The Odyssey: Calypso versus Odysseus

"Calypso?" The sound of his voice made the nymph come down quickly from her imaginative safe haven to see the one man she'd been dreaming about, asking, begging, nearly dying to see her beautiful gaze on him again. Or so she thought he wanted to see her. The mischievous glint in her amber eyes sent waves upon waves of shivers down Odysseus' back, and with each jolt, he could distinctly hear the shackles rattle a bit. "Could you please step forward? I can't quite see your beautiful face in the dim lighting when you're so far away." The poor nymph couldn't help it. She squealed a bit and ran over to the "pleading" man to get in the candlelight.

"Yes, my darling future husband?" She asked politely, smoothing out her satin dress while mustering up the courage to convey another thought, especially when she would be talking to someone she thought stole her heart and she knew that she couldn't marry and have him be immortal with. She couldn't stand to be alone after being with the man of her dreams for six and a half years, and she just waited for the day that Hermes would tell her to let another handsome man like him go back out on the shaky waters, and then be stranded with some other pretty nymph, or siren, or whatever they were stranded with that they thought was prettier than her.

Every man knew the tales of the horrifying creatures, and everybody in Greece knew better than to associate with them, and Odysseus might've just sealed the deal with fate, and he wanted to turn the tables on this hideous creation that Zeus dared to place at the adventurer's sandaled feet. He would've changed his mind and get eaten by some other mythical creature than be on this particular island with this, how could we all put this, formidably unattractive beast of a womanly figure. On the contrary, her voice was something even Penelope couldn't possess because it was so enthralling to listen. She captured his heart from when he was shipwrecked onto her island and the most beautiful voice later on lolled him into the clearing where he laid eyes on the most beautiful woman that Penelope couldn't compare to. As the years rolled by, you could tell something was happening that neither of them could bear to tell each other, but they knew it was true.

They loved each other from the bottom of their hearts and they both knew it subconsciously. All Odysseus had to do was get off the blasted island, then he could find a way to get home and tell his loving wife what had happened while he was away for those long, boring years. He knew it was a rash decision to run off out of war like that, but he knew that deep inside he longed to be a rogue warrior and be off on some enchanted island, and instead got stranded with this thing. Great, another devious idea needed to get off the island. How can he survive now?