"Race home!" Emmett yelled. Since I knew Rosalie was the slowest runner I was all for a race. I wasn't the fastest, Edward was, so I knew I wouldn't win but at least I wouldn't loose.

The whole family had been out hunting. It was our first time hunting here in Forks Washington so we all went together. My wonderful husband Jasper raced ahead of me with a smile. I grimaced and picked up my pace when suddenly I was overwhelmed with a vision.

Edward reached home first and Emmett was furious. He ran towards Edward who was now frozen with a look of shock on his face. Emmett looked confused for a moment,

"Edward, what the he-" he suddenly stopped talking when he looked where Edward was looking. Laying on the door step in a little box was something wrapped in blankets. A dark brown-eyed baby.

I gasped. A baby? Edward, who was running in front of me, yelled back,

"What was that Alice? A human baby?" I was at a loss for words. I don't know, I thought. Sure enough, a few moments later Edward stopped running right in front of our faded white house with an array of windows reaching from the bottom of the house to where the first floor ended and then another set of windows began for the second floor and then a set for the third floor.

It all played out just as it did in the vision, first with Edward freezing and then Emmett. Soon we where all standing there, frozen. I couldn't understand why there was a little baby girl on our doorstep. I kept getting flashes of her growing up with us. Then came flashes of her as a vampire, married to Edward. I was stunned. Edward was even more stunned. He whispered,

"I marry her?" I just nodded. That's when I picked up on a faint scent. Vampire. Whoever put her here was a vampire. The smell was faint which meant the baby had probably been here the whole time we were hunting. I slowly walked towards the baby and that's when I smelled her scent. The scent was very tempting but definitely manageable. She appeared to be around 3 months old. She was awake and staring at me with her big brown eyes and a smile on her face. There was a little note laying on her that I picked up and read it.

Dear Olympic Coven,

I am sad to say that it is no longer possible for me to keep my dear daughter Isabella Marie with me. I was only recently changed into a vampire by the Volturi. I had no interest in joining them though. So of course they will destroy me. I have managed to hide Isabella from the Volturi but I need her to be safe, just in case. Her birthday is June 4, 1991 so she is 4 months old as of today.

Please raise her as your own. I would hate to think of my daughter growing up in an orphanage or foster care. Please. As vampires you are strong enough to protect her from anything. I know this is where she is meant to be. Make sure she knows I love her and only wanted her safe.


After I read it aloud I looked into the future once more. It seemed as though we kept her and she was happy. A smile spread across my face. A baby! This could fix all of our problems. All of have always wanted a baby (except for Edward.) This could be our real chance to raise a baby!

I looked around and everyone had looks of shock on there face except for Rosalie who was smiling like me. It took a few minutes but slowly everyone unfroze. Carlisle was the first to speak,

"This is definitely a unique situation. We should all sit down inside and discuss this." I gently picked up Isabella, careful to keep her wrapped in the blankets, and walked inside with everyone following me. We all sat down in our large, open white living room. Little Isabella was looking around the room at everyone in wonder. Jasper came to sit on one side of me and Edward sat down on the other side, his eyes locked on Isabella. This time Rose was the first to speak,

"Oh, please can she stay here Carlisle?" Rose had always wanted a baby. She wants a baby more than any of us. Carlisle sighed and Esme said hopefully,

"Carlisle maybe she should stay."

"Yeah it'd be nice to have a little cutie around," Emmett said with a smile. Edward spoke while still staring at her,

"I can't read her mind." We all looked at him with surprised expressions. I asked,

"Really?" He simply nodded and said,

"She smells so...so...intriguing. Almost...intoxicating..." his voice trailed off. Rosalie spoke up,

"See, maybe the fact that Edward can't read her mind is a could thing. She's special."

"Special," Edward repeated. He slowly stopped looking at Isabella and looked at me. "Am I really going to..." he didn't continue but he didn't need to. I nodded and said confidently,

"Yes. One day your going to marry her. She's your mate." Emmett said jokingly,

"Well Eddie, out of all the times I imagined you finding your mate I didn't imagine her as a baby," he smiled. Edward just looked really shocked. Carlisle looked at me,

"Alice why don't you just tell us if Isabella is staying. It'll save us time." I cheered,

"Yay she's staying!" Everyone smiled, even Edward. Though Rosalie was clearly the happiest.

"Well now that that's decided there is something else you need to tell us Alice." I asked,

"What?" He explained,

"Well obviously we will all be a major part of her life but who will be her primary parents?" I was again overcome with a vision.

A two your old Isabella was walking around the living room. She crawled up onto Emmett's lap. She said in a sweet voice,

"Hey Daddy! Where's Mommy?" Rosalie appeared at the kitchen doorway and laughed. Isabella turned around and jumped off Emmett and jumped into Rosalie's arms. "Hi Mommy!"

"Hey baby."

This was perfect! Emmett would make such a good dad and Rosalie had always ached for a child. I smiled and everyone looked at me expectantly. I stood and walked over to Rosalie. I handed her Isabella and whispered,

"You and Emmett just became parents." Rosalie looked down at Isabella like she was the most gorgeous person alive. Emmett had his arm wrapped around Rosalie and was staring at Isabella with a huge grin. I went and sat back down. Then a thought occurred to me.

"Oh my gosh guys! Do you know what this means? Shopping!" Esme and Rosalie smiled but the others groaned. Esme pondered,

"I wonder if Isabella can say anything." Emmett shrugged,

"Only one way to find out," He looked at Isabella who was staring at him curiously, "Hey cutie. Can you say anything Isabella?" She did nothing but then spoke in the cutest voice,


"Isabella?" She frowned and repeated,

"Bewa." Carlisle said cheerfully,

"I think she wants you to call her Bella." Isa-I mean Bella looked over at Carlisle and smiled. Emmett spoke happily,

"Well Bella it is. Can you say anything else Bella?" Bella looked out one of the window where a small black cat was perched on the windowsill, asleep. She said,

"C...a...t. Ca...t." Carlisle was amazed,

"For a four month old she seems extremely advanced." Rosalie cooed,

"Can you say anything else, little one?" Bella smiled and said very slowly,

"You wampire." Carlisle sucked in a breath,

"She knows we're vampires." Edward asked,

"How is that possible?" Wow, she might be a prodigy. Edward looked at me and said,

"She might be." Rosalie asked,

"Be what?" Edward replied,

"A prodigy of sorts. Or at least extremely advanced." Carlisle added,

"She probably knows we're vampires because her mother was a vampire. We obviously would look a lot like her." Bella looked at Emmett and put her arms out. Rosalie handed her to him somewhat reluctantly. Emmett smiled at Bella and she smiled.

"Well aren't you cute?" He cooed. She just blinked. I sighed,

"Guys! Shopping?" Esme nodded,

"Oh goodness we had better go soon. Bella's gonna need so much. Clothes, formula, diapers, bottles, and so much more! Alice, Rosalie and I should go shopping with Bella," she looked at Emmett, "You, Carlisle, and Edward need to pick one of the bedrooms upstairs to be her bedroom and paint it. Alice, what color do they need to get." I looked quickly into the future at a light purple bedroom.

"Light purple." She nodded and continued,

"After you paint the bedroom, baby-proof the house. Do this at full vampire speed because this needs to be done by tonight. Everyone clear?" We all nodded. Emmett handed Bella to Rosalie and the boys headed out. We gathered our purses and then headed to the mall. Oh, this would be fun!