Disclaimer. I don't own Harry Potter or Avengers. Also I was highly inspired by Ladywyrm's "Hulk's mate" and "I see the moon" by hctiB-notsoB.

Bruce wasn't surprised to wake up on the ground. It had happened often enough in the past.

He remembered feeling his control slip in his small hut where he treated patients in an isolated brazilian village. He had run, when he knew he couldn't hold on any longer. Maybe if he got far enough away the other guy would continue into the jungle and not return to the village.

Bruce opened his eyes slowly to let them adjust to the sun. He didn't know where in the juggle he was, but he didn't hear any sound that indicated he might be close to the village. Just the birds and bugs.

He got up slowly.


Bruce turned around quickly to face the source of the sound. It was a boy. Or a teenager more specifically. The young man was smiling at him shyly. He was short; barley came up to Bruce's shoulder. He had wild black hair that just touches his shoulders and bright green eyes. He seemed somewhat unnatural in this environment. He didn't have the dark skin of the natives and was too pale to have lived in the sun and heat of the jungle. And earlier he had spoken english with a british accent rather than portuguese that most people in Brazil speak. He was dressed in only a long button shirt that fell almost to his knees. He was holding out a pair of pants to Bruce.

Bruce reached forward slowly to take them from him and quickly put them on.

"Thank you." Bruce started. "Do you know where the closest village is?"

"No. I thought you might." The teen answered with a shrug. "I was waiting for you to wake up."

Had this kid seen the other guy? Probably not. He wouldn't still be here if he had. Bruce could see a trail of broken trees and brush that the other guy had left. It was hard to miss such a violent clearing in this dense forest.

"I don't know an exact location. But we should find something if we keep heading east. How did you get out here?"

"I fell." he answered in exasperation, as though falling out of the sky was… annoying. Bruce decided not to question it. Its not like his companion was the only one with secrets.

"I'm Bruce by the way." Bruce said after they had started walking. He waited a moment expecting the youth to tell him his name. The kid nodded his head to acknowledge he had heard him but didn't answer in return."What's your name?" Bruce finally asked.

"My name is Harry."

They spent the next few hours walking in silence. They stopped twice that day for food. Once picking some berries and roots they could eat on the go and another time hand fishing in a nearby river. Bruce was used to living in less than desirable environments. But he hadn't expected Harry to be just as capable in the wild. He wasn't bothered by the bugs or the weather or the fact that he didn't have shoes or pants. he was very knowledgable about how to recognize edible plants, and had caught and cleaned the fish they had for lunch.

Bruce was comfortable and calm around Harry. Calmer than he ever felt. Usually the other guy was always clawing at his control, and testing his temper so he could escape. But right now with Harry, he was settled. Bruce still felt the other guy wanting to escape, but it was less angry, and more eager, or…playful? But Bruce knew it was something he shouldn't get used to. Harry probably had family looking for him.

Over the next day and a half Bruce had had a lot of time to observe his new companion. Harry was…strange. He knew there was something mentally wrong with Harry. He would forget things. It had taken Harry half a day to remember what Bruce's name was. And whenever they stopped for a break he would forget what direction they were traveling in. But Harry wasn't stupid. In fact he strangely knowledgeable when it came to astrology and Bruce had discovered that he knew quite a bit of latin.

They had had several conversations about the properties of different plants that made Bruce believe that he was very well educated. it made him wonder how such a young man would end up in the middle of the rainforest. Bruce buried his curiosity and decided not to pry. Harry could have asked him the same questions.

After traveling for nearly two days, they found a road. Bruce waved down a farmer, who offered them a ride to Corai in the back of his pickup truck.

They were let out on a main street in Corai.

"You should find a phone and call your family." Bruce told Harry

"My family is dead." Harry answered bluntly, while playing with the hem of the shirt he still wore

"Do you have any friends you can call for help?" Bruce asked a bit more hesitantly


They stood in the street for several more minutes not looking at each other.

"If you have nowhere else to go, I can help you settle here" Harry didn't respond and Bruce could have sworn he saw his shoulders drop sadly. He sighed and continued"….Or you can come with me."

Harry looked up with renewed hope in his eyes.

Bruce knew it was a bad idea. He shouldn't spend too much time with any one person or in any one place. Harry had the right to know what he would be traveling with.

"Before we go anywhere there is something you have to know about me Harry" Bruce stated very seriously. "I can't stay in one place too long, so we'd never settle. And I never go anywhere too populated, so we'd be living like we were in the jungle." Bruce stopped for a moment. He grabbed Harry's shoulders looked him straight in eyes. He had to know how serious this is." I do this because I… I sometimes I lose control. I become very violent and lash out at whoever or whatever happens to be around me. I could hurt you or kill you if this happens while you're too close to me. Do you understand? I'm a monster."

Harry only smiled indulgently in response.

"That's okay. I'm a monster too."

Bruce smiled back. He doubted Harry was the same type of monster he was. But somehow he felt less …alone.