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She didn't have any clue where she was. Though it seemed too familiar. God had given her a second chance in the world.
She couldn't see his face, but the voice was familiar.

She was wearing a tan uniform, and she was staring up at the night sky.
She was lying in snow, as snow was falling down onto the ground.

She sat up and looked around. 'Where the hell am I?' she thought, finding a school building in front of her.

She was here before, wasn't she? She had no memory of what happened to her, or why she was here. She was puzzled by the fact that she didn't know why she was here.

Suddenly, something rustled in the bushes. She screamed, as they thing came closer and closer to her, to find that it was only a rabbit, which ran past her and leaped across the snowy ground.

"I'm such an idiot," she said, but a rush of cold air gave her chills through her body.

"I have to find some place warm, or I'm going to freeze to death," she said, running to the door of the school building.

It was late at night, but she hoped that the building would be unlocked, or someone might be able to help her.

She turned the doorknob, to find the door was unlocked, and pushed herself inside. The building was warm, but the hallways were dark, and mysterious.

She felt nervous even standing in the dark. Something could come and easily get her in the dark.

She crouched down to sit on the floor. The floor was cold, but she would get used to it. She would have to spend the night here until she could find some answers.

Right now, she wanted to wake to beautiful sunrise, and a peaceful sleep.


The sun was barely up the next morning, when Otonashi awoke.

That scream from the night before was in his dream. That high pitched scream was in fear, but nobody bothered to find out what that was.

He yawned deeply, but he wasn't really that tired.
They were out of school now for a good week due to Christmas, so there wasn't any school.

Otonashi turned back around, as Hinata rustled next to him. Hinata rubbed his eyes, and yawned as well.
"You're up a little early, aren't you?" Hinata asked smiling.

"Not really. I'm just used to waking up early for school, so it's habit," said Otonashi, as Hinata stretched his back.

"It's alright. Just get a little more sleep, because Yuri doesn't want us up and around until ten. It's barely even six," said Hinata, looking at the clock, and sliding back under the covers.
"Well I'm going to get up anyway. I'll get us some coffee if you want," smiled Otonashi, climbing out of bed.

"No thanks. I just want some more sleep," said Hinata, rolling over onto his side. Otonashi put on a regular white t-shirt, before walking over to Hinata's bedside.

He bent down and carefully kissed Hinata's forehead, "I'll be back. I'm going to get some coffee."

Hinata smiled, "Alright. Don't be too long. If Yuri catches you, she'll make you go to sleep." Otonashi smiled back.

"Yeah, no kidding," said Otonashi, slipping on house shoes, and a coat and heading out the door.

Otonashi was astonished that the building had magically restored itself on its own, even with that much damage.

The school was the same way as it was before it collapsed. The layout of the building didn't change.
Otonashi headed to the cafeteria, carefully walking over the snow, as he shivered.

He hated how far the dorm building was from the cafeteria. Opening the cafeteria door, he found many NPCs sitting at small tables drinking hot coco.

Otonashi was surprised that they would be up this early. He made his way to a vending machine, carefully placing ¥900 into it, and pressing one of the buttons. A can of coffee fell into the slot, as Otonashi picked up the can, and opened it.

He took a small sip, before heading back out the door, and into the snow.
He began running back to the dorm building. It was too cold to stand outside much longer.

He had made it to the school building when a girl was exiting from it.

She had long pink-maroon colored hair, and was wearing the standard uniform, but no one would be to school this early.
Besides, there was no school. It was Christmas weekend.

Otonashi knew that something was up.
He walked over to the girl, who saw him out of the corner of her eye, and turned her direction towards him.

"Excuse me. Are you lost?" asked Otonashi, but she didn't answer. Instead she narrowed her eyes, and fidgeted with something in her pocket.

Suddenly as if nothing had happened, the girl leaped at Otonashi, a pocket knife in her hand.
He barely dodged it, but the girl stared intently at him.

"Who are you? And what do you want from me?" she commanded.

"I just want to help you. I mean no harm to you whatsoever. Please trust me," said Otonashi, slowly edging near her, but her glare stopped him.

This girl meant business. She was in no means wanting to make friends with him at all.

"Who are you?" asked Otonashi, though the girl's glare deepened.

"I should be asking you the same," said the mysterious girl. Otonashi looked at her oddly.

She was standing outside in twenty degree weather without a coat. She was also in a short sleeve shirt and a skirt. She would freeze any minute now from hypothermia.

She lifted her knife up to Otonashi's height.
"Where is this place?" she asked, demanding for an answer.

"This is the afterlife. Are you alright? Do you have any memories?" asked Otonashi, stepping closer to help her, but the knife didn't lower.

"What do you mean the "afterlife"? What memories?" she asked.

Otonashi saw that her face was slowly turning pale quickly. He had to get her out of the snow.

"Let's take this somewhere else. Follow me," said Otonashi, taking her wrist, and leading her across the snow covered ground and to the Girl's Dorm.

When they entered the building, she jerked away from his grip.

"Who the hell do you think you are? For touching me when I don't even know who the heck you are," shouted the girl.

"Then what's your name?" asked Otonashi, as her eyes narrowed again. She still didn't want to get acquainted with him, but she decided to tell her name anyway.

"Iwasawa Masami. Now tell me your freakin name," she demanded, crossing her arms.

Otonashi stood with wide-eyes. This was Iwasawa?

The Iwasawa that they had known had shorter hair, and a much calmer, and smoother attitude than this Iwasawa. She also had a tattoo of a pink music note on her left thigh.

Though, she did have the same facial physical features as the other Iwasawa.
Did she get into another accident to make herself come here again?

"Umm, hello? Your name?" asked Iwasawa, waving her hand in front of Otonashi's face.

