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Of course, as Haruka predicted, Angel was heading to the shrine. The shrine was hidden beneath the river's canopy of trees and barely anyone knew of its existence. It was rumoured by the people who knew about the shrine, that the first people who came to the afterlife made it in honour of God for giving them a second chance. The shrine was made of cinder blocks and wood, and an old wind chime hung in front of the shrine.

Rumour had it that in the middle of the shrine was a flame-shaped key hole. They named the unknown key, the Key of Regret. It said that the key could be anything found in the afterlife world. If unlocked, it said that you could personally come face to face with God without re-dying in the real world or being reincarnated.
Since Angel had never seen the shrine before until a while ago, she went with what rumours told. There were many things that she's tried in the past, though she failed in her attempts. The last thing possible was a human, though she highly doubted that she, herself, was the key. After all, Yuri did have the key once. So it couldn't be Angel.

What Angel didn't know was that Yuri didn't loose the key on purpose. The key had actually disappeared into thin air by itself. Like reincarnation. So now the key was something else. It was like a continuing guessing game, but it was worth the searching.

Though Angel wasn't alone to the shrine. Next beside her was Kouri, who had Iwasawa slung over his shoulder. Iwasawa was unconscious due to Kouri's illusions, since they didn't want her injured or killed. This was the only way possible to keep her like this without killing her at North High. They were close to the shrine now. All was left was walking up the concrete stairs to the shrine. When they reached the top, Angel turned to Kouri. "Give me her," demanded Angel. Kouri nodded and handed Iwasawa to Angel.

Angel carried her over to platform and laid Iwasawa on it. Angel placed her hand on the key hole, and began chanting, "Feu, dolore, Ame, azarado, Terra, yaburu, Air, amnesie!" The key hole started to glow bright blue, and Iwasawa's body began to float off the platform and glowed the same colour as the key hole.

Her body continued to float off of the platform until she was about three feet off the ground. Angel stood unsure of the results. Most of the items started out this way by glowing and then disappeared into thin air. And then nothing would happen. Iwasawa's body now started glowed orange.

This had never happened before for Angel. All she could do was watch. A second later, the glow disappeared, and Iwasawa's body fell to the concrete slab.

Iwasawa's body didn't move as it laid on the platform. "Damn it," said Angel under her breath, "that was the only reason why I needed her."

Angel picked up Iwasawa's body and handed her to Kouri, "Here. Take her. She's nothing to me now. Do whatever you want with her. I don't need her anymore." With that being said, Angel walked off, leaving Kouri behind with Iwasawa.


"Hurry up Renata! I want to get to the cafeteria now! Shen and Angel-sama are down there! I don't want to miss them!" cried Coco, pulling Renata by the wrist down the staircases of North High.

"Coco! They'll wait for us. You don't have to run so fast!" said Renata as she was almost dragged through the hallways, and tripped a few times along the way.

When they only had one more staircase to go, Coco turned around to shout at Renata some more about being slow. When this happened, Coco ran into a pair of students walking up the stairs, sending the four of them tumbling down them. They fell about two feet. Coco and Renata went unscathed.

"Owwww..." cried one of the students. The other student responded, "Are you alright, Chiyo-san?" The girl named Chiyo nodded, though it was noticeable that her shin was already bruised from the tumble.

Renata stood up and bowed respectfully, "I'm so sorry! Please forgive us."

The girl named Chiyo stood up with the help of the other student, "It's...alright. It was just an accident."

Coco rose from the ground. She didn't look very happy. "Look what happened! My hair is messed up; I'm bruised, and scathed! How can I see Angel-sama like this now? It's your entire fault!" cried Coco, as she tried straightening out her hair by looking at her reflection in the window. Renata was speechless.

Chiyo bowed to Coco, "I'm terribly sorry about all of this. If you want, I'd like to treat everyone to ice cream after dinner tonight. My treat."

