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'Criminal' by Britney Spears

I know you told me I should stay away,

I know you said he's just a dog astray,

He is a bad boy with a tainted heart,

And even I know this ain't smart,

But mama I'm in love with a criminal,

And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical,

Mama please don't cry, I will be alright,

All reason aside I just can't deny, love the guy,

Dom stepped from the bright sunlight into the relatively cool darkness the building offered. It was still early and the bar was almost completely empty. Later on it would be packed to bursting, there would be a live band and people laughing and dancing and living life to the full but for now it was quiet and peaceful. A trio of old men stat at one table, a couple chatted at another and a few individuals were scattered around. Save for the murmur of voices the only sounds with the soft hum of the ceiling fans and the music drifting out from the radio.

His shoulders relaxed as a tension he hadn't been consciously aware of left him, and he began to feel himself settle and the scattered parts of him mind started coming back together. He'd been in the Dominican Republic for all of three months and already the bar had become his favourite place to relax and wind down at the end of the day. And not, he thought with a sly smile, just because of the sublime scenery.

As if his thought had been some sort of silent queue, a latina emerged from a back room carrying a crate and headed for the bar. Letty Ortiz was short, only a touch over five foot, but perfectly proportioned in spite of her lack of inches. She was clearly strong and well muscled, but she also had enough in the way of to curves to stop her from looking hard. Her hair was a glossy black, thick and luxurious and currently pulled back into a tail but with a few strands left free to frame her face.

But most of all there where her legs. Some men were breast men or ass men and while Dom appreciated a decent rack and an ass you could bounce quarters off of, legs were what really did it for him. And Letty's really were a lovely pair of legs and clad in pair of faded cut offs they looked even better. Warm caramel with silky soft skin, long and lean and designed to do incredible things that had absolutely nothing to do with locomotion.

She was moving bottles from the crate to one of the fridges and glanced up as he casually approached. Dark eyes rolled in a 'here we go again' gesture, but a smile was playing around with her bottom lip. Full and plump and just perfect for kissing. A sign, Dom was sure, that she found him at least partly as interesting as he found her, or if not interesting at least amusing and that was a starting point he'd happily work from. She was already reaching for something under the bar when he leaned is arms on the dark wood.

"Hey, I'll have a…" The request dissolved into a low chuckle as she pushed a bottle across the bar and raised her eyebrows as if daring him to tell her she was wrong. "Yeah, one of these."

There was a wedge of lime in the neck of the bottle and the clear glass was beaded with condensation, a testament to how cold the beer was. Dom took a long pull from the Corona while at the same time sliding a worn twenty dollar bill across the scared wood. She took it with a smug little smile and was back a second later with his change.

"What about you?" He asked, gesturing towards her with the bottle he held. Letty just gave him another of those killer smirks, which made her dark eyes dance and revealed a flash of her hidden dimple, as she pulled a half empty bottle of coke from behind the bar.

It was one of the proper glass ones that Dom remembered from his childhood, not the more common plastic ones. For some reason coke always tasted better when drunk from the cold glass. She saluted him with her own beverage, took a swig and returned the coke to its previous hiding place.

"Letty," He said with a sigh that was equal parts amusement and resignation, a hint of genuine longing made its way in too. "When are you gonna let my buy you a drink?"

"Who says I will?" The tone of her voice said she was board and uninterested, but Letty's expression and body language told a very different story. "I know trouble when I see it Toretto and you, you're big trouble."

"And are you really telling me that you're a girl who likes to avoid trouble?" Dom asked as he studied her. Letty looked like the typical girl next door until you got to her eyes, then you saw the intelligence and the wicked humour. "No, don't buy it. You've seen more than your fair share of trouble, caused most of it too I bet."

"I don't know what you mean," Letty's voice was all injured innocents' but there was something dark and a little fiendish glimmering in her eyes as she leaned across the bar towards him, flashing him a little cleavage in the process. "I'm a good girl."

Unfortunately before Dom could responded someone else called out from further down the bar, signalling for a refill and Letty was forced to leave him to take care of the needs of other regulars. Though considering the position she had been in and the subsequent view is offered she would probably have been waiting quite a while for him to be capable of coherent speech. And that was odd since a little gimps of flesh wouldn't have normally rendering him tongue tied, but that fact that it was Letty somehow changed all the normal rules.

Dom had started coming into the bar because it was the first one he had found and admittedly for a while had kept coming back because of the pretty bar staff. But soon it was because he liked the way that Letty would smile and laugh with him yet wasn't beyond turning the sharp side of her tongue on him when he stepped out of line. There was just something about the pint sized latina that made his hormones sit up and beg, which was normal enough, but his attraction seemed to go beyond that some how.

The first time he'd found himself fantasying about how it would feel to walk along the beach with Letty tucked under his arm Dom had known that whatever ever he felt went far beyond mere lust. If the want had been purely physical he would have given up long ago, just cut his losses and moved on to someone more eager and willing. But he hadn't, he just couldn't bring himself to. Letty might be playing hard to get, something he usually didn't care for, but he knew that this time the prise he was playing for was one that wasn't just worth winning but also worth keeping.

Dom watched Letty move through the almost deserted space, moving from deep shadow into bright golden sunlight and back again. He stared unashamedly as she moved back and forth, drinking in the sight as her body dipped and swayed, watching how her elegant fingers wrapped around the slender necks of bottles. Her actions were pure seduction as far as he was concerned, yet she remained totally oblivious of the effect she had on him. Spending so much time with her yet not being with her was driving him mad. What he needed to do was work out how to persuade her to let him play for keeps.

Work before play, Letty reminded herself, as she wiped down tables and collected empty bottles and it was probably for the best as playing with Dominic Toretto was always a dangerous game. Dangerous in the catching a tiger by the tail sense as apposed to the more mundane borrowing your brother's car without permission type. And there had been at least partial truth to the last words she'd offered him, for the most part she was a good girl.

Or at least if not completely good she was no worse than most. She was respectful to her parents, went to church on Sundays, didn't sleep around and even managed to keep from cursing in front of her grandparents and the padre. Sure she had a weakness for fast cars and good tequila, she also went out more than her grandmother thought a single girl of her age should. But she always made sure the trouble she got into was never serious.

All of which begged the question why did she keep flirting with a guy who as good as had the word criminal tattooed on his forehead? Letty knew better than to believe the rumours that she heard about anyone, and working behind a bar she heard a lot. Most of which clearly fell under the heading of bullshit. And some of the ones connected with Dom bypassed nonsense and went directly to you couldn't make it up if you tried. But working in a bar had also given her a lot of experience at reading people, and her instincts said that Dominic Toretto was dangerous. Very dangerous.

Even at rest like he was now, relaxing at the bar and sipping his corona he gave the impression of immense power, coiled tight and ready to spring. He was a man running from someone or something, and Letty suspected the numbers 5 and 0