning her speech since she had headed in the direction of her father and now was the time for the best performance ever.

"Father I saw a man being hanged, what has he done?"

"My child he was a mortal found on our land."

"So? That doesn't mean you should kill him"

"He could be a spy"

"Oh please! They barely know about themselves let alone try to find out more about us"

"We cannot afford to take our chances"

"Father please you can't just kill him. He's innocent."

"He may not be"

"That's not fair!"

"I will not have another word. This is none if your concern so stop involving yourself"

When she saw that all hopes were sinking Sarah tried another way.

"Father he is the answer!"

"To what child "

"We know that the Goblins are creatures that need to be ruled and yet no one wants to rule them because they don't understand them. Your prisoner will be the perfect ruler for them. Make him immortal, train him. He even has 'king' in his mortal name. Please. If you won't grant me the right to practise sword fighting or anything ever again then please grant me this one thing."

Oberon seemed to think about this for a long time with his daughter standing nearly on tears.

"Well I'm afraid it's too late. I ordered him dead nearly a while ago so I presume he's not alive anymore"

"He is. I saved him, he's outside. Come inside" she said loudly towards the door.

As they all walked in Sarah could tell that she had angered her father by bringing Jareth into the castle and away from his death but he would understand. She knew he would.

Regardless of her assumptions for the future Oberon was furious right now and motioned the guards to make the prisoner fall to his knees.

Jareth gasped in pain as the guards forced him to his knees but his eyes were on fire with hatred towards the king.

Sarah who was standing with her back to the King twisted her head back slightly to look at him with complaints in her eyes. As she faced forward again she walked closer to Jareth and kneeled I front of him so they were both facing each other. This was bound to get her in trouble later.

"Jareth King of England you are no longer a prisoner but must serve as a loyal servant to the Royal Family of the Fae Kingdom. Do you accept?"

"What if I don't?"

"Then I'm afraid I won't be able to save you" she waited patiently for his answer which he obviously gave a lot of consideration to judging by the amount of time he took to answer. Sarah was confused by this. How hard is it to decide between life in the underground or death.

"I accept"

"Good! Magdalena" Sarah called toward the door as a woman in a plain white dress entered "this is Jareth. His duties have not yet been decided but could you please see to it that he is given a room in servants quarters, some clothes and food." She once again began speaking to Jareth "Jareth if you need anything else please ask Magdalena and rest for today."

With that she rose off the ground and walked out of the room soon followed by Jareth who was still being supported by a guard.

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