This is my 7th SR fanfic. It's actually a little fanfic short I came up with. XD

It was evening in the Inner World and the Spider Riders were doing their own thing. Hunter was playing cards with Corona, Igneous was sharpening his sword, Lumen was taking a nap and Magma was sitting down, looking bored.

"I've never been this bored in my life..." sighed Magma. "Ugh...I'm gonna take a bath..."

"A bath? Now?" asked Hunter, putting down his cards.

"Well, I have nothing better to do." replied Magma, as he headed for the stairs.

Upstairs, Sparkle was in the bathroom, sitting in a bath fiiled with soothing, warm water. She laid back and let out of long sigh. "Ahhh. This is so relaxing..." she spoke.

Unfortunately, what she didn't know is that she had forgot to lock the door. As she went to grab a loofah, Magma burst open the door. The minute the Princess saw Magma, she freaked out.

"AAAAH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" Sparkle screamed, pulling the bath curtain back as fast as she could.

"Yikes! I-I'm sorry! I had no idea you were in here!" Magma yelled, shocked to discover the young princess.

"CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TAKING A BATH HERE?! NOW GET OUT, I'D LIKE MY PRIVACY BACK!" Sparkle screamed even more. She then grabbed her loofah and tossed it, hitting Magma in the forehead.

"OUCH!" Magma yelled, falling to the floor.

"GET OUT!" Sparkle repeated. "Alright! Alright, I'm going already!" Magma yelled, getting up and rushing out the door, slamming it behind him.

Once he was outside, he panted heavily and sighed in relief. Just then, Hunter and Lumen came running. "Hey, Magma are you OK? We heard screaming." asked Hunter. "Well, I..." Magma began to speak. He wanted to explain what happened, but he thought of how embarrassing it would be.

"I just can't tell them what happened! They'll probably laugh at me!" he thought. "Is there something you want to tell us, Magma?" wondered Lumen.

"I...I...I...gotta go!" Magma stammered and began to head for his room but then was stopped by the sound of a door opening. It was Sparkle, she was in her dressing gown and holding a towel, using it to dry her hair. "Are you still here?!" she snapped at Magma.

"What's wrong, Sparkle, did something happen?" Lumen asked, wondering why she was angry. "I'll tell you what happened, that IDIOT walked in on me while I was having my "me time"! Sparkle explained angrily. Hunter and Lumen's mouths hung open "HE DID WHAT?!" they both yelled.

Magma gulped and trembled. "Darn it, I'm in big trouble!" He told himself. Lumen turned to him, giving him a stern look. "Honestly, what possessed you to do such a thing?"

"It wasn't my fault! I had no idea she was in there!" Magma protested.

"Well, no wonder you were bored." Hunter told him.

"Yes." agreed Lumen. "Maybe next time you should THINK before you interrupt a girl's bathtime, especially a princess's!"