[7 days ago]

Kanade Migawa fluffed her short bob a few times before the camera man signaled her that they were about to switch on to her. Clearing her throat, she waited patiently for Sanae and Akito to finish their report

"We still aren't sure how many survivors there are from the flood in Iran yesterday nor the fate of our correspondents covering the protest going on when it occurred, but as of now, us and the victims' families are still awaiting response from the rescuers." Sanae finished somberly, then let Akito take over

"And now let's check with Kanade on today's weather! Kanade?"

Right on queue, Kanade gave her brightest smile as she moved across the room and pointed out the weather map shown on the green screen.

"Thanks Sanae and Akito! As you know, we've been experiencing some strange weather patterns as of late, particularly the sudden cold front that's hit Tokyo last week and the heat wave in Santo that's been causing the current drought in the farmlands. However it looks like it might lighten up a bit, so don't think about throwing out those bathing suits out yet ladies," she laughed, then moved next to the screen as it changed to the week's weather report, "Now for today's weather report! Seems like we're in for another cold, but sunny day, though things maybe warming up soon. Temperatures will start out in the low 40s before rising somewhere around 70 and 80 throughout the rest of the day, and similar conditions throughout the week…"

[August 1, 1999]

Space – the final frontier. As the earth comes into view, we close in and get to view various cities and countries experiencing what seems like a weather crisis. An American city goes through what looks like a sweltering heatwave while the citizens search for shade; Middle Easterners run in a panic as their city streets get swallowed up by sudden torrents of water; Mayflies float around a dried out wetland as the residents look on in shock; and villagers in the countryside run back and forth between their homes and their fields - which have begun freezing over and wilting.

That's home. Planet Earth. But I'm not sure that's where I am right now. Let me back up a little – It all began when the climate went out of control; the rain forest dried out, and other places got totally flooded with oceans like chocolate sauce. And get this, cities that are usually blazing hot during the summer got super cold.

And where was I for all this? Well, I was at summer camp.

Then a campsite filled with happy children appears, and our focus is soon shifted to a young, brunette boy dressed in blue with goggles on his head sleeping in a tree as the sun shines over head

All of the other campers were, you know, goofing off and hanging out. As for Me, I was enjoying the summer sun and, uh, going over my multiplication tables. That is until it started to snow, in the middle of July! Totally freaky.

Suddenly, despite the sun still blaring, drops of snow soon begin to fall from the sky

And it gets weirder; you won't believe what happened to me and 8 other kids

A big, cold flake hits the sleeping boy's face, alerting him from his slumber as he stares at the sudden weather change-

Oh, by the way, my name's Tai.

A girl with orange hair, wearing a blue hat and yellow shirt looks upward as the snow catches her attention-

This is Sora, she's okay... for a girl.

A blonde boy dressed in a green sleeveless sweater is standing around cooly when the sudden snow surprises him-

And Matt— He's too cool, just look at that haircut.

A red-headed boy dressed in an orange button up shirt and cargo pants was typing away on a yellow laptop when a flake drops down in front of him-

And this little kid is Izzy, He should have gone to computer camp.

A brunette girl dressed in a red dress and shawl wearing a pink cowboy hat looks up with glee at the snowfall-

That's Mimi I'll bet you can guess her favorite color on the first try!

A little blonde boy dressed in a teal and tan hoodie and green cap was playing in the grass when the sudden wintry spectacle stops him-

TK is Matt's dopey little brother.

A young, black haired girl in a striped shirt and dungarees was writing in a notebook when a few bits of powder fell on the page and made her look up-

Over there's Hibiki, she doesn't talk much - but when she does...

A tall, blue haired boy wearing prep clothes and carrying a huge bag was walking up some stone steps when he too notices the flakes of powder falling down-

Oh, and this is Joe, but don't ever scare him; he'd probably wet his pants!

Suddenly, the drizzle of snow grew into a flurry, forcing the councilors and campers to take shelter in their cabins and tents as it turned into a full on blizzard that raged for a good hour or so.

So anyways, there we all were at camp when a huge blizzard came out of nowhere!

All the children sat on the bunks or near the windows, watching snow pelt their cabin while grumbling how the unexpected weather change had ruin their morning fun and would most like mess up whatever outdoor activities the camp have planned for the week.

"What happened?"

"Why'd it start snowing all of a sudden?"

