Chapter Fourteen—Welcome to Wonderland Harry

"No…no stop…someone please…stop it…" Harry rocked back and forth, muttering quietly to himself. His hogwarts uniform was unrecognizable between the grime and rips in it, rips in the cloth from his own hands tearing at it.

A curly haired young man, no older than nineteen was walking past his cell, his companion looking just as young with a head of red hair but a much burlier build than the other. They paused at Harry's cell door, peering through the bars.

"Shoulda seen him when he got here, screamed bloody murder for weeks. Now he just mutters a lot, Craig told me that'd happen though, guess they can't scream forever." The curly haired one said, his Labrador patronus sitting patiently beside him.

Harry snapped his head up and eyeing the patronus leaped toward the front of the cell startling the two young guards so badly they almost both dropped their wands.

He reached through the bars for the patronus charms, "No…please…" He begged them as they eyed him warily.

"Come on John, I think we've done our rounds, let's get back to the office." The red haired guard muttered.

John tore his eyes away from the boy and nodded, seeming very shaken. They both began to leave, taking the light of the patronus with them. "No wait, come back! Please, I'm innocent! Please, you have to help—"

The patronus was too far away though for him anymore.

'Please not Harry, not Harry…please I'll do anything. Take me…kill me instead. Not Harry…HARRY!"

"No, please make it stop. Please someone make it stop." He began to cry again, gripping the bars and collapsing back to the ground. A dementor passed right by the door and he threw himself away from it, scrambling back into the corner madly.

"Please, please…no." He muttered, wrapping his arms around himself again and rocking back and forth until the dementor passed and his mind was able to at least quiet a little.

"Make it stop…make it stop…make it stop…"

Fingers grasped at his own hand but he hardly noticed as he rocked back and forth, trying to quiet the screaming in his head.

"James?" The voice was curious and soft, confused yet hopeful.

"Someone help her…please someone…you have to…"

"JAMES?" He heard the urgency in the call but Harry ignored it, the women would die if someone didn't help her. He had to get someone to help her.

"Please…please…please…" Harry kept muttering, surely someone would help him.


"MAKE IT STOP…MAKE IT STOP…" He had to shout over whoever was shouting, he had to be heard, he had to save her.

The red headed guard was back, standing at the entrance looking flustered. His dolphin patronus was beside him, swimming through the air.

Harry's head cleared and for a moment it was bliss. "Stop your shouting or we'll stun you again and you won't get any dinner Potter." The boy threatened, pointing his finger for emphasis although the crinkle in his forehead gave away how nervous he was.

Harry nodded listlessly. The guard began to walk away but Harry called out to him, "Please stay. Please, just for a while…"

The guard stopped, his forehead crinkling even more as he looked at the boy. He sighed deeply, "Okay…I'll leave it here for just a few minutes while I go to the office but then I'll be calling it back to me. And you better be quiet the rest of the night? No more shouting. You hear?"

Harry nodded eagerly, the guard glanced back one last time before leaving, his dolphin patronus though lingered back like he had said it would right at the bars of the cell.

Harry sat up and leaned back against his cell wall where he was in the corner by the crack in the wall.

He felt the finger tips brushing his hand and looked down for the first time observing the long skinny, dirty fingers reaching for him, squashed through the hole trying to reach his hand.

He leaned down where he could see the hole and pushed the hands back. A pair of grey eyes met him on the other side, surrounding them were quite a bit of grime and what appeared to be long, unkempt black hair. It was hard to tell with how the man's face was pressed against the crack in the wall.


Harry shook his head tiredly but the man didn't seem to understand him.

"James…I'm so sorry," he was sobbing now on the other side of the wall, Harry could hear him. He looked back at the doorway of his own cell where the dolphin patronus still was and wondered if this man could feel it's effects. Surely he could, he was right beside Harry afterall on the other side of the wall.

"James…I didn't know…I didn't know…I thought—I though he was good." The tears were leaving clear tracks behind them in the grime covering what Harry could see of the man's face.

"I'm so sorry, James please, tell me they made it James, tell me they escaped." He kept begging but Harry began to ignore him. His mind felt numb and he couldn't think, and while it was a relief from the torturous screaming and cold, it still was horrible in it's own way.

He wondered how long he had been in Azkaban, had it been hours? Days? Months? Surely it hadn't been years? He didn't know, he wasn't sure of anything but how exhausted he felt.

He was just starting to drift off into an actual peaceful sleep when the dolphin left and the cold began to seep in again. "No…please…" He began to mutter, curling his body again and rocking back in forth as the voice started to scream.

'Please not Harry, not Harry…please I'll do anything. Take me…kill me instead. Not Harry…HARRY!"

The fingers were grasping at him again through the hole. The voice which he had been ignoring he began to focus on. "James, I can help James…I can help."

Harry leaned down, lying on his stomach again so he could see through the hole and pushing the hands back. The grey eyes were still there, pressed against the wall.

"I've been here for months James, I know now…I know."

