Birthday of Melody.

It was a bright morning, as King Gator and Queen Melody were out swimming with their children.
They were bringing them to King Gator's parents.
Melody had met them when her mate had took her to meet them.

Both his parents nuzzled him for that he now had a mate.
And When they had their children, both of them agreed to watch over them.
King Gator smiled at his children, happily playing with their grandparents.

His mate, Queen Melody nuzzled him.
Both of them said that they would be back.
And then went into the water to be by themselves.

"Let's go to a secret place that I only know Melody." Gator said to his mate.
Melody smiled at her mate.
And both of them began to laugh as she followed King Gator.

When they were swimming, Gator looked at his mate with love in his eyes.
This made Melody hug him and the Alligator King hug her back.
King Gator then began to sing to his mate.

Look how she lights up the sky
Ma belle Evangeline
So far above me yet I
Know her heart belongs to only me

Je t'adore, je t'aime, Evangeline
You're my queen of the night
So still, so bright

That someone as beautiful as she
Could love someone like me
Love always finds a way, it's true
And I love you, Evangeline

Love is beautiful
Love is wonderful
Love is everything, do you agree?
Mais oui!

Look how she lights up the sky
I love you, Melody.

Queen Melody kissed Gator, thanking him for the song.
Gator looked on, seeing as they're there.
"Look, it's the secret place I told you about." He told her.

Melody looked at what Gator was pointing.
It was a waterfall, showering down from the cliffs.
Queen Melody wondered, what was behind the waterfall?

Gator swam to the waterfall, and looked at his mate.
"Come on, I'll show you." He told her.
Melody followed him, wondering what he wanted.

The two of them went to the side, showing a cave.
They looked around the cave, showing crystals.
Melody looked in awe at the crystals around her.

She looked happy, and nuzzled King Gator.
"This is very great! Thank you Gator." she told him.
And both of them hugged.

"I'm so glad I met you." Gator said happily.
"Me too." Melody responded.
The alligator king took crystal, so he could make a ring for Melody later.

Later, they picked up their kids.
Thanking King Gator's parents to taking care of them.
And heading back to Gator's lair.

King Gator told his servants to work on a ring for Melody, and did as they were ordered.
One of Gator's sons hopped onto his head.
He began to yawn.

Melody picked up the children to bring them to bed.
Gator was about to go to see them until one of his servants told him that it would be about a day or two for the ring to be finished.
Since he heard that, he went to their bedroom.

He layed next to Melody, telling her that she was getting a late birthday presents.
She told Gator that she didn't mind.
Thanking him for a great birthday.