"Didn't the people on the radio and TV say it was going to be sunny?"

"Are we not going canoeing now?"

"This sucks - I wanna go home!"

Needless to say – Canoe races were cancelled…

Once the blizzard stopped, Tai poked his head out of the cabin and stared amazed out at the newly formed wonderland the snow had created as a grin formed on his face

"So much for that canoe trip the councilor promise..." Sora mumbled behind him, and Tai turned back to her, still smiling

"So let's have toboggan races instead!" he cheered, and raced out of the cabin, each of the others following suit as they looked outside.

"I'm going to build the biggest snowman!" TK shouted, nearly jumping down the steps as he ran through the snow

His older brother Matt chased after him with concern, "Hey TK be careful! Slow down!"

Sora left next, rubbing her arms as the chill hit her, "Brr, it's freezing and I didn't bring a jacket."

"Man, I was worried I'd catch a summer cold but this is even worse," Joe whined as he too stepped out, giving a worried glance as he saw the entire campsite draped in white

And then soon Mimi was outside, looking around in joyful glee as she saw the beautiful landscape the snowfall created, "Wow! Why didn't I pack my fluffy pink snow boots?"

Hibiki was the last out, giving a sigh of exasperation as she tentatively stepped outside, "You've got to be kidding me! So much for mom's "All day Sunshine" guarantee…"

The only ones who remained inside where Minori, a orange-haired girl dressed in pink, and Izzy; the former searching for her camera to document the event of the sudden snowstorm while the latter was attempting to get a network connection running through his laptop

"It's still not working," he muttered, staring at the frozen screen, " I think the snow's messing up my reception."

Minori didn't respond as she was humming blissfully while digging through her bag, throwing articles of clothing and trinkets about until she finally pulled out her prize – a shiny, black camera

"Found it!" she said, and rushed out to join the others. "Alright, everybody hold still, I wanna take a group photo!"

However, as they ventured farther outside, the sky suddenly lit up, and a beautiful aurora lined the horizon as the children stared up mystified at the sudden spectral Phenomenon

"Hey what's-your-name - Izzy!" Tai called, never taking his eyes off the unexpected light show, "You gotta come out here and see this!"

Izzy came out as quickly as Tai had called and followed the others gazes into the sky, face mimicking their looks of shock

"It's beautiful," Mimi mused, "magical even".

Everyone simply nodded in agreement

"Yeah," Izzy started, startled and confused. "But what is it?"

"Maybe an Aurora?" Sora guessed

"You mean like Aurora Borealis - the Northern lights?" He raised a brow and looked back up at the sky "That's impossible; You can only see that in Alaska, and we're too far south."

"Tell that to the snow." Hibiki mumbled, shielding her eyes as she gazed at the colorful lights above with the others

Joe couldn't help but let out a anxious whimper, "Maybe we should go back inside, you know, before we all catch pneumonia."

"And miss this," Matt said, eyes glued to the heavenly marvel "The sky's, like, short circuiting."

"He's right's – this is totally rad! There's no way I'm missing this!" Minori gushed as she snapped a quick photo – or at least tried to; "That's strange, my camera's not working…"

"Do you think we'll need sunscreen?" Mimi asked

"I think "Snowscreen" would be more appropriate." Hibiki mumbled, rubbing her arms as she felt her legs freeze "or a parka and sweatpants."

Just then, what sounded like storm clouds rumbled through the air as a green hole formed in the sky.

"What is that?" Tai asked, immediately getting his answer as it shot out 8 lights that streamed towards them. Screams of terror erupted from their young lungs as the all tried ducking for cover while each beam crashed down to the earth in front of them, covering the children head to toe in dust and snow.

"Is everyone okay?" Sora called as she brushed off the frozen powder and stood, receiving a shaky reply from the others as they did the same.

"We're still here"

"Not really, but could be worse."

"That was scary!"

"Were those meteors?" Izzy asked as he knelt down to inspect the spot of impact, jumping back with the rest as light shot out from within the eight holes. Within them were little strange-looking devices, wrapped in a blue aura, that floated up in front of the 9 bewildered youths.

"Okay, not meteors."

Tai stared at the device with astonishment as he carefully plucked it from the air, the others followed his example as they examined them. They weren't sure what they were, but they looked odd; a slate blue gizmo with three equally small buttons (Two to the left and one to the right) and a tiny black antenna poking on on the upper left, odd writing circling the small blank screen.

