Hey there people, I decided since I have SO much time on my hands – I decided *drumroll* TO MAKE A DIGIMON FAN-FIC~! *Gets rocks and fruit thrown at her*

C-calm down please! As the author of this blighted piece of horrid fan fiction, I (attempt to) promise that –

1-That my OC shall not, nor ever be a Mary-sue/rehash of the existing characters

2- That my OC shall not hog the glory/attention of all the characters (unless it's her lime-light time/episode), be invulnerable to tricks, plot-devices, and betrayals/hypnotism, nor be able to see past the story plot. She shall also not being able to read the characters minds or have her Digimon be some super-special-awesome type that's all knowing and can delete everything in it's path, nor have two Digimon partners

And 3-That this story will (attempt) to follow the anime as closely as possible, with some of my own unique changes (Cause I haven't watched the show in years, so my memory's kind of iffy). Plus, since I've only watched the English dub, it won't follow anything in the Japanese version except some stuff I found on the Digimon Wiki(Sorry.)

Also, since I couldn't find any useable Digimon from the wiki (Because I didn't want to use one that already had partner in the anime series already or was just a recolor of one used in the first season), I decided to make up my own.

Now then – LET'S GO DIGIMON! *Shot in the face*

Hibiki Migawa officially hated her big sister

Not that it was completely Kino fault that Hibiki was going to summer camp alone, surrounded by bugs and people she barely knew, or would be willing to interact with her.

Stupid Kino getting her leg broken 3 days before they had to leave; she jus HAD to go running out into the street to play soccer with the big kids, try and show off, and end hurting herself when she got shoved into the street lamp - she's lucky she only broke a leg; she could have gotten her skull cracked open for pete's sake! Then who would Hibiki complain to when the kids in the class teased her or left her out of their in their little clique games, or about to herself even.

"This sucks…" She mumbled as she crossed her arms and sunk further into her car seat, her long, knobby legs brushing up against the dashboard.

Her mother, who had just finished chatting with her boss on her cell (An action which Hibiki's warnings of legality fell deaf on), gave her daughter an amused look as she raised an eyebrow.

"We're not even there yet and you're already complaining?" the red-head woman teased, earning a small "Humph" from the girl in return as she sunk farther into the seat's leather lining, "You really need to lighten up, it only summer camp – not prison."

"Might as well be, " she said, playing with a piece of her tangled hair as she stared out the car window, "I barely know anyone there, there're bugs everywhere, poison ivy, water," and I'm probably going to end up spending the entire time alone in my cabin! "Why can't I stay home with you and Kino?"

"Because the camp doesn't give refunds," The woman deadpanned as they rounded a corner "And Kino wanted you to go and have fun; you know she would have hated herself if she knew you stayed behind for her sake."

Of course she would, she thought Cause she's so noble and caring and pretty and smart and doesn't freak out boys when she stands up and they realize she really is a girl and-

"Besides," Her mother added, cutting her mental put-downs short "You're not going to be completely alone – That girl Minori from your class is going to be at the same camp right?"

"Yeah" The young girl mumbled,

"See, that's one friend right there!"

Hibiki groaned as she resisted the urge to say 'We're not friends'; they did one little class assignment together, and somehow it got into everyone's heads that they were BFFs. They barely said two words to each other since the start of the school year; but suddenly, after one little stupid project, everyone decided that they had to spend every waking minute together, Minori included. Everyday, it was lunch dates and shopping spree invitations and poor Hibiki having to hide in the library to escape.

And had her sister not been so nosy and do-goody, she would have declined every single offer the persistent girl made and simple avoided her till she moved away. Or graduated. Or both – she was willing to be patient.

Didn't really help that her mom acted pretty pushy about it either

Plus, being friends would require both of them to be willing mutual participates in the relationships. Hibiki was unwilling, so this was more of a, oh what's the word…"Stalker/Hostage" relationship.

Guess who the hostage was

Then at long last, after what seemed like forever, they finally made it to Hibiki's Hel-err, the summer camp. As the two of the stepped out of the car, Hibiki's mother headed to the back to get her luggage out of the trunk while the girl pulled up her backpack and smoothed out her shot-alls as she looked around; Nearly thousands of kids were piling out of vans and buses and heading straight for a nearby man on a box shouting through a megaphone for them to come by, while some where still at the entrance, waving their parents goodbye or crying for them not to leave them here.

It was times like this that made her wish for a natural disaster. Nothing big – A tornado maybe, or even a small earthquake; Just so long as it got her out of here

Her mother came up next to her and gave her the luggage before she began fussing over the girl's hair, suddenly pulling out two white scrunchies from her suit pocket.

