Soul kept driving through the streets as his team gave him worried glances. No one cared more about Maka then him and even he knew it, she was his world. They arrived on location in about two hours although the car ride seemed to drag on forever. The Kishin was standing there with a mist of madness surrounding him.

"Kishin Asuara!" Soul yelled "Your soul is ours!" and with that his right arm was turned into a black and red sythe. He went screaming at the man with everything he had, but was stopped when he heard someone call out his name. He turned to his team but they too were looking for the speaker.

"Soul!" This person was nowhere in sight but this time everyone knew who it was.

"Maka!" Soul yelled for his meister and the group ran frantically all over the area in search of the dirty blonde girl.

"Soul, my spirit has been sucked into the madness of the Kishin. If you defeat him we will all me freed of his madness. I think I might be able to transport to your soul to resonate but we will have to be quick, I wouldn't last long in there without my memory being completely erased. Do you think we can do it?"Maka whispered, it seemed, inside everyone's head.

"If it works for you Soul we got your back." Black*Star said from behind. Soul turned around and realized Liz, Patty, and Tsubaki were all in weapon form and Kid and Black*Star were in their fighting stances. "After all I am your God and what would a God be if he didn't help out once in a while?" Once he yelled this Black*Star erupts into laughter and Tsubaki sighed in her uncanny sword mode.

Soul nodded and fell back into his own soul. He ran into the black and red room to see Maka lying on the ground.

"Maka, what happened?" he asked as he laid her head on his lap. She looked up into his red eyes, her green ones sparkling. Her mouth twisted up into a smile.

"We need to do this quick got it?" Maka asked and then started to have a coughing fit.

"No you're not stro-" "SOUL! IF WE DON'T DO SOMETHING SOON I'M GOING TO DISAPEAR!" Soul started saying when he was cut off by Maka. "Fine ready?" she nodded. Back in the real world Soul's sythe arm turned into a multi-colored crescent with several jagged edges. "SOUL RESONANCE! KISHIN HUNTER!" Soul ran charging toward the Kishin with his arm glowing. The blade cut straight through the beast.

Soul's arm returned human and the souls the Kishin had stolen lay scattered across the battle field. Soul stood up and gave his team a thumbs up with his regularly toothy smile.