"What are these?" Sora wondered, earning a wordy explanation from Izzy in return:

"My guess is some sort of remote digital apparatus."

"…Is that science for "A thing" ?" Hibiki deadpanned questioningly, tapping the small object's screen a few times

Minori's eyes sparkled as she stared over Hibiki's shoulder at the device in her hand, causing the other girl to flinch. "This is too cool! Wish I had gotten one! You're so lucky Hibiki! Hold on, I'm gonna fix my camera and take a whole load of pictures of this!"

"Oh, could you take mine too!" Mimi asked, putting herself into a cute pose when Minori nodded "Just make sure you get my good side, okay."

"Does anyone know if these come with instructions?" Matt asked, going over to TK to get him to stop wildly shaking his.

Sadly, no one got a chance to answer as, to add to the day's weirdness, a giant green tidal wave came into view out of nowhere as it towered over them.

"No time for that – Surfs up!"

Hibiki's eyes widened as she stared at the approaching wave in horror, "Wait, I don't know how to swim!"

And before you could say "Cowabunga!", Hibiki felt herself getting lifted off the ground as the wave opened up and swallowed her, Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, and TK whole.

The last thing anyone remembered hearing where their screams and Mimi shouting something about cheerleading camp.

Minori stood there in the snow, wide-eyed and frightened as she dropped her camera. The screen finally flashed on as the Aurora and the wave disappeared from her sight, taking a picture of the ground instead.



Hibiki moaned and her eyes fluttered slightly, body throbbing as her consciousness gradually returned

Ugh...what hit me?

When the last spots finally danced away from her vision, a concerned high pitched voice called out to her.

"Are you okay Hibiki?"

The pale girl rubbed her head as she tried to sit up, "Yeah, I think so."

"That's good," it said, sounding quite relieved, "You weren't moving and I thought you were dead!"

"Me too..." she mumbled, and looked around to try and get her bearings. The lack of familiarity with the area let her quickly realize she was in the middle of some freaky looking forrest, giving a nervous chuckle as strange sounds emitted all around her from the canopy of large pastel colored trees, "Well, this is definitely not camp."

"Don't you worry about a thing Hibiki, I'm gonna take good care of you and protect you and help you and-"

She quickly cut the voice off and waved a dismissive hand "That's nice and all, But I don't really need you to…"

In midst of her sentence, Hibiki realized something – she was alone, lost, and had no idea where she was. She was separated from the other campers who had gotten sucked up, and possibly miles away from any semblance of civilization or humanity.

So…who was she talking to?

Frightened, Hibiki wildly looked around to locate where the voice was coming from, but saw nothing but trees, trees, and trees. The feelings of dread quickly increased when the idea of conversation partner not having a physical body crossed her mind.

"I'm down here!"

With eyes twitching, Hibiki stiffly turned her head and looked down – and there, sitting in front of her, was a little black and grey creature that looked like someone had tried to mutate a teddy bear head and mate it with one of those Manatee plushies her sister's friend bought her last year.

The thing's wide, piercing violet eyes stared back at the poor girl, fangs glistening as it suddenly jumped straight into the air and into her lap, snuggling against her stomach as it purred

"Oh Hibiki, I'm so glad your okay~!"

Hibiki blinked a few times, dumbstruck at the small tiny creature, at the weird forrest she had ended up in, at the tidal wave that dropped her off here, at the odd devices that fell from the sky, at everything that had just happened to her in such a short amount of time.


And then…started screaming. Flinging it off her lap, she quickly stood and ran straight into the thicket of trees, screeching at the top of her lungs as the monster bounced after her

"Hibiki, wait for me!"

Hibiki ran and ran, getting slapped by tree branches and nearly tripping over roots as the creature kept in hot pursuit of her. She didn't know how long or far she had been running, but it was enough that her legs started burning, her chest started aching, her eyes began watering, and her brain began scrambling as she tried to escape.

Finally, she felt she couldn't run anymore and was forced to stop to catch her breath, but she could hear the thing was getting closer, moving faster. So she defaulted to plan 2 – hide. Finding the biggest tree she could, Hibiki quickly got behind it as soon as the creature arrived, and waited for whatever that mutant-plushy from heck was to leave. But it refused to do it even that, so Hibiki exhaustively moved around the tree as it tried to circle around towards her. It eventually gave up after a few more rounds around the trunk, and stared at the frightened brunette with sad, purple eyes as they began to moisten.

