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A/N: Hey Guys. So I fell asleep on the couch last night. This is yesterday's witfit. I totally did whatever I wanted though, only loosely relating to the prompts. And I'm going to be uploading today's witfit here soon. So. KABAM! Also (and this is important) my time-jumps are tightening. This scene is only a few days after Jake's black eye.

And Age of Sail is a field trip where kids (about 5th grade) spend the night on a boat and pretend they're sailors. I did it when I was 10. I was a deck hand. I wanted to be Galley-crew, maybe if I had been the food would've been better.

Unbeta'd and yadda yadda.

Word Prompt: Faux pas

Dialogue Flex: "Are you going to the game tonight?" he asked.

Using the provided snippet of dialogue, explore what comes to mind, be it a scene, a thought, or something else.

"I need you to come over Monday night." Victoria drags her tongue around the side of her ice cream cone, catching the chocolate before it runs. Wind blows Bella's hair against her face and she tucks it back, turning to look at Victoria.


"Game night. We're interviewing a new bartender. Here, lick this." She hands Bella a cone with mint-chip ice cream starting to drip down the side. Bella takes it, twirling it against her tongue.

"Ugh, this is freezing."

"It's ice cream, Bella. They don't make it warm."

"Duh, Vic."

"I like to fly in the face of convention. I also get hot mochas in the dead of summer."

"You tell me this like I haven't known you for eleven years."

"Look, there's Sam." She lifts a hand, waving it over her head as Sam hops down the steps of the bus, drops his overnight bag to the ground and lets himself be wrapped up in Victoria's arms. Then in Bella's.

"I don't know why you waved, Aunt Vic. I saw you from two blocks away. Nice hair, by the way."

Victoria brushes her purple and gold hair back, pulling up the faux fur of her hood. "I don't embarrass you, do I?"

"You can't embarrass me," Sam says, his cheek to Bella's chest as she kisses the top of his head.

"Aw. See Bella – that's true love right there."

"You can only embarrass yourself. Ooooh BURN!"

"Good one, kiddo. But watch yourself, that kind of encouragement only means I'll try harder."

"Did you get me ice cream?" Sam untangles himself from his mom, bending to get his bag.

"Yeah. This is yours. I licked it. Sorry. It was dripping." Bella takes his bag and slings it over her shoulder.

"Ewww, gross. Mom-germs," Sam says, but he takes the cone anyway.

"How was Age of Sail?"

"Oh man. It was so cold. Can we get into the car and turn up the heat? This ice cream isn't helping but holy crow - it is so good. I had to eat beans and corn bread twice. Can we have pizza for dinner?"

Bella unlocks the Tacoma and pulls back the seat, holding Sam's ice cream as he climbs into the back.

"We're having spaghetti for dinner."

Victoria chucks the bottom of her cone into the trash, steps up onto the running board, harassing Bella herself before ducking into the truck. "Come on Bells. Get the kid a pizza. He just spent 24 hours on a clipper ship eating weevils for Pete's sake."

"Yeah, mom. Weevils. Still alive, even. I saw them wiggling in my corn bread."

"Extra protein, kid. That's what weevils are. Extra protein." Victoria snaps her seat belt closed.

"Gross, guys."

"We could get a Hawaiian pizza. The pineapple will help with my scurvy. I think my gums are sore. You wouldn't want my teeth to fall out, right mom?"

"Wouldn't want that."

"Pizza it is then! Hey Vic, did you remember to put that stuff on my iPod?

She pulls the Nano from her jacket pocket and hands it—earbuds trailing—over her shoulder to Sam who starts scrolling through the new additions. "Which is the one, again?"

"It's Chopin's Ballade No. 1, and get this. I know where I heard it the first time. I couldn't figure it out forever, but then I looked it up. It was the score for the Black Pas De Deux at the end of The Lady of the Camellias. My grandma took me to see that when I was little. Anyway. Thought that was funny."

Sam sticks his buds in his ears, pulling them out a few minutes later. "You expect me to play this, Aunt Vic? You're loco and a half."

"You better start practicing. It's that or November Rain. I want my wedding to be effing classy."

Sam snorts. "Will you be there?"

"I'm still debating it, smart-ass."

He laughs joyfully. "You shouldn't have said that Aunt Vic. Now I have blackmail material." Sam pretends to punch the keys to an invisible phone, holding it to his ear. "Yes. Hello, is this James Kelly? Thought you might be interested to know-"

"You little terrorist. You want to see how I deal with threats like that?" She pulls her phone out of her satchel, speed dialing James and putting it on speaker phone.

He answers with a short, "I'm working, Vee."

"I'll make it fast. You know I may or may not show up November 8th, right?"

"That's why we went with the cheap caterer, if I recall."

"Okay, later." She ends the call, turning to Sam in the backseat. "Ha!"

"Touché, Aunt Vic."

"Showed you."

"You sure did. I guess I'll have to go with Plan B."

She narrows her eyes at him. "What's Plan B?"

He puts his earbuds back in, staring out the window with a half-smile.


She turns to Bella, bouncing in her seat a little. "What is your wicked son up to, Bells?"

"Wicked? My son? Posh. I think the word you want is cunning."

"Crafty," Victoria nods.


This last, to some extent, is true. Sam has a gift for music, a gift for math, and a gift for making people laugh. He's still small though, and it still bothers him.