HI so I was rereading Iris by shootingstella because it's the best ever and it sparked an idea for this one-shot. What if Tate and Violet were both alive, and had dated in high school and then gone on to get married and have a family? This is just a short, fluffy, AU piece about the family Tate and Violet should have had.

I listened to Upset and Downfalls by The Ready Set while I wrote this, I think it kinda fits the story, or maybe not. It's a cute song though, so go listen to it. And I named this story after another Ready Set song, so listen to that too.

Enjoy. :)))

PS I promise to update Meet Me In The Middle this week. I respect your alls needs for the Kiolet fix.

Violet woke up to the feeling of being pushed too far to the side of the king sized bed she shared with Tate. She opened her eyes to see their youngest child, Adelaide, named for Tate's sister, sandwiched between Tate and herself. Tate's eyes were open too, and she looked at him questioningly.

Nightmare, he mouthed at her, careful to not wake Addie up. Violet shook her head. More likely she just wanted to sleep with her parents. She was 6 years old and fiercely independent, just like her mom, but also just like her mom, she needed to be taken care of sometimes, whether she'd admit it or not. Addie was different than Violet in the sense that when she needed to be taken care of, she went to her parents for love and help and affection. Neither Violet nor Tate had really ever had that option, growing up in homes with parents whose marriage had split right down the middle or with an alcoholic mother and a father who'd run off with the maid.

Their other child, Kurt, named for Kurt Cobain, was 8 and was a perfect blend of his parents. He was a little terror sometimes and had perfectly messy blonde ringlets, like his father, but had warm brown eyes, just like his mother. His demeanor was more like his grandmother Vivien's than his parents; he was loving and affectionate and musically talented, which made him grandma's little boy. When Kurt was 5 and Vivien was over, she'd brought her cello to play for him and in the way of all children, he'd asked to see it. she'd handed it to him and his eye slit up when his fingers touched the strings. The very next day, he'd asked Tate if he could learn to play cello. When Vivien called later that week, Tate mentioned to her and she immediately offered to teach him, and had been giving Kurt lessons twice a week ever since.

Addie sighed in her sleep and Violet pecked her on the forehead and rolled herself out of bed, stretching like a cat as she did so. Tate swung his feet over the edge and cracked his knuckles, groaning happily at his muscles stretching out. He was just as muscular and perfect as he'd been when they'd first met, his body toned and lean from track, but as he'd gotten older, his shoulders broadened and he'd become that perfect blend of muscle and slim-ness. After 15 years of being together, he still made Violet's heart race. When she was younger, living in Boston, especially right after her mother's miscarriage, she never thought she'd have THIS. Two beautiful kids with a beautiful husband living in beautiful Los Angeles.

When Violet's family moved to LA, she thought she'd never be happy here. She wasn't really happy in Boston, but at least on the East Coast people weren't fake and orange and so full of bullshit that Violet was surprised that they could eat anything (not that many girls here did). Westfield High had been a shithole; she'd been tormented mercilessly by that bitch Leah and she'd been an outcast since the day she set foot inside. But then she'd met Tate, and they'd bonded over Keats and Cobain and self-harm stories. He was different and she was different and since they day they met, they'd been different together. After Tate graduated, he went to UCLA for two years to be close to Violet and when she graduated two years later, they went to Harvard together, him for two years and her for four. They lived in Boston for six years total, and then moved back to LA. As much as the couple had hated it as teens, they missed the sun and sandy beaches and Violet's family. So they moved back out west, got engaged on the very same stretch of beach where there first date had been and married a year later at the ages of 22 and 24. The ceremony was small, mostly Violet's family and a few friends. A year after their marriage, Violet gave birth to Kurt Benjamin Langdon, who was their perfect son. Two years after Kurt's birth, Adelaide Mary Langdon was born, beautiful just like her namesake. And since then, Violet and Tate's lives had been a whirlwind of taking care of their precious babies, going on dates like they used to and spending time with their families. Tate's sister Addie came to dinner every Sunday, and the kids adored her. She was the best aunt they could ask for. And their grandparents Ben and Vivien absolutely spoiled them, bringing them gifts at least once a week. Their Uncle Jackson, Violet's 15 year old brother, came over at least once a week, bringing his girlfriend Tanya over with him, and the two of them would take Addie and Kurt out for ice cream or pizza or something unhealthy. Violet hoped they stayed together like her and Tate had, they'd make wonderful parents one day.

Violet walked over to Tate and pecked him on the cheek.

"What should we do for breakfast? It's Saturday, do you think they wanna go out for pancakes or something?" she questioned.

"That depends on if Addie is awake by then" he chuckled. "You know how she sleeps."

Violet laughed, "well we'll just have to wake her up then." She winked at her husband. Tate, always knowing what Violet was thinking, grinned and growled playfully, lunging to tickle Addie on the stomach.

"Daddy daddy stooooop, I'm awake!" she squealed. Tate blew a raspberry on her tummy and she giggled loudly, drawing a sleepy looking Kurt to the room. He looked around dazedly and Violet drew him into her arms.

"Morning sweetie" she said, kissing him on the top of his head. He grunted in response, still half asleep, and Tate grabbed Violet around the waist, pulling her and Kurt onto the bed with him and Addie.

Violet laughed loudly, and Tate grinned. He'd do anything to make her laugh, smile, to make her happy, and she for him. Laying in bed, under her son, next to her husband and daughter, Violet realized something. She had wonderful children, who had wonderful aunts and uncles and grandparents, and she had a perfect husband who she'd loved for 16 years, and would continue to love forever. Violet grinned to herself, because she finally knew what heaven was like.

I hope this made you smile. It made me smile, even if it can't actually happen in Violate's universe. I promise to write the next chapter of Meet Me by Wednesday.

Kisses for you all.