"Hibiki, why are you running away from me?" it asked, looking quite hurt as the girl remained shaking in her hiding spot, peaking out slightly.

"Sorry, but where I come from, when you get sucked up onto tidal waves and weird monster-mutant…things start talking to you, running for the hills is priority step one!" She wheezed; cringing as it tried to get closer and ducked back.

The two remained in a stand-off, Hibiki standing behind her tree while the creature stood in front of it looking ready to cry.

After another minute had past, she peaked out at it again, and the tiny drops that beaded in its eyes started falling


Hibiki stared at the scene with doubtful surprise and a tiny smidgen of guilt. Terrifying as the creature was, she hadn't meant to make it cry, and she might (might being the operative word here) have possibly overreacted what with all the crazy stuff that just happened.


She shifted slightly to get ready to confront it, then caught at the rows of sharp, flesh-tearing teeth and pointed canines exposed due to its wailing, and slammed herself back against the trunk.

How could she not freak out? It was so scary looking and just...it! Just what was she suppose to do anyways? Offer it milk and cookies?!

It began balling harder, eyes growing red and puffy from overuse. After what seemed like forever, guilt ultimately won over fear.

Well, it doesn't look too harmless, she thought, but remained on guard as she slowly left the safety of the tree.

The second it saw Hibiki leave her hiding place, the tears suddenly stop flowing and it brightened up. It began bouncing up and down happily and went towards Hibiki, who held up a hand to halt it while stepping back.

"J-just what the heck are you anyway?" She asked, causing the tiny thing to blink.

"I'm your partner, silly!" it cried indignantly, continuing to bounce towards her, to which she responded with another flinch backwards "I'm Purumon, and so long as I'm around, you don't need to run."

Puru...mon? Despite her (self assured) well-warranted fear, Hibiki couldn't help but let her eyes twitch as she remained rooted where she stood, "Yeah right, and Typhoid Mary just had a really bad cold."

"It's true!" it chirped, and before Hibiki could react it leaped forward, forcing her to catch it in her arms as it snuggled into her chest "As your partner and new bestest friend, I gonna make it my job to make you safe! So don't worry, cause nothing in the Digiworld's gonna hurt you while I'm around~!"

Hibiki blinked a few times before she, in spite herself again, let out a snort of amusement. The thing went from happy to crying to happy again in three seconds flat without warning, it was almost like a little kid - if little kids were small and had sharp teeth.

The little gal's almost as bad as Minori "Well, lucky me then." She sighed, and patted the creature on the head, realizing that she (the voice was pretty feminine, so she was just assuming) was really soft.

"Well then Purumon, I accept your offer of protection - for the moment."

Purumon gave a happy chirp of approval and snuggled into her even more, causing her chest to tickle.

Suddenly, voices rose from a cluster of plants up ahead, causing Hibiki to shudder and Purumon narrowed her eyes as she hopped out of Hibiki's arms and making a loud battle cry

"Hey, waitamin-"

"CCCHAAAAARRRGGEE!" and without so much as a "seeya", Purumon went after the sound.

Yep, definably as bad as Minori... Hibiki gave a defeated groan and gave chase, "Hey hold it, you can't be protecting me if you run off like that!"

Pushing through leaves and branches, Hibiki stumbled through the dense forrest for the second time, finding it much more easier since she wasn't running away from anything like last time. Eventually, she finally caught up to Purumon and found out – with some relief – that she wasn't as alone as she thought.

"Hey, it's Hibiki!" Tai said as he dodged Purumon haphazard tackle, while the girl simply gave him and the others a small wave before she walked over and picked the small creature up.

"Calm down, they're friends." she said, then turned to the other children before mumbling "Sorry about that, seems I got I real spitfire here."

She gave the small creature an very annoyed look, "Go on, say you're sorry."

Purumon responded with equally annoyed pout.

"Come on."

Eventually, the pout faltered and she quietly murmured "I, Purumon, am very sorry for attacking you. Please accept my humblest apologies."

