Okay this is a random, crack one shot that I decided to write. Mainly becase the idea of it just made my head explode with laughing. So I hope it tickles your funny bones.


Do Me Maybe?


As Jaime, Brienne and Cleos walked along the road, headed towards Maidenpool, Jaime look around, decided he was bored and started to sing.

"Hey I just met you,

And we're not related,

But you kick ass!

So do me maybe?"

Brienne and Cleos looked at Jaime like he'd grown another head.

"What in the seven hells is he singing?" Brienne asked.

"If I didn't know any better I'd swear he was singing to you Lady Brienne." Cleos replied. Jaime just ignored them.

"So we're on the run,

And you caused an avalanche,

That was kind of a turn on,

I like angry wenches."

"Jaime, cousin, this song is highly inappropriate. You do realise that right?" Cleos asked. Brienne just looked confused as they kept walking.

"We just went through Maidenpool,

And we saw loads of bodies,

And you didn't freak,

That was kinda sexy."

Brienne and Cleos had a bad feeling about Jaime singing. It didn't seem quite right somehow. At least if he'd been singing something like "The Bear and The Maiden Fair" they'd know what he was talking about.

"Hey, I think you're ugly!

And we're still not related!

You still kick ass!

So do me maybe?"

Brienne and Cleos both looked extremely confused.

"He's lost his mind." Brienne stated.

"Maybe he has spent a little too long in captivity?" Cleos said. The pair decided to ignore the strange song that Jaime Lannister was singing. It seemed to make little consequence to what was going on in the plot at any rate. Besides, they'd just left Maidenpool, and what with all the death and destruction there, things couldn't get any worse could they?


Okay this was just complete crack. Don't ask me what I wrote it. Don't ask me what I was thinking, just laugh and wonder what the hell cracked my brain. I saw a picture on Google of Game of Thrones TV Series Jaime Lannister with the words "Hey, I think you're ugly

And we're not related

But you kick ass

So do me maybe" pasted onto the picture. It cracked me up laughing, and so this fic was born.