"Here's one especially for Dan"

"I feel special"

"you are"

Those words echoed through his head as Phil looked through the Valentine's Day cards. Dan thought Phil had meant special as in special needs. Oh Dan, when will you learn? He will probably think this card is a joke too but Phil just goes with it, its better than being rejected. He's searching through the cards, looking for the perfect one when he sees it. He picks it up, it says 'to someone special' in a massive love heart on the front, its blank on the inside.

"Perfect" Phil mutters under his breath.

When he arrives back at the flat, Dan isn't there, Phil looks around everywhere but there's still no sight of him. He said he would be here when I get back Phil thought. He decides to just let it slide and use Dan's spontaneous outing as a chance to write in the card:





He slips it into the envelope and writes Dan's name on the front in swirly writing. He then takes the malteasers he bought out of the bag and places both the card and chocolate on Dan's bed. He hears someone come through the door so he hides under Dan's bed quickly.

"Shit!" Dan shouts as he notices the carrier bag and Phil coat lying on the dining table.

"Phil? Phil are you here?" Dan walks to his bedroom and sits on his bed. Out of the corner of his eye he notices a small red box, then he looks closer and realises there's a box of malteasers laying on his pillow. He takes the box in his hands and looks at it. He smiles.

Under the bed, Phil is smiling too; he can hear the rattle of the malteasers and the content sigh of Dan.

Dan notices a card where the malteasers were and instantly recognises the writing, Phil. Phil, his best friend, housemate and secret lover. He lies down on the bed to read the card and giggles and he reads the front.

"Oh Phil" He sighs. "If only you knew how much this means to me".

It was quiet but loud enough for Phil to hear, that's it Phil thought I have to tell him.

Phil rolled out from under the bed and stood up next to a very shocked Dan.

"What the hell? Jesus Christ, what are you do-"

Dan's sentence is cut off with Phil's lips crashing onto his. Dan pulled Phil onto the bed and deepened the kiss. Phil let go and smiled. Dan smiled. They both looked into each others eyes and blushed.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that" Dan says

"Half as long as I have?"

"Why did it take so long Phil?"

"I don't know, right now let's just enjoy it"

Their lips met again, this time more smoothly. They both smiled against the kiss and parted.

"Are you gunna eat your malteasers?" Phil asked.

"Hell yeah!"

Dan opened the packed and shared them with Phil.

"Just you wait till you see what I've got for you later" Dan said.

DAMN IT! This was gunna be a oneshot but I think I might continue it now, well look out for more chapters