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"Aria didn't tell the truth. Now you play. –A" The four girls read together. Ice ran through Aria as she looked to them. What was she going to do now? "How do we find him?" She asked looking to Caleb wondering if he could trace the phone. "This time they made a mistake, Some one didn't lock his phone." He told her before he took the phone back and pressed send listening to the phone ring on speaker, Hanna moved to caleb leaning in to him, scared and worried.


Hanna and Spencer looked to each other before Aria hung up the phone. "Who was that and why are you both white?" Aria asked the two knowing they knew something.

"That was Wren." Spencer said as Hanna snapped out of it. Caleb knew about the kiss but Hanna didn't want to even think about it at this point. Caleb wrapped his arms around the blonde pulling her to him rubbing her arms gently.

"What would wren be doing with an A message?" Emily asked completely confused. Aria was now freaking out. "A doctor has Jason. Do you know what that means?" She asked as she paced the room. Hanna looked to her nodding. "It means you need to go tell Ezra what happened and then maybe A will let him go." Hanna said before all heads turned to her. "What? A told you to tell him and then you don't and Jason goes missing. If you tell him the truth, then maybe A will find out and let him go." She said looking to her friends. Aria closed her eyes realizing that maybe Hanna was right. "But you won't go alone. I'm going with you." Caleb told her as he let go of Hanna and slipped his jacket on.

"Are you stupid?" Emily, Spencer and Hanna said together. "You are finally healed from getting shot. And now you want to go maybe get hurt again?" Hanna said as she looked to him. Sometimes she had a stupid boyfriend. "Hanna I'm not asking here. I'm telling you that I'm going in case something happens and Aria needs help." He explained to her turning and looking to her. Hanna looked to him shaking her head. "Then I'm coming too." She told him, "Same here," Emily said before Spencer nodded. "Me too." Spencer said looking to them. Caleb looked to them before smirking. "Looks like none of us are joining her." He said before they all realized that Aria had already left. They slipped their jackets on and headed down to Caleb's car and got in hoping to be there if something happened.

Aria ran as fast as she could towards Ezra's apartment. She knew Hanna was right. If she told Ezra about her and Jason running them maybe A, whoever he is would let him go. But her mind kept going back to the phone call. Why would Wren be sending Jason an A message? Her mind was racing and she didn't know what to think. Walking up the stairs towards his apartment, she knocked on the door before stepping back; she heard voices in side and needed to know what was going on. Ezra opened the door and looked to her confused as he saw her.

"Aria. What are you doing here?" He asked keeping the door closed a bit, not letting her see in to the apartment. Aria knew something was going on. But right now, she just needed to tell him about Jason. "I tried telling you something all day at dinner and it was just too hard. But right now I don't have much of a choice. Jason Dilaurentis and I have been running together every morning. I don't know why it is a big deal but now he is missing and I just needed to be honest with you." She said to him as she looked to him. Ezra looked to her before giving her a nod. "Ok. What's so important about you telling me that? You are just running." He said looking over to her. Aria went to answer but stopped seeing movement down the hall. She looked and frowned when she saw Toby walking towards Ezra's with Mona.

"What is going on?" Aria asked them looking back to Ezra. Fear was in her and part of her wished she had listened to Caleb and brought him along with her. At least if something happened she would have him to help her out. But now, she came alone and now she was screwed. Mona smirked looking to Aria before looking to Ezra. "Looks like little Aria decided to come clean." She said crossing her arms over her chest. Toby smirked and looked to Ezra before speaking. "It's taken care of. He's at the place." He said before he moved in to Ezra's apartment with Mona, Ezra looked to aria who was looking past him and in to the apartment. Wren, Melissa and now Toby and Mona were all in the living room. Aria looked back to Ezra shaking her head.

"No. No it can't be." She said tears in her eyes. She quickly turned and went to run, Ezra's arms wrapping around her waist before pulling her in to the apartment. He put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet as he shut the door.

"You said they wouldn't get hurt this time. " Melissa said standing up. "You made a promise." She told him looking at the terrified Aria.

"Shut the fuck up and get me a rope." He barked to her. Shaking her head she led him in to the bedroom tossing aria on to the bed. "Deal with this. Then join us in the living room. Got it?" He said before he left the room. Melissa looked to Aria as she tied her hands up.

"Just tell me he is safe. Tell me Jason is ok. Please Mel." Aria begged softly as she looked to the older sister of her best friend. Melissa nodded looking to her. "Don't worry. He wasn't hurt and he will be fine." She told her loosely tying the rope around her hands and legs. "Wait half an hour. Then go." Melissa said before leaving closing the door. Aria watched the clock listening to the muffled voices in the other room, knowing who they belonged to but not what was said. Once It had been 45 minutes, she waited longer to be safe, Aria untied the ropes and quietly climbed out the window and down the fire escape looking down the street. Seeing Caleb's car, she ran towards it and got in shaking her head.

"Its Ezra. He is a. Toby, Mona, Melissa And wren are there too. Melissa helped me get out." She said freaking out. "He's ok Jason's ok but I don't know where he is at." She said tears down her face.

"Drive Caleb. We need away from here before they realize she is gone." Hanna said before Caleb started back towards Hanna's house.

Ezra watched out the window at the care leaving before looking to Melissa. "Nicely done. Now she thinks you are going to help her. Let's start with Phase too." He said smirking looking to Melissa who gave him a smirk. Now the game was getting good.

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