Scottish crow

Cas is wound so tight that the orgasm is a relief he craves more than the pleasure that shoots through him. He's breathless, loose like broken elastic, heart still racing so fast he can feel the vibrations in his ears like someone's banging a drum in the distance.

His muscles ache, held so tense for so long as he strained and moved with Dean.

It's a relief. Relief so strong that it pushes the pleasure before it to flood every cell of his body.

The relief won't last long, but Cas finds he doesn't care. As soon as he's away from Dean the pressure will build, the need to be close to him once more indescribable.

It's destructive. Cas knows he could fall because of this. It's a weakness, one that cuts right to the bone.

He trusts Dean though, believes his lover won't let him fall, won't leave him.

Dean's a heavy weight on his shoulder, moaning softly as he breathes through his own relief.


"Hmm," the sleepy man smiles as he places a kiss to Cas's shoulder.

"Dean," Cas prods more insistent. He needs to speak with his partner. Needs to tell him the mess that's in his head.

Dean props himself up on his elbows. He looks sleepy, eyes half closed, lazy smile tipping the corners of his mouth upwards.

Cas loves the way Dean looks after sex. He's open and unguarded. For Dean who grew up always looking over his shoulder the look's rare. Cas appreciates the sentiment as well as the way Dean's eyes turn dark, the strong line of his jaw. He'd never tell the man but he's beautiful.

"What is it?"

Cas rolls his shoulders, tries to push himself further into the firm mattress and hide. It's an instinctual reaction, one he's trying to train himself out of around Dean. With Dean he doesn't need to hide.

"I don't know," Cas tells him honestly. He has no idea what he wanted to say. "I just wanted to talk with you."

Dean bends over and presses a small caress to his already kiss-pinked lips. He knows Cas is still learning too.

"I'm listening."

"I have nothing to say."

Dean laughs, but Cas knows he's not malicious, more amused and if he had to explain he'd say it was because Cas was, if Dean were to ever say the word with seriousness, cute.

"Then tell me you love me."

That's easy. "I love you."

Dean's smile splits his face. It overtakes his eyes so they crinkle at the corners like angels wings.

"I'll never get tired of hearing that."

"I am not used to saying it yet, but I feel I should be honest."

"If the truth is like that then I'll listen all night long."

Cas frowns. The air is warm in his room, the summer night retaining the heat of the day. Cas keeps his window open, like Wendy from the fairytale.

Not that he needs to.

Dean has slept at his house almost every night for two months now. The once or twice he hasn't and has instead stayed at Sam's he's needed to return anyway to get some clothes as they've all slowly but surely made their way into Cas's wardrobe.

Occasionally though, when Dean's out with Sam and Cas is alone in bed he'll think about the times Dean broke in through his window and how he's glad the window had been open.

"You should get your mail redirected here," Cas says simply, following his train of thought but out of the blue for Dean.

"Say what now?" Dean asks with a sleepy yawn.

"Last month you insisted on paying half the utilities."

"We're not... Cas we're not living together."

"Your name is on the TV subscription."

Dean opens and closes his mouth several times trying to find an argument.

"You don't have a toothbrush at Sam's anymore."

Dean lifts a finger to argue. "But, I mean... Cas that doesn't mean."

"Dr Mills sent your final report back here."

Dean drops himself down onto his front, crossing his arms under his head.

"Yeah well that's Dr Mills for you."

"Mr Singer dropped off that part the other day when you were out."

"You didn't have to accept it?"

"I wasn't in either. He left it on the doorstep."

Dean sighs and wrinkles his nose.

"Yeah well that's Bobby for you."

Cas rolls over to kiss Dean's ear. He burrows in, pushing at Dean till he lifts an arm to put round Cas's shoulders.

"Are we married as well?" he asks and Cas goes completely still. It's obvious by how Dean twitches once that he realises what he's said. It was a quick, off the cuff remark but now he's committed to what he makes into a joke. "Might as well be."

"It would be preferable for tax purposes."

Dean pushes back up again, a look of complete confused surprise on his face, as if Cas had just suggested they move to Chile to become drug lords.

"That's seriously your response to 'are we married'?"

Cas blinks. He's still too tired and loose after sex to think about the intricacies of conversation.

"It would appear so," Cas answers him as he tries to sort through what would have been a more acceptable answer.

He doubts Dean would appreciate 'yes, lets.' A reply of 'maybe someday' would probably send the man into a panic. 'Hardly,' is too much of a rebuttal for Cas to stomach.

Cas is thinking about it. Really thinking about it. When would be a good time for marriage? It was something he'd never contemplated before in his life.

"Cas?" Dean asks poking him in the solar plexus. "What's up handsome, you got that weird look on your face like you're contemplating six-coordinate manganese-three-plus in catalysis by yeast manganese superoxide dismutase."

Cas doesn't realise what's wrong with Dean's words for a moment then he recoils in shock. Dean looks sheepish but at the same time proud of himself.

"I was flicking through your magazine the other day."

"My scientific journal."

"Tomato tomato," Dean shrugs and pouts. "It's just as sexy to you as those celeb mags are to normal people."

Cas settles back down and lets himself smile at his partners weird sense of humour. "How long did it take you to memorise that?"

Dean turns aside for a moment, trying to hide the grin that's breaking out on his face. He half manages it, his mouth twisted away from Cas. He looks like a man trying not to laugh when he's just seen somebody fall over.

"About an hour. What the hell kind of word is dismutase anyway?"

"It's a redox reaction. Manganese superoxide dismutase catalyses the reaction of superoxide anions to water and hydrogen peroxide, protecting the mitochondria."

"Wasn't that in Star Wars?"

Cas decides the best answer would be to snuggle down into the sheets once more and enjoy the fact that Dean memorised some crazy journal article for him.

Dean has other ideas, he leans in close, nudging Cas with his nose.

"And before?"

"I was contemplating."

The frown that Dean adopts includes enough attitude to mark it as Winchester.


And because Cas doesn't lie to Dean he tells him, but because Cas knows him so well he doesn't explain the full truth "us."

"I like us," Dean grins and kisses him long and deep.

"I am rather partial to us too," Cas replies when his lips are finally free. "So we are living together and you should get your mail changed."

Dean can't, or won't deny that.

A/N: The article Dean quotes was the most read article on PNAS's website at the time. Dismutase was a great word, I couldn't resist

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