It had been weeks since Caleb was shot and Aria couldn't handle all the pressure that she was under. She was expected to be strong for the girls and Caleb, who was still recovering, and be there for Ezra as he gets close to Maggie again. She couldn't take it. She was pushing everyone away from her. She was glad the girls understood and didn't force her in to talking. She started focusing more on school and finding more things to do to keep her mind off life.

Slipping in her head phones, Aria started slowly down the stairs trying to be as quiet as she could. It was just past 5 am and she knew If she woke her dad or mike they would want to talk and she wasn't up for that. Once she was on the porch she stopped and slipped on her running shoes before tying them. Starting down the stairs she pressed play on to the song and Everybody Talks, by Neon Trees started. The upbeat music made her more focused and want to run faster.

Her mind had been so focused on her steps and breathing she barely noticed Jason watching her. Jason had been up early and planned to run himself. But watching Aria in her black shorts and pink tank top running was a better idea. He moved off the side walk and made his way to the side walk in time to watch her look up to him. She slowed her pace as she stopped in front of him. She took in his basketball shorts and bare chest before looking to him.

"I didn't know you ran." Jason said as he looked to her. Aria took her headphones out and smiled looking to him.

"I needed something to keep my mind off life and running is perfect." She told him smiling as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Want a running Partner? I was just about to head out myself." Jason said as he gave her a smile. Aria thought it over before realizing something. She smiled. For the first time in weeks she smiled and it was nice. She didn't realize that just talking to Jason was enough for a smile to cross her face. She had always had a crush on him and now she was wondering if it was slowly coming back.

"Sure, if you can keep up." She said with a laugh as she took off again. Jason laughed and followed after her smirking. He was glad she was going to run with him. He didn't know how long it was going to last but he knew just a few days a week would going to be great. His eyes look over her before he sped up and started running beside her, glad she didn't put her head phones in.

"You look like you need someone to talk too." He told her as they ran. Aria looked down before looking to him. "I do need to talk. But I just need someone who doesn't know what's going on to listen. Its so hard to talk to the girls lately. Emily is getting over Mayas death still, Spencer's spending as much time with Toby while he is here and Hanna helping Caleb get better." She started as she looked to him. He had heard about the shooting and had hoped that Caleb was doing better. He had met him once before and saw the way he looked at Hanna. Jason hoped he treated her well. It was weird he was protective over them. But they had been like little sisters to him and he would always feel protective. Even more so to Aria.

"What about you? What have you focused on lately while they were doing their things?" He asked her their pace now matching. Thinking about it Aria laughed.

"Painting, drawing, sculpting, music, running, dance, homework, school, cooking, and writing." She listed off as she looked to him. She was shocked that they were keeping the same pace. It was nice and it kept her motivated. Like she would want to out run him. Jason laughed and looked to her shaking his head. "So the better answer would have been what didn't you try?" He joked laughing. Aria laughed realizing how easy it was to speak to him. To let herself go and enjoy the time with him. They started talking about school and family, anything they could. After a while they stopped running and aria put her hands on her head to catch her breath. They stood in front of his place again and both were worn out.

"Same time tomorrow?" He asked her after catching his breath. Aria thought it over for a moment before smiling.

"Sure. And tomorrow I'll kick your ass." She said with a laugh before she turned to leave. She started walking before turning back around giving him a wave and smile. "Bye Jason." She said as she headed back to her place smiling. She headed home the smile still on her face as she walked in to the house and headed up to her room grabbing clothes to change in too. It was nice talking with Jason. It was even nicer to see him without a shirt on. She grabbed her phone and smiled opening a new text box before she clicked Hanna, Spencer and Emily's numbers.

"I miss you guys. Thanks for giving me space lately. Any chance you are all free for coffee? -Aria" She didn't think she would get a reply so fast but grinned seeing the three replies

"I missed you too! I'm in. I need some time out of the house – Em"

"Of course. Toby can wait. It's been too long since we all hung out! –Spencer"

"Like you even have to ask! Caleb is forcing me to go. 3 –Hann"

Aria grinned and left the room heading to go take a shower and get ready to meet the girls for coffee and to catch up.

Unknown to both Jason and Aria, they had been followed. A sat in the car keeping a pace behind them that wouldn't be too out of the normal. But then again, any one would have been able to guess they were being followed.

"It's me, Call the king, He's going to want to know something about Little Aria." A said to the person on the other end of the phone before hanging up and driving off.

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