Short chapter, but important nonetheless. -AJ

"Perry the platypus, I'm still confused," Doof scratched his head. "Why did you take me back through without the others? You seemed so concerned about them yesterday and all, but then you just leave them? Are you evil now?"

"Would you be quiet, Heinz!" Gideon spat, talking through his own voice once more. "For the last time, I am not Agent P and he is not me! I am Gideon Charles Gleeful and I need you to focus! You are going to build a second Other Dimensionator away from this one here and you're going to take me to this 'second dimension' to meet your counterpart!"

"Wait, so if you're not Perry the platypus, then what did you do with him?" Doof frowned, unwilling to get past the topic of his nemesis yet.

"Ah, just a little secret of ours," Gideon chuckled. He shook off the jolly moment and resumed his ranting. "By durnit, you will make that darn machine if it's the last thing you do, old man! I have to rule over Gravity Falls, this is no longer about just vengeance!"

"So what did you do with him again?" Doof blinked. Gideon's forehead started to turn bright red. He threw down the remote and walked over to Doof.

"If you don't build that dad-burn machine, I will do some vile things to you, do you hear me?!" Gideon shouted. Doof trembled and slowly began to work away at the inator. Huffing, Gideon walked into the kitchen and looked around for something to snack on. Hopefully ice cream. Without nuts. Norm walked in, still carrying the cookie tray.

"Ah, there you are, Perry," he sang optimistically.

"Do you mind?!" Gideon said through clenched teeth. "I just want a snack, okay!"

"Uh-oh, the platypus had been angered," Norm chortled. He lowered his cookie tray next to Gideon and waved it a little. "They're hot and fresh."

"D-do they have nuts in them?" Gideon asked, half-closing one eye.

"Nope, just chocolate chips," Norm said happily. Frowning, Gideon took one and ate it.

"I 'spose that's perdy good," he sighed. "Gimme another."

Gideon and his hatred of nuts. Tsk.