"I'm Otonashi Yuzuru. Nice to meet you. So, why did you stab me with a pocket knife?" nervously asked Otonashi, as Iwasawa glared.

"Because I don't know anybody here, or what any of them are like. Anything might happen. Better safe than sorry," said Iwasawa, uncrossing her arms, and leaned up against the wall.

"So, where is everybody else?" asked Iwasawa, but Otonashi stood without an answer.

"Well," started Otonashi, "it's only about six in the morning on a holiday weekend. Most people aren't going to be up and around for another three hours."

"I'm used to getting up early anyway. So, what is this place?" asked Iwasawa.

"I'm not the one to answer that. You'll have to talk to Yuri," said Otonashi, but Iwasawa quickly threw questions at him.

"Who's that? Is that Student Council President or something?" asked Iwasawa, crossing her arms again.

"No. She's our leader," said Otonashi, but Iwasawa's eyes for big.
"Whatever. You people are weird. I'll find some other way from here. See ya later," said Iwasawa, heading back out the door, and into the cold wonderland.

Otonashi didn't want to wait on Iwasawa for another four hours. He would hunt her down later when he had the time.

Right now, Hinata was probably wondering where he was, or even if he was even awake...


Iwasawa stepped quickly onto the sidewalk, hurrying back into the school building she had once left.

She barely knew the guy she had just met, yet she didn't even know where she was.

Afterlife? Was that it? Her mind was blurry, and she couldn't think at the moment.

She wanted to find some help. If this was a school, then someone would have to be here some time or another.
Iwasawa quickly ran up the stairs, not wasting anytime.

She walked silently through the hallways, looking at the door one by one.
She stopped at the Attendance Office, to find the room locked.

She continued down the hall, stopping at the Principal's Office. Upon arriving, she gripped the door handle tightly, as she tried to open it.
Suddenly, a giant wooden hammer came down at her, but she dodged it barely, as the hammer struck her shoulder and sent her to the ground.

A few seconds later, she rose from the floor, and knocked on the door.

The door carefully opened a bit, as a person's head peered out.

"Can I help you?" asked the person. Iwasawa didn't know this person was either.
"I am looking for help. Is the principal in?" asked Iwasawa, but the door bursted open, and Iwasawa was pulled inside the room.

"What the heck?" shouted Iwasawa, but realized that the person that pulled her in, was a girl.

The girl had brown hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, and was wearing a jacket, but a school uniform.

Iwasawa noticed something. Their uniforms were completely different, and this made Iwasawa nervous. Was this a student of a rival school or something?

"Are you—?" asked the brown-headed girl, who approached her calmly.

Iwasawa gripped the hand knife in her pocket. 'This girl is crazy! A lunatic!' thought Iwasawa.

The brown girl jumped forward and hugged her tightly. "Iwasawa..," she said.

Iwasawa pushed away, "How do you know myname?"

"Do you not remember me? I'm Hisako," said Hisako, gripping Iwasawa's shoulders with both hands.

Hisako suddenly unbuttoned her shirt to reveal a tattoo on the top of her breast of a blue cross.
Iwasawa looked nervously at her. 'Who is this chick? Is she a delinquent?' thought Iwasawa.

"Remember when we got these? We promised that we'd find each other when we left this world. Yours is on the side of your left leg," said Hisako calmly, as Iwasawa found the music note on the side of her thigh, and looked back at Hisako nervously.

"What is this?" asked Iwasawa, as the door of the room opened, and an unknown figure approached them.

"Who are you?" yelled Iwasawa, as the person approached them. She had pink hair, and was wearing some type of gothic outfit, but had the same uniform as the brown haired girl.

"Who's this?" the pink hair girl asked.

Hisako turned aside, and quickly buttoned up her shirt, and then turned back to the pink haired girl.

"This is Iwasawa," said Hisako, Yui's face quickly brightened up.

"OMG! You look just like an Iwasawa that I know, but she's not here right now. She left, but you look almost like her. Wow!" exclaimed the pink-haired girl.

"Yui! Calm down. This is Iwasawa Masami. She's the same one as the last time. She was first lead vocalist in Girl's DeMo," said Hisako, and Yui bursted.

"OMG YOU'RE BACK! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I'M LIKE, YOUR BIGGEST FAN!" exclaimed Yui, but Hisako covered her mouth from talking any longer.

"Iwasawa doesn't need to hear your fangirling. She has enough problems as it is. Yuri will have to been informed soon, or she will flip out. Something this big is going to be important to her," said Hisako, crossing her arms.

"Who is this Yuri person?! Another guy talked about her, and said she was a leader or something. It's all confusing," said Iwasawa.

"You'll know her soon enough. She's the leader of the rebellion. She's the strongest person in this world," said Yui, but Hisako hit the back of Yui's head.

"You're making her sound like God or something, which is something she's not. I'm sure Iwasawa's memories will come back to her soon, when the time comes," said Hisako, turning, and leaving the room.

The atmosphere of the whole room changed immediately as Yui followed after behind Hisako.

"Wait a second."

Hisako and Yui stopped at the doorway, and turned around to Iwasawa's cry. "What is it?" asked Hisako.

"I want to come with you. I have no idea where am I, or who you are, but somehow, I feel like I can trust you. Can I come?" asked Iwasawa, making Yui smile, and ran to her, taking a hold of her wrist and nodding.

"Of course you can! You're welcome to join us anytime!" cheered Yui, though Iwasawa looked up to Hisako, who smiled too, and nodded. "Come on you two. Lunch is about to begin. You'll miss out on miso soup," giggled Hisako, and ran out of the room, making Yui and Iwasawa following after her.

Hisako looked back and chanted, "Come on, you slowpokes! You gotta catch up if you want to get the cafeteria first!"

Iwasawa knew that she made a few friends in this unknown world that she had stumbled upon.