"What do you know?" Harry asked, fighting through the fog and the voices to collect his thoughts enough to be able to even word the question.

"You just have to focus…really hard on something…something else…focus James…"

Harry nodded, "I'm innocent…I'm innocent." The grey eyes didn't narrow like the guards did when he told them that. "Of course Prongs, we both are. I'm gonna kill that rat, I'm gonna rip him limb from limb. Don't worry Prongs, Mooney will help us. I bet he's fighting for us right now. I've only been here a couple days but I'm starting to get a good timing of when the guards come. I'll get us out."

Harry didn't particularly care about some rat but he kept listening to the man speak all the while repeating to himself outloud and in his mind, "I'm innocent."

'Please not Harry, not Harry…please I'll do anything. Take me…kill me instead. Not Harry…HARRY!"

"I'm innocent."

"I know James." The voice said quietly through the crack.

"I'm innocent, I'm innocent and I'm not James."

"Don't worry James, I've been here for a few hours. I'm starting to figure the guards out." He wasn't even sure if the man was talking to him anymore.

'Please not Harry, not Harry…please I'll do anything. Take me…kill me instead. Not Harry…HARRY!"

"I'm innocent and I'm not James…I'm innocent and I'm not James…I'm innocent and I'm not James…"

"It's going to be okay James."


Remus sat crumpled over his kitchen table, his head was in his hands as he sobbed bitterly. He heard the knocking at the door but he didn't bother to rise and answer it.

Minerva eventually let herself in. She looked sadly at the sight that met her when she entered the dining room. Remus drew himself up, sitting straight in his chair but not bothering to wipe away the tears.

"They won't even let me visit him. Because I'm a werewolf. I can't even go see him." He said quietly.

"You visited the ministry again?" She asked.

"The month isolation is up, he should be allowed visitors. It's the law." Remus continued ignoring her.

He stood from his chair, knocking it down and he grabbing the bowl sitting on the table and threw it against the wall where it shattered. "HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET HIM OUT WHEN I CAN'T EVEN BLOODY VISIT HIM TO SEE WHERE THE HELL THEY'RE KEEPING HIM!" He screamed, kicking the chair and breaking the supports on it.

He stood there, breathing heavily for a few moment before he sighed deeply. "I'm so sorry professor." He said bashfully as he seemed to deflate, the fury leaving behind a simply exhausted, depressed man.

"It's alright Remus." McGonagall said quietly, flicking her wand to put the chair and the dish back in order.

"If you can't visit him, one of us will. Perhaps Severus, Albus is still watching me carefully since…that night." She said, referring to the night Ginny Weasley had been taken to the chamber and everything had gone so wrong.

Remus nodded. "God I just…" He gripped the back of the chair, his knuckles turning white as a sob was caught in the back of his throat, although no more tears fell. "The thought of him sitting in one of those cells…it just…" He bit his lip turning away slightly.

"It just kills me inside. We can't leave him there much longer, I know Snape says there'll only be one chance for this, but if we wait too long what will he be? What will we be saving?" He asked desperately.

Minerva sighed, closing her eyes for a moment. "Ginny Weasley is scheduled to wake up today."

Remus nodded, "Nothing she'll say can help him. Thank god she's alright, but there's nothing she can do for Harry."

Minverva nodded, "I know. We'll figure something out Remus. Either Severus or myself will get clearance and go visit him. We won't leave him there."


It was blurry but bright, very bright. Her throat itched and felt stuffy, like there were balls of cotton stuffed down it. She swallowed but her mouth was still so dry.

Her limbs felt numb and disconnected, she blinked but there seemed to almost be a film over her eyes. Nothing was clear.

Where was she? She searched for her last memory...the darkness…where had that been? Realization came to her and seemed to freeze her lungs with ice water, she shot upright in her bed looking around frantically.

The nausea hit her almost immediately, her head swimming and the room spinning around her. Hands grasped her shoulders, gently but firmly guiding her back down.

"Easy now there, easy does it." Who talking to her? It wasn't her mother.

"Harry, save Harry, he's going to kill Harry." The hands on her shoulders tightened for a moment before softening again.

"Shh, you're very confused Ms. Wealsey. It's alright though, everything has been taken care of. You're safe dear, you parents will be here soon."

"Tom he's evil, he's evil, you have to stop him," she pleaded, why didn't this woman understand? There wasn't time to wait for her parents, she needed to get her sight back, she needed strength and they needed to act. Tom could have already killed everyone and their blood would be on her hands; her idiot hands that poured their heart to a devil in a diary. She had to save them.

There was no time to wait for her parents. She slapped at the hands trying to get them off of her, she needed to get out of the bed immediately.

"it's okay dear, you're safe. Everything is alright."

"No please, you have to stop him. Let me up. Fix my eyes and let me up! He's Voldemort, he's Voldemort, HE'S VOLEMORT, HE'S VOLDEM—" Something was stuck in her throat, choking the words out of her while she felt cool liquid trickling down into her mouth as her eyes drifted shut, away from the blurry brightness and back into the sweet embrace of unconsciousness.