Coco immediately looked pleased with the request. Renata refused, "I couldn't let you do that. Besides it was our fau—" Coco put her hand on Renata's mouth to keep her from talking. Coco laughed, "We'd be happy too!"

Chiyo smiled, "That's great! I'll give you our room number and when you're done, we'll head out to Iwate Galaxy Plaza for the ice cream. Is that alright?" Coco nodded happily, though Renata sighed. Chiyo wrote down her room number on a paper of paper and handed it to Renata. She and her friend then left back up the stairs that they were originally walking up. When they left, Coco turned to Renata. "Isn't this great?! We get to have ice cream tonight! And it's the Iwate Galaxy Plaza* too!"

Renata began to scold Coco, "Coco that was the most utterly revolting thing to do! Saying that it was their fault! How could you? And agreeing for her to buy us ice cream! You disgust me. When it's time to get ice cream, I'll apologize and say that we're not going."

Coco cried, "No! You can't!"
"And why not?"

Coco remarked, "Because that ice cream is delicious! You just can't turn down an offer like that! Come on! Please!"

Renata sighed, "That's a poor excuse, Coco. I'm not going to let that nice student buy us ice cream because it was our fault. I'm sorry, but I'm not doing it."

"Renata, if you don't let me go...I-I'll scream..." said a sad Coco who was not kidding. Renata looked at her and then turned and crossed her arms. No one wanted to hear Coco scream anyway. "A-Alright...but I'm paying for my own ice cream, okay? Just keep your mouth shut!" said Renata. Coco hugged Renata in happiness, and then realized that they were ten minutes late for the meeting with Shen and Angel.

"Shit...come on, Renata. We don't have time to waste!" Coco said, while grabbing Renata's hand and continued down the stairs as they originally were.

In two minutes, they were in the cafeteria, met by an angry Shen and Angel. Kouri, and Kitsune were there waiting for them too.

Shen stood up from his seat, "What took you two so long?! We've been sitting here for almost fifteen minutes! Never mind, we're wasting time. Angel and I would like to introduce Alice. She's new to the student council." Coco and Renata stared at Alice, who was wearing the North High uniform.

"...She's so pretty..." thought Coco in awe. Renata and Coco bowed as Alice rose from her chair. Alice boldly said, " can I leave, Angel? I don't have time for these people. I have more important things to do here." Coco immediately took her thought back.

Coco said, "What? You're going to let her on even after that statement?! How dare you, Shen?! You probably let her in because of her looks." Shen shook his head, "No, Coco. She's very intelligent, and smart. She'll be our Head Representative for the council."

Renata stepped in this time, "Are you serious?!" Shen and Angel nodded. "Yep."

Alice glared at Renata and Coco. "Do you have any problems with that, you underclassmen?"

Coco and Renata nervously shook their heads, "N-no. Of course not, A-alice-senpai." Alice moved her hair off her shoulder, and turned her back towards them. Kouri and Renata swapped glances back and forth from one another. Alice then stepped in front of Kitsune. Kitsune looked up at her with a blank expression. Alice looked her over and glared straight at her, "I hate her." Kitsune glared straight back at her after the statement, and didn't say anything to her. The air around them began to get tense.

Shen then began to get nervous too, "A-alice, I think that we should be going now. Angel wanted to speak with you anyway." Shen grabbed Alice's arm and pulled her away from Kitsune. She jerked her arm away from Shen, "Don't touch me like you know me." Alice then noticed Kouri, and looked over at him. She walked over to him and grabbed his hand, "Come on, Father. Let's leave. I've gotten bored." The statement left everyone else stunned; even Kouri.

Kouri didn't have a clue what to do, but stood up anyway, "S-sure. Why not?" The two left, though Kouri gave them an unreassuring face while they were leaving. Coco, who doesn't know, asked about it. "W-why did she just call Kouri her father?" asked Coco. Angel smirked and shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know..."


