WARNING: The beginning of the story tells about a false god. This part of the story is not intended to insult any religious beliefs. I do not own anything off of Square Enix, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Dreamworks. Thank You.

Chapter 1:

The Beginning

When the beginning of time started, a spark of light erupted from the darkness, and created a god. That god's name was Lux. When Lux was created so was the universe, and all of the worlds. This system of worlds was called the Plures Mundos. When the Plures Mundos was made, Lux then created people. The people then started to inhabit on Plures Mundos, and grew into a kingdom that was known as Regnum. Lux felt that noone could break their strand of peace and prosperity. But after a few million years of peace, and light in the Plures Mundos, something ascended from the darkness of space.

From the darkness, came Tenebris, the god of darkness. Tenebris was a huge giant made of souls of the perished, and the damned. His breath rotted of blood, and rotten corpses. In other words, he had some serious gingivitis. He was the god of death, destruction, and despair. Hell, you could call it the 3D. Anyways, he ascended, and swallowed up most of the worlds in the Plures Mondus. Their was no chance that anyone would survive. However, Lux with his mighty power, struck him down to the abyss where he came from. His army of darkness, and death retreated to him as well. When Tenebris was defeated, he made sure that Tenebris would be held off for a long time, he made a cage of light, and he was trapped within the large world known as Mundi. There was only a certain amount of time Lux had left before he escapes the prison of light. The damage of the whole ordeal was traumatizing. Only seven out of the trillions of worlds survived the destruction.

Knowing that Tenebris would soon return, Lux created a sentry. Lux knew that the sentry needed to be smart, strong, and amazingly sexy. Maybe not the last part, but you know what I mean. The sentry was named Vigilem, the son of Lux. He had brown hair, and eyes. He had the muscles bigger then the myth "Hercules". He was smarter then Albert Einstein by billions of times. Maybe not, but whatever. The point is is that Vigilem was the chosen one to destroy Tenebris, along side with Lux. Lux then trained Vigilem, to prepare him for the battle of all ages to come. When Tenebris returned, Lux, and Vigilem fought Tenebris in an epic battle. When it felt like all hope was lost Lux, and Vigilem somehow turned the tables and defeated Tenebris. Tenebris then fell, and exploded into thousands of pieces. After the battle, all things good, and peaceful came back to the Plures Mondus.

However, when Tenebris was destroyed, his remains were spread between all of the worlds causing some of the beings in the worlds to be evil. Lux then told Vigilem to protect the worlds of all evil. Lux knew that his son had the potential to do it, but he couldn't do it alone. When all evil was destroyed, the kingdom could start creating new worlds for more people to live on. Vigilem was then assigned a quest. His job was to find 20 people, or creatures to be immortal out of the 6 worlds. Lux already knew who was to be chosen so he wrote a list of the people to get.

1. Three people that associate with the person who holds the key.

2. Three people that associate with the person who controls all the elements of the world.

3. Three people that associate with the person who can turn into something with just a watch.

4. Five people that associate with the person who found a virtual world in the real world.

5. Six people/creatures that associate with the person who made friends with the creatures they fought against.

When they were chosen, they were to be called the "Guardians of Lux" . Then, they shall too protect the worlds, and the people that live on them. Oh, and by the way, their is one more part of the story that I didn't tell you. I am Vigilem, and this is my quest to find the "Guardians of Lux".