Hibiki never really saw a point as to why her mother did this; Her hair was a messy, tangled, untamed jungle of coal-black that not even rats would nest in (you wouldn't believe the morning battles she has to go through just to make un-presentable) that nothing could keep pressed down. Even straightners didn't work. They had tried using hair clips a few years back; which ended with Hibiki sitting in a check-up room, bawling her poor, droopy little eyes out as the doctor (The barber was a useless idiot who didn't know shampoo from relaxer) was forced to cut out chunks of her inhospitable curls because they couldn't pull them out. Her sister was so lucky she was born with their mother's hair – a gorgeous, soft, amber-tinted sanctuary to any animal who wanted to sleep on her head. Of course, Kino let hers grow out while their mother cut hers' short for work; gotta look good for the camera where you're busy telling almost all of Tokyo if tomorrow's a good day for a beach trip.

As her mother began yanking some of Hibiki's hair through the first scrunchy, she started up what would, unbeknownst to both of them, be the final normal conversation she would ever have with her daughter

"Remember to write back home at the end of each week."

"Yes Mom."

"And wear bug-spray if you guys go hiking"

"Sure Mom"

"And you can talk to the councilor if your having problems or need to call home."
"Okay Mom."

"And don't forget to wear your sunscreen."

"Yeah Mom."

"And tell them that you can't swim in case they have you go swimming or canoeing or whatever water-base stuff they might have you guys doing; remember, there's no shame in having to skip out."

"Right Mom"

"And try and make some friends – I don't want to hear about you cooping yourself up in your cabin reading books all day!"

Hibiki was silent for a moment "…Fine mom."

Her mother looked ready to continue when the girl held up her hand, a tiny but forced smile on her face "Mom, I'll be fine, and I'll try and be friendly. Like you said; it's only summer camp – not prison"

The red-haired woman blinked a few times, then laughed "Right, right – of course." She giggled, then pulled the last of Hibiki's hair into the other scrunchy and stood, patting away dust on her suit pant's legs "There, finished!"

Hibiki went to the car and stared at her reflection in the rear-view mirror - her curled, messy hair was now tied into two low pigtails with white scrunchies. She pulled at one of the strands; the way the hairs were arranged made her think of wilds snakes attempting to snap at her face and anything nearby – but it was bit nice looking. Hibiki gave a tiny, secret smile

"This really isn't much of a difference you know; I still look like freaky weirdo." She murmured, jolting when her mother gave her a sudden hard slap on the back.

"Nonsense – you're cute as a button!" the woman teased as she gave her daughter a cheeky grin and patted her head, then looked towards the entrance – the children had entered where following the man with the megaphone "Better hurry and catch up."

Hibiki nodded "Right," then gave her mother a quick hug and a kiss and ran off to catch up with the other kids "Bye mom, love you."

Her mother smiled and waved "Bye sweetie, try and have fun!" and headed back for the car.

Hibiki managed to catch up with the group. They had stopped front of the cabins and began reading off everyone's names. The one's whose names were called immediately shouted "here" while a few other started tiny little conversations with themselves. When her name was called, she gave a small, but firm "Here", and the councilor continued on by reading off the next name. She let out a breath she didn't even realize she was holding. She took a quick look around – everyone was still chatting with friends or giddily waiting for their names to be called; maybe things weren't going to be that bad.

…Is was she thought until she heard an eerily familiar giddy voice.


The tall brunette instantly froze in fear and slowly turned around, frightened grey meeting tenacious Purple

"U-uh, Hey there Minori"

Minori immediately ran over, pulling the poor, gangly girl into a nice, tight hug, assaulting the brunette's vision with orange hair as she felt almost all the air in her lungs get pushed out "Yay, It's so good to see you! I didn't think you we're gonna show! How've you been? I heard Kino broke her leg playing soccer, is she OK? I was so worried you weren't gonna show and I'd get stuck with the nerds! Do you think we're going to be in the same cabin? Squee, it's so fab you're here!"

Hibiki's eyes began darting around wildly as she awkwardly hugged back "G-good to see you too Minori…" It's not that bad; it's just Minori talking to you. Yes, she managed to find you with her evil, stalker powers, but things are still good – it can't get any worse.

Then they were assigned into their cabin groups

"Cabin 7 - Taichi Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi, Yamato Ishida, Koushiro Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa, Takeru Takaishi, Joe Kido, Minori Fujihara and Hibiki Migawa!"


The second her name left his lips, Hibiki heard a loud, horrifyingly squeal of joy and was immediately tackled to the ground. Her vision was assaulted with pinks and reds and orange while her spine was being slowly crushed by the suffocation hug.

"Did you here that Hibiki, we're gonna be cabin buddies! I can't believe it; this is going to be so much fun! SQUEEE~"

Hibiki felt her eyes twitched as she heard the giggling of the other children and attempted to discretely pry the unwanted pink-clad girl away from her and regain control of her breathing, her cloud grey orbs twitching irritably as she forced a smile

"Yeah, great…"

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