"Aim higher! You almost shot me in the head!" yelled Yuri, as Hinata, Fujimaki, Ōyama, and Takamatsu were firing off their guns at straw dummies. Yuri decided that if they could in some quick moments of training, then she'd take it. At the moment, Yui, Irie, Hisako and Sekine were shooting at straw dummies as well, but farther away than the rest of them were. Shiina was off to the side meditating. Otonashi was watching as he took a sip from a water bottle he just bought.

He thought about not too long ago, they were training just like this. But at that time, they had Hatsune and Demon. Would they survive another battle with Angel again?

He sighed and tried to remember the moments when he was with his sister again, and how happy he was. His thoughts got interrupted when suddenly, a miscalculated bullet came whizzing by his head. He barely dodged as the bullet struck one of the cans in the vending machine beside Otonashi.

Seconds later, Sekine and Irie began running towards him. "We're so sorry about that! It's been awhile since I've fired my gun. It didn't hit you, did it?" asked Sekine. Otonashi shook his head, "Nah, I'm alright. Just be careful next time, okay? I really don't want a bullet in my head."

Sekine and Irie nodded, "Okay! We'll try harder next time!" Suddenly, Yuri's voice was heard, "Alright! Break time for dinner! I think tonight is Beef Udon!" There were cheers, and everybody started heading towards the cafeteria, but not before putting their guns away. Otonashi followed shortly behind, and was last at the lunch table, where everybody was already chatting and laughing. It made him wonder if all of this will be the same after the battle soon. Or even if any of them would be here.

He brushed off the subject, but he was just worried, just like the last battle. He sat quietly, eating his beef udon, and kept thinking about the subject.
The other paid no mind to him, and kept on with their jokes and conversations about so and so doing this and how funny it was and what not.

"Hey, now! Everyone, shut the hell up!" said Yuri, and everyone did as said. Yuri continued, "Tomorrow is our last day to train, and we're off to save Iwasawa, and Hidari. I want everybody to give it their best, alright?! I want no slacking off! This is very serious! If I see you sleeping, chatting, or even not giving a care about your training, I'll give you a good swift kick in the ass. Any objections? No? Good! Let's finish eating!" Everyone gave her a strange look, but slowly went back to their conversations.

Otonashi just stared into his empty plate, thinking...

"Can you hear me?"

Otonashi looked around the table. No one seemed to talking to him, even though he heard the voice. He searched for a bit more, but nothing. No one was talking to him. He ignored it, as of course and went to throw away his empty plate.

The voice came again, "You? You hear me right?"

Otonashi turned around, but the only thing near him were three girls laughing and giggling as they walked past him. "Come on, Otonashi. You're only imagining things! Get it together," he thought to himself.

"You're not imagining things. What you're hearing is real!" said the mysterious voice, which made Otonashi jump in shock. He looked around and headed back to his dorm room before speaking to the voice again. When he was alone, he began to decide whether to speak again or not.

"So, ummm, mysterious voice. Who are you?" asked Otonashi. There was no response. Otonashi thought that maybe he was becoming insane after all.

The voice then responded, "It's me, Hidari. I can only communicate through telepathy. There is much to discuss, but we must hurry before we're disconnected." Otonashi stood in shock, "Alright. Is everything okay there? Is Iwasawa alright? Is—"

Hidari responded, "Otonashi, I can only answer one question at a time. I have no idea what they are doing to Iwasawa. We've been apart this whole time. I haven't seen Iwasawa since I've arrived. Please hurry up and save me. Angel might be planning to clone me, but I can't escape because I'm trapped in a pod-like capsule with liquid flowing around me. I can't move a muscle in this liquid, but I can only blink and breathe for the time bei—I have to go. She's coming..."

And then there was nothing.

Otonashi replied, "...Hi...Hidari?" There was no answer. Hidari's voice was gone and he couldn't her anymore.

Otonashi then ran off to go tell Yuri about what had happened.

*- Iwate Galaxy Plaza is an actual ice cream shop in Tokyo, Japan

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