Okay, so here's part 2 of the interviews. It includes districts 4, 5, 6, and the girl from 7. Hope you enjoy it.

(Zilla's PoV)

"And now from district four, little miss Zilla McCarthi," he announced.

As soon as I entered I felt attacked by the lights. They we're so bright. I squinted and made an attempt to smile.

"Look at the hair on this one," he commented. "How many of you have tried and failed miserably to get that color, which she has naturally?" he asked the crowd.

Several people in the audience replied things like "Me" or "I know I did."

I smiled nervously, I was not used to all of this positive attention. Where I come from, red hair is definitely not considered a good thing.

"Now tell me Zilla," Caesar asked, "How do you think I would look with red hair?"

"I think you better stick with blue," I giggled shyly.

"You're right. I do look good in it," he agreed causing the audience to roar with laughter.

"Now, you're a small girl," he pointed out, "Could one of your advantages be hiding?"

"Maybe," I replied, hoping my voice wasn't rising to a panic. Hiding was one of my only strategies, and now all the other tributes know it.

"Well either way, we can see you now, and you look adorable, as you have all week," he continued with the interview.

I slightly swished the skirt part of my dress. It was a frilly, sparkly, short pink halter-top dress, and my curly, somehow great, hair had been pulled into a bow.

"What do you think of your stylist?" he asked.

"Oh she's awesome! She's like an older sister to me," I responded happily.

"And speaking of older sisters, I believe you are one, correct?" he prompted.

"Yeah, I have two little sisters, Pomelina and Farrell. I miss them so much and I hope they're okay."

"Oh how touching," Caesar smiled genuinely, "Lots of luck to you little red. Now for Flux Maxwell."

Flux entered looking a lot more comfortable than me in his black dress pants and his unbuttoned collar shirt. Maybellina was really trying to play that sexy angle.

They talked a lot about his 9 in training. Caesar asked about what he thought of his team. Flux went a little stiff when talking about our mentor, but I could tell that he was trying to pretend that the two of them could at least tolerate each other.

"Yeah, he gives me advice," Flux said hiding a grimace; I could tell he was thinking Yeah he also flipped me onto a table and my head still hurts.

Caesar must've thought it was star-crossed lover safe since I'm three years younger than him, because he asked, "So Flux do you have a girlfriend?"

"No not yet," Flux answered, "but if I win, I'm available," he added smiling.

A bunch of teenage capitol girls started screaming, "He has to win!"

"Well it looks like you've got some fans," Caesar observed, "that should help. Flux Maxwell, let's give him a hand."

The audience cheered loudly.

"All right, now from district 5, please welcome Zofia Firth."

She was a beautiful girl with long dark hair. I think she was about a year older than me, but her black gown with thick spaghetti straps made her look even more mature.

Before Caesar could ask anything, she cut right to the chase.

"I'd like to say a few words," she spoke. "I'm not going to kill anyone because it's against my morals," she continued to rant about how much she despised the games.

"So you don't think you can win?' Caesar prompted.

"I never said that," she corrected him. "I could outlast these people. You see I have intelligence. More intelligence than the rest of the tributes combined."

I don't think she was being full of herself. Frankly, at this point, I think she was just being honest.

I'm sure she made an impression. I don't think that will help her get sponsors, but she had guts, and I admired that.

Next was the boy from her district, Wytuss Yule. He was a boy just barely less than six feet tall in an all black suit.

Him and Caesar talked mostly about capitol technology and his best skill, land mines. Electric shocks sound very painful –I made a mental note to myself to stay away from him.

After him was the girl from district 6, Lucinda Vanderbush, though I picked up that she preferred to be called Lucy. She was in what looked like a black bikini with a cape draped over it, but I didn't see the point of the cape since it was practically see through. I could tell that Maybellina wasn't the only stylist going for the sexy angle.

The tall dark girl sat down and proceeded to answering Caesar's questions with confidence and a certain shallow tone in her voice. Were all volunteers like this, I wondered. Several times during her interview she had to "fix her shoes", but it was obvious that was just her excuse to bend over and flash her D-cup tits to all of Panem. Live TV, anything can happen.

Caesar (and probably nearly every boy in Panem) wished Lucy luck, and then he welcomed, Daxon Kitt.

He wasn't wearing a shirt again, but thank God, this time he was in pants. Caesar also took note of this.

"That was quite an interesting…um…outfit you had for the opening ceremonies, but what did it have to do with transportation?" he asked.

"My theme is: Sex will take you places," Daxon replied.

Oh dear God.

"Okay then," Caesar responded looking a little confused.

As the two talked on, I contemplated his chances of winning. He had a large build and a good training score, but something about him still seemed gullible.

Willow Thorne, the girl from seven, was next. She was in a shimmery strapless gold dress that reached her knees, and her strawberry blonde hair was straightened to make it seem longer. After her interview, I couldn't see why anyone wouldn't want to sponsor her. She was confident without appearing self-absorbed. She explained some of her skills like archery, so people would know what she's good at, but she didn't tell everything, so the other tributes wouldn't know her whole strategy. She had a certain slyness about her, which made her seem really intelligent. On top of all that, she got a 10. It was easy to see that she was going to be a major contender in these games.