'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen

Your stare was holdin',

Ripped jeans, skin was showin',

Hot night, wind was blowin',

Where you think you're going, baby?

Hey, I just met you, And this is crazy,

But here's my number, So call me, maybe?

When Dom had pulled open the front door, he had not been expecting to see a well put together latina in tight fitting dark blue jeans and a olive green tank top. That wasn't to say he was disappointed, far from it in fact. The girl turned to him, stray stands of dark hair, which had escaped her pony tale, falling into her face. She had dark eyes, high cheekbones and the sort of full mouth that looked as if it should always be kissing or smirking.

"Hey." He said shifting slightly so he could lean his weight against the doorframe. There were rips in his jeans, but he knew he looked good in them and the white muscle shirt was very good at drawing attention to his arms, all that time spent pumping iron had paid off. Dom knew he was showing off but didn't care the girl on his doorstep was pretty gorgeous.

"Oh umm, Hi." She said sounding a little unsure as her dark eyes swept over him, but if the smile she gave was any indication then she liked what she saw. Her teeth were white and even and he bet her mouth currently tasted of mint.

"You came!" Dom felt a stab of annoyance at the sound of his sister's voice, he hadn't even found out the girl's name yet. And Mia had a nasty habit of running interference any time he showed the slightest in one of her friends. A less generous brother might have thought she didn't trust him.

"Yeah, well you said." She said with a smile and a one shouldered shrug as if she wasn't quite sure how she had ended up outside the Toretto house on the hot summer evening. And the truth was, she wasn't. She'd been shifting boxes from the house to the garage and back again when the dark haired girl had just shown up.

Mia had a nice smile and was warm and welcoming and it was so easy to chat with her. So when she'd invited her around to a party/BBQ thing going on at her house that evening it was just so easy to say yes. Apparently the one thing she'd forgot to mention was that the person opening the door would look like one of the more exciting class of super hero. It had been a miracle that she hadn't just stated to drool while her tongue just lolled out her mouth.

"That's great." Mia said as she grabbed the girl's hand and proceeded to pull her into the house. The fact that the doorway was standard size and her brother was still standing in it, and she therefor had to drag her new friend past him didn't bother her at all.

Dom felt his skin tingle slightly as for a brief moment he found himself pressed close against the dark haired girl. She smelled good he noted, like vanilla and cinnamon, and wondered how he could go about finding himself pressed against her again. From the dusky rose colour that slightly tinted her cheeks, he guessed she would be averse to sharing more doorways with him.

"Little introduction perhaps Mia?" He called out stalling his sister before she could drag her newly acquired friend off. If he let her escape now he knew Mia would do everything in her power to keep Dom from finding out anything about the dark haired girl, if only out of sisterly spite.

"Ugh fine. Dom this is Letty, who just moved in down the street." Mia said with a smile that was anything but friendly, he'd have to remember to lock his bedroom door tonight, before rolling her eyes she turned to Letty and jerked a thumb in her brother's direction. "Letty this is Dom my brother feel free to act as if he isn't really here, I know I do."

"No fair Mia." He said to their retreating backs, determined not to let Mia have it all her own way and also to let Letty know his interest, she could brush him off herself if she wanted. "You didn't even give me a chance to get her number."

"Ignore him," Mia hissed loudly pulling Letty even further away from her brother and in the general direction of the kitchen, loud music and ice cold corona. "He's a skirt chaser."

"Don't worry," Letty replied casually as she glanced back over her shoulder, gracing Dom with both a wink and a sly smile. "I prefer jeans."

(A/N) It's a fun song so it's a fun drabble. And I always picture a younger Mia making it her mission in life to annoy Dom as much as possible, it's what little sisters are for. Hope you'll like it. Lamanth xx