Giving another sigh and looking around, Hibiki set her new "friend" down and suddenly realized that each of the others had a strange creature with them too – there was a round, pink one with long antennae, a second pink one with a blue flower growing out of it's head, a small, white rabbit-like one, an orange horned one, and (you guessed it) another pink one that was rather gelatinous-looking and made Hibiki suddenly think of Pacman, "So, you guys going to introduce me to your new friends or not."

All of a sudden, a panicked cry perpetrated the area


The kids turned as out of nowhere Joe came bursting through a bush, screaming like a mad man as he was chased by… another strange creature, which looked like a brown baby seal with a tuft of orange hair on its head

I'm starting to notice a pattern here... Hibiki mused as Joe came to a stop and started blubbering about the creature as it clung to his shoulder and introduced itself as "Bukamon". Seeing the others remain unaffected at the sight, he asked why no one was paying it any attention until he finally noticed the other creatures too.

"T-there everywhere," He sputtered, staring at them with a mixture of fear and shock, "What are they!"

"We're…" the brown one said, floating down with the others as they cheered in unison


The group stared at them for a while, unblinking, until Tai asked, "Digital monsters?"

"Yes, Digimon!"

Meanwhile, Hibiki walked over to Sora and carefully tapped her on the shoulder, "Um, could you tell me who those first five are? I'm kind of behind on introductions."

The orange haired girl nodded as she pointed out and named each creature as they introduced themselves.

"We're not just digital monsters though; we're much more than that!" the pink antennae one (who Hibiki now knew as Koromon) shouted as he bounced around for the group, "We're - kinda cute!"

"And, very loyal." The orange one (apparently Tsunomon) said with a slight blush

"With beautiful hair." the second pink one (named Yokomon) smiled as the flower on her head bobbed

"Or maybe no hair at all!" the third Pink one (known as Motimon (Hibiki was starting to notice another pattern here)), stated Matter-of-factly in a loud tone

"We can be funny, Ha!" Bukamon laughed

"And, Adorable." The white one (called Tokomon) chirped while his ears twitched

"But tough too!" Purumon declared, an look of pure bravado on her face

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you," Tai said, "I'm Tai, and these are my friends from summer camp."

He then pointed to each of the other children as he introduced them –

"I'd like you to meet Sora."

Sora shyly waved at them, "Nice place you got here, except for the bugs."

"And the self-proclaimed cool one over there's Matt."

Matt smirked, "No Autographs please."

"This is Joe."

"I'd shake hands," Joe stared, rubbing the back of his head nervously, "If you had any."

"That's Hibiki - Don't mind the attitude too much."

Hibiki crossed her arms nonchalantly and smiled, "Hello there - on behalf of the group, I kindly thank you for not trying to eat us."

"Izzy here's our computer expert."

"Hi there, does this place have internet access?" Izzy asked with a small wave of his hand

"And last but no least, this little guy here is…uh-"

"TK." the small boy greeted with a huge grin, "Call me TK, and I'm not as little as I look."

"Okay, is that everyone?" Tai asked before Sora interrupted:

"Wait, what happened to that girl with the funny pink hat, and Hibiki's friend?"

Before Hibiki could counter with "She's not my friend", Tai answered -

"Now now, their names are Mimi and Minori."

Izzy frowned as a contemplative look formed on his face. "I don't remember seeing Minori get sucked in with us when the wave came; so she's might still back at the camp. As for Mimi, perhaps she's off picking flowers or going on a nature hike."

Then suddenly, a monstrous roar flew through the air as a piercing scream reached them

"AHHHH! Help Me!"

"Okay, so she's not picking flowers."

No - I'm sure people scream in terror when they go flower picking "Lets hope they're just some really scary flowers." Hibiki grumbled as the children called for Mimi and ran to the source, reaching a small clearing.

"Mimi, where are you?" Tai yelled, and right on queue, Mimi came running with a small green creature with leaves on its head following close behind

Hibiki couldn't help but blink exasperatedly Another one? just how many of these "Digimon" are gonna show up?

"Mimi, it's okay! We're-" Tai started, only to be cut off by another roar as the biggest, nastiest looking red beetle Hibiki ever saw rose from the trees behind Mimi and charged at them, mandibles ready to cut through them.

"What the heck is that thing?!" Hibiki screeched.

"It's that giant bug Kuwagamon again!" Tai screamed, and everyone swiftly crouched down as the beast soared over them.

