Hey guys, this is just an idea I had. I was watching the production videos for Jumper earlier and someone in that mentioned the idea of Jumpers being able to time travel. So I thought "Why the hell not" and started writing this up.

If it gets liked enough, I might continue, no promises. But yeah, I'm just uploading this to see what everyone thinks. Let me know!

Let's face it: time travel is confusing.

Okay, think of time as a huge piece of fabric, which is set out in a massive circle – the end is just the beginning and all that cock and bull. Anyway, think of yourself as a needle, and your timeline is a thread that is being stitched into the fabric. The thread and needle keep going in a straight line, and that's how things generally should be. But sometimes you get the renegade needle.

Okay, that's about how far I can go before it gets confusing and all this Doctor Who crap that I really can't be assed explaining. But the thing is this:

If you master the art of time travel, you will be able to cross your own timeline.

Now, that seems pretty darn easy, right? Wrong. Crossing your timeline is actually pretty hard to do. First of all, you've got to get over the initial shock of seeing yourself – older self, younger self, whatever. You've got to get used to it, and that's not always an easy thing to do. Then, you've got to remember every single thing that future you does or take note of what they say – future you could be the one you visit, or it could be the one that appears to you.

So, for example, I'm chilling at home when Future Me shows up and tells me to go to a certain spot at a certain point in time, and then explains what's happened. Then, they take off back to their time. So I go to this certain spot at this certain time, and rescue these two idiots from the bad guys before returning myself and them – severely injured them – to regular time. I then go back in time to myself five minutes ago, and give Past Me the time and location and a quick run-down on what's going on, then return to my time and take care of the idiots.

Confused yet?

I thought you might be.

I am Rian. This is my fuckery.