Full Summary:

The Stargate activates on Destiny and through it steps two people and a young dragon. They are immediately moved into a room away from the other crew members' quarters. What happens when the younger woman becomes friends with Eli? Will the reason they have come to the ship come out when the older woman disappears? And what about the ZPM's in the younger woman's possession? Is there another secret Destiny has not let its crew know?


Elder Grandmother's House:

Kla'icha was known to take matters into her own hands. Being related to one of the last living Ancients on her home planet, she knew what was expected of her. Her grandmother was the only one who knew about the Ancient Research ship called Destiny. She knew it was hundreds of thousands of years old. She knew it was solar powered. And she knew that it could also take Zero Point Modules (or ZPM's as the traders from Earth called them).

Yes, her people traded with Earth on many different occasions throughout the year. Their ancient ships and newer war ships had the capability of Hyperspace and most were equipped with Wormhole drives. The Ancients had settled in Kla'icha's home galaxy near four thousand years ago. They had seeded many different people and cultures in the galaxy so that the worlds would always be populated. But they had decided to stay on Dragontopia, planet where Dragons and humans co-existed and worked together as friends. The Ancients introduced technology on Dragontopia over the years & by the time the last few Ancients lived, Dragontopia was connected to both the Pegasus & Milky Way Galaxies and a few others in between.

Kla'icha's own grandmother was one of the last Ancients. She would Ascend soon, but not before fulfilling one last Mission. Dragontopia was known for its herbal remedies, many of which cured diseases on Earth. But what many people didn't know was that the trees within the cities orchards grew ZPM's abundantly. They were like fruit growing & when they were ready to be picked, they were taken to the Storage Area in the main city.

It was in this Storage Area that Kla'icha worked. Her grandmother had gotten her the job so she would know how to install a ZPM. There weren't many people working in the Storage, but those that did work there, knew better than to brag. And Kla'icha would always get visits from her grandmother. She was held in high esteem and was an elder among the people. She would show up unannounced many times while Kla'icha was concentrating and surprise her with lunch.


Kla'icha lived with her grandmother because her own parents had been killed in an attack by an enemy that was no more when the girl was only four. Kla'icha had been at one of the underground Hatcheries when the attack occurred. All the adults went to help fight back (which included her parents) & she was left with the newborns. After the attack ended, no one came back to the Hatchery. The baby dragons were surrounding here. They could all sense her fear & knew she needed company. Five days went by before anyone came to the Hatchery. And by that time, the newborn dragons and teen dragons had become protective of the child. It was Kla'icha's own grandmother that came to get her and even the dragons knew not to attack.

Grandmother took Kla'icha in her arms & held her for a while, before getting up to leave. The dragons followed Grandmother out of the Hatchery and into the city. They were allowed because no one was there to stop them. Grandmother took Kla'icha and the dragons to her large compound. The compound was walled in and had a medium sized house within the walls. The dragons lay down, but Grandmother took Kla'icha into the house, gave her a bath, dressed her in clean clothes and put her to bed. When Kla'icha woke the next morning, she recognized things that had been in her own home (her family's things) and knew she would never go home. Grandmother told her during breakfast that her parents had been killed. She would live with Grandmother from now on

End flashback.

She grew up listening to the stories Grandmother would tell her. The stories of the first settlement, stories of the alliance, stories of a ship so old, that it brought hope of many more galaxies just waiting to be explored. But as Kla'icha got older, she knew that Grandmother would not be with her one day.

Kla'icha was sixteen when Grandmother came to her & told her that the Elders had agreed that it was time for Grandmother to take her last journey and Kla'icha would be joining her. They would pack enough food & water, clothes and accessories, any electronic equipment necessary and six ZMP's with them. The ZPM's would be given to them in the gate room. Kla'icha would also be bringing Zen, the orphaned dragon she was caring for. She knew where they were headed.

Grandmother was the only one who knew the gate address for the ancient ship called Destiny. The ZPM's were for the ship. Word had come from Earth that people of Earth were stranded on Destiny with no way of getting home. Grandmother could restore Destiny to the condition it had been in when it was first launched. Kla'icha could install the ZPM's around the ship while Grandmother observed.

When it was time to leave, Grandmother, Kla'icha and Zen left the house, then the compound which Grandmother locked behind them and then headed towards the gate room. Zen looked a little scared but he walked behind Kla'icha as she walked next to Grandmother and they all entered the Gate Room together.

What will come next? Will the crew on Destiny understand that they were sent there for a reason? And will Grandmother be able to restore Destiny to its original condition before she ascends? More to come in chapter 2!