Meanwhile, Mimi was on the ground clutching her head, wishing the monster was gone and hoping that when she opened her eyes, she'd be back at camp sleeping in her cabin.

"Mimi, are you okay?" the creature next to her asked as it looked up at her with concern.

"I-I think so…" She whimpered.

"Don't worry, Tanemon's here to protect you!" it assured as Sora came over to make sure they were alright.

"Hey Mimi, its okay now." She said, and helped her up while the beetle-monster circled around for another assault.

"Here he comes again!" Tai shouted, and as it began to swoop down, he and the others with their digimon quickly turned tail.


However, no matter how far or fast the children ran, they couldn't shake the giant brute, who furiously stayed its course while cutting through every tree in its path. When it sped up to charged at them again, they all hastily dove for the ground as it shoot past them, waiting for it to fly back up.

"Will this day never end?!" Joe cried as a fallen branch nearly crushed him "My mom's gonna want a total refund when she hears about this!"

"Here he comes again!" Yokomon yelped, and surely enough, the flying terror was getting ready to take another swipe at them.

Suddenly, Tai stood and turned to face it's direction, a look of determination forming on his face.

"That's it, no more running away. We have to fight him!"

"Have you lost your mind? We don't stand a chance against that thing!" Hibiki shrieked as she and the others got up. And silly me, I forgot my industrial-sized bug spray.

"Besides, what else can we do?" Sora said

"They're right Tai," Matt yelled, tightening the grip on his little brother's hand "There's no way we can fight that thing!"

"Not and win anyway!" Izzy added

Soon, the giant beetle slowly began it's descent towards them, and the group found themselves running again, shifting through bushes and trees until they reached the end of the forrest. Unfortunately, that happened to be a precarious cliff hanging thousands of feet over a dangerous looking ocean.

"Great, anybody bring a helicopter with them?" Matt asked bitterly as the monster's cries drew closer

"Maybe we can climb down?" Tai suggested and ran over to the edge to see if it was possible.

"Careful Tai" Sora said as the boy looked down, while the others waited expectantly

First the Tidal wave, then the giant bug, and now this! I'd say "wild fire" next, but that's just asking for trouble! Hibiki mentally griped as Tai looked back towards them with a look of dread that pretty much read "Dead-end."

Hibiki sighed as everyone's face morphed into a similar expression and Kuwagamons cries drew closer "Well, any more bright ideas fearless leader?"

Tai quickly changed his face back to determined as he turned to the others, "There's no way down, so we're gonna have to find another way!"

"Another way where?!" Sora yelled, but before Tai could respond, the giant insect horror came back and was heading straight for him

"Tai, watch out!"

But before it could get close enough to snap its mandibles around him, Koromon suddenly jumped in between the boy and his attacker and spat out a stream of small pink bubbles, causing the colossal digimon to veer it's course and hit Tai's tiny pink protector instead. However, this did not deter the monstrosity as it came hurtling toward the other children

"Not again!" Tai groaned. But then, just like Koromon, the other digimon jumped out before their respected partners and faced the beast head on

"Digimon, attack!" Yokomon ordered, and all of them used the same attack Koromon had used earlier to force Kuwagumon to plummet into the forest behind them instead while the children had (for what felt like the millionth time) duck down to avoid being caught in the crossfire. Once it felt safe, the stood and realized that the digimon had been knocked away during its fall and were laying battered on the ground.

"Yokomon! Yokomon!" Sora cried as she and the others rushed to their digimon while meanwhile, Tai was carefully picking up Koromon from the ground.

"Koromon, are you nuts? Why'd you do that?" He stammered, the pink creature squinting its eyes as it weakly replied -

"Sorry…it's just that…I wanted to make…a good impression."

Tai couldn't help but let out a stress-filled chuckle "Crazy guy."

"Yokomon." Sora whimpered, holding the small digimon close.

"Tanemon, speak to me!" Mimi sobbed as she cradled Tanemon's unconscious form

"Come on Purumon, now's not the time for a nap!" Hibiki murmured, trying to keep the fear in her voice contained as she careful tried to shake the cataleptic mini-beast awake

Izzy's eyes were dilated into little dots as he held up Motimon, shaking fearful, "T-they must be programmed for courage."

