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Asgardian Dungeon, Asgard

Loki waited patiently in his prison cell, waited for the time to come. The Avengers foolishly believed that he was to face Asgardian justice after his attempt to invade Earth. What they didn't know is that the invasion was just a ploy.

The Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Six so called heroes who had unknowingly helped his true plan proceed. He did not care about Earth, he only wished to be king of Asgard and soon he would be.

The wall behind the god of tricks began to stir before glowing brightly and turned to ash. There was a loud metallic thump as a large figure came into the cell from the missing part of the wall. Loki smiled, his Giant escort had arrived.

The Giant was over thirty feet tall and was covered by a black cloak but Loki could still see the glint of the monster's golden skin. Loki's dealing with the earth goddess Gaea had payed off, soon he would be free, soon he would have his revenge on the Avengers.

"Did you bring it?" asked Loki as he stud up. He was tiny compared to the Giant but was not intimidated.

"Yes," grumbled the Giant. He help out his golden hand which help a container that glowed in a brilliant blue light. The light danced in Loki's eyes and he stared at his treasure. The Tesseract, an enchanted object of unlimited power.

"We must leave before Odin is alerted of our transactions, Mother Gaea wishes to begin Phase Two immediately," said the Giant. "Soon everything will change."

"Indeed, soon the world will be ours," replied Loki. And soon it would be, once everyone who stands in the way was destroyed.

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