Hopkins was bored. His English teacher, Mr. Keating, had lined the class up outside and was forcing them to read poetry and kick soccer balls. It didn't make much sense to Hopkins, but then, he wasn't putting much thought into the matter.

For some reason, Mr. Keating started playing some music on an old record player. The boy in front of Hopkins seemed to be confused, until the teacher encouraged him, "Come on, Meeks! Listen to the music."

"To dance, clap hands, exalt, shout, skip, roll on, float on." Then the boy kicked the soccer ball, sending it soaring across the schoolyard.

It was Hopkins' turn next. "Oh, to have life henceforth the poem of new joys," he said flatly, voice void of any emotion. Crumpling the paper, Hopkins tapped the soccer ball with the edge of his foot. It rolled forward a few pitiful metres before slowing to a halt. Mr. Keating didn't look overly impressed, but Hopkins didn't give a damn. He'd completed the task set out before him, and that was all that mattered.

As Hopkins walked away, he could hear Mr. Keating say, "Oh! Boo! Come on, Charlie, let it fill your soul!"

Charlie roared, "To indeed be a god!"

To be a god indeed. That was Charlie's purpose in life; it was what he dreamt, breathed and yearned for. He wanted to really live life, to the fullest capacity.

As the next few boys in line read their lines of poetry and kicked the soccer balls, Charlie jogged over to Hopkins.

"New joys?" mocked Charlie.

Hopkins rolled his eyes, "Lay off, Charlie, you know poetry isn't my thing."

"Nothing's your thing."

Hopkins glared at Charlie. "Fine, I know that I'm not, you know.. seizing the day and all that, but to be honest, I don't even think I want to."

"Then what's the point?"

"The point?"

"Yeah. What's the point of living?"

Hopkins was silent.

"You gotta do more. Gotta be more," Charlie said rather theatrically. "Be a god, Hopkins. Be a damn god!"

"I'll pass thanks."

"Come on, Hopkins. Don't you get anything?"

Sighting, Hopkins strode away, back towards the rest of his classmates. He didn't want to listen to anymore of Charlie's rubbish.

"Just coz you're alive doesn't mean you're living," shouted Charlie as Hopkins walked away.