"Tokomon, what's wrong?" TK asked, tears forming when he didn't get a response

"Hey Tsunomon, wake up." Matt pleaded as he picked him up from the ground

Joe, despite his initial (and still present) fear of the little brown thing, let his blood run cold as he picked up Bukamon's motionless body, "Bukamon…wake up, please?"

Sadly, their mourning was cut short as a roar erupted from where the beast fell and, surely enough, Kuwagamon arose from the trees, clashing it's mandibles together as it set it's sights on the young heroes again and forced them to flee to the edge of the cliff.

Does ANYTHING slow him down! Hibiki thought as any chance of survival jumped off the cliff they were standing on

Sora groaned as the group ran out of land to run on, "I'd thought we'd seen the last of him."

"Me too, guess he had other plans." Tai stated with a sigh of defeat, and the creature slowly advanced toward them

"Darn, I knew I should have brought my bug spray." Matt whined as the giant drew closer, and everyone (despite the lack of room) huddled back.

"O-okay," Tai stuttered, trying to face the end of his short 12 year old life with at least some nerve, "Get ready to run guys."

Hibiki stared at him and cried "Run where exactly?! Cause unless you plan on growing wings or something – we're toast!"

And just as she said it, Koromon and the others regained consciousness and stared the ferocious thing down

"No, we fight!"

"Huh?" Tai asked as the tiny warrior turned his gaze on him

"Yeah, it's the only way – stand and fight!"

The young man went wide eyed as Koromon suddenly tried to slip out of his arms, tightening his hold in response. Earlier on he would have allowed, heck, even encouraged such reckless bravery in the face of impossible odds - but after seeing what Kuwagamon did to them, letting him go to fight it was insane!

"Are you nuts?! You'll get killed!" He held Koromon close, trying to keep him from leaving on his suicide mission "Give it a rest will ya!"

Soon the other digimon followed his lead by trying to squirm out of the children's grasps

"Koromon's right - It's time to show what we're made of!" Motimon proclaimed

"No don't!" Izzy begged as he tried to keep the pink thing still

"They're right!" Yokomon said, turning her gaze on the monster turn

"No way," Sora cried, staring at the approaching terror, "it's hopeless, you're no match for him Yokomon!"

"Hibiki, leggo! I have to fight! I want to! I need to! I'm going to! I must! I should!" Purumon whined as it tried to break free from the tall girl's clutches

"Like heck you do! You've already given me enough heart attacks today!" She warned, trying to tighten her grip on the tiny black and grey creature


"WecandoitWecandoitWecandoitWecandoitWecandoitWecandoit-" Tokomon and Tsunomon shouted rapidly in sucession as they struggled to escape Matt and TK's grips.

"Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" Bukamon repeated as he flapped around to get Joe to release him

"Tanemon, you too?" Mimi asked worryingly as she saw the look of determination from the creature peering up at her, receiving a nod in response.

"I'm sorry Tai," Koromon said before he and the other digimon finally escaped from their partner's arms "Alright guys, lets go!"

As the digimon charged towards certain doom, the children all cried out in horror to them

"It's useless! Yokomon!"

"Don't do it Motimon!"

"No wait, don't do it Tsunomon!"

Don't go Tokomon!"

"Turn around - come back Bukamon!"

"Stop, come back Purumon!"

"Tanemon…Be careful!"

Tai stood their frozen in fear for a moment before trying to leap out after them

"No, don't Koromon! Come back!"

And then – like a sudden miracle – it happened. Just as Tai was chasing after Koromon, the strange device that landed him and the others in this situation suddenly started to glow as a giant black vortex opened up above them. From within it, eight beams of rainbow colored light swirled and shot down on each of the Digimon, bathing them in a multihued light as they started to transform

"Koromon Digivolve to – Agumon!"

"Yokomon Digivolve to – Biyomon!"

"Motimon Digivolve to – Tentamon!"

"Tsunomon Digivolve to – Gabumon!"

"Tokomon Digivolve to – Patamon!"

"Bukamon Digivolve to – Gomamon!"

"Purumon Digivolve to – Kushimon!"

"Tanemon Digivole to – Palmon!"

"What happened to the little guys?" Sora gasped as the lights died down and she and the others stared at the newly-transformed digimon – for in their place stood a yellow-colored Dinosaur with long claws; a pink and blue bird with a ring around it's ankle; a red, ladybug-esk insectoid; A white and blue horned animal; a small orange creature with bat wings on it's head; a white and purple seal-like thing; A furry black and white bear with a long tail and collar; and a green plant-being with a pink flower protruding from it's head

"They…got bigger." Tai breathed as the Digimon returned to their assault on the giant beetle, only to get knocked away. However, unlike when they were in their previous forms, they managed to get back up this time

"Alright, you asked for it!" the dinosaur Agumon roared, and then the plant-creature Palmon and bear Kushimon circled Kuwagamon as he lifted into the air

"Poison Ivy!" Palmon shouted as her vine-like fingers extended and wrapped around its right leg

"Shadow Waylay!" Kushimon growled, and dark tentacles shot from her paws and bound the other one, halting the colossal beetle's flight while the tiny orange creature Patamon flew down towards him

"Bubble Boom!" He cried, and took a huge breath as he blasted the beast with a ball of air, forcing it to descend while Tentamon buzzed around it and electricity pulsed around his body.

"Super shocker!" he yelled, and the bolt produced hit the bigger bug spot on, allowing the small seal Gomamon to dash under its legs and trip him. Then Agumon, the blue and yellow creature Gabumon, and the pink bird Biyomon surrounded it and ready their attacks.

"Stand back everybody!" Agumon warned as orange flames foamed from his mouth "Pepper Breath!"

"Blue Blaster!" Gabumon howled as a stream of blue fire erupted from him

"Sprial Twister!" Biyomon squawked, and a spiral of green flame shot down on her target.

All three connected as they assaulted the beast with a inferno of colorful flames, and before it could react, all the digimon gathered together for a final strike.

"Now then, altogether guys!" Agumon instructed, and soon the monster found itself bombarded upon with every element known as its chest burst into flames and crashed backwards into the forest behind it.

The children did nothing but stand there awestruck as Izzy managed to sputter out –

"They made vaporware out of him…"

Victorious, the creatures then turned to their partners and ran over with prideful glee

"Told you we could do it!" Agumon laughed, and Tai couldn't help but crack a grin as he ran towards him and picked the oversized lizard up into a bear hug

"You sure did Koromon," Tai cheered, laughing with him, "or Agumon, or whoever you are - You did it, you did it, you did it!"

The other kids shared his enthusiasm as their own digimon ran into their arms, laughing along with them as they congratulated them on their triumph in defeating the monster Kuwagamon

"Good job Biyomon!" Sora smiled, holding up the pink avian's wings "I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks," she responded, eyes smiling back "It's was no problem!"

"How about that super shocker - pretty cool huh?" Tentamon bragged, with Izzy nodding in rapt amazement

"You guys are such little jerks - running off like that!" Hibiki mumbled as Kushimon held her, looking away to hide the look of relief on her face "It was pretty cool though..."

"I told you I'd protect you." she said, giving a toothy grin

"OH PALMON~!" Mimi snivled, holding the green plant being close "I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE OKAY~!"

"M-me too Mimi" she stammered, trying to regulate her breathing

Matt was silently congratulating Gabumon on his victory while TK was babbling so happily Patamon couldn't get a word in edgewise,

"That was really cool! You guys were so awesome, taking that Kuwagamon down like that! How'd you guys do all that?"

"JOE! I said I'm fine!" Gomamon groaned while the spectacled blunette checked over him for the umpteenth time

"That's what you say, but it never hurts to double check!"

Of course, the celebrating was promptly cut short at an all too familiar cry echoing from within the trees.

Seriously, doesn't that thing ever give up…!

Soon - like a horrific, unrelenting phoenix - Kuwagamon rose out from the forest again, glaring down at its prey as if to remind them that they hadn't escaped his wrath yet.

"Watch out Tai!" Sora cautioned, and Tai quickly released Agumon as they saw the monster dive down for them and rejoined the others, Kuwagamon catching nothing but air as it collided with the ground.

"Guess we celebrated too soon…" Tai nervously joked as the Digimon prepared to fight again...

Then a Very bad sound was heard.


"D-did anyone hear something crack?" Hibiki asked, paling as ground around where the giant beetle embedded itself began to break apart. The ledge quickly gave away, and the poor children, who just moments ago were enjoying a nice day at camp, found themselves plunging through the air and straight towards death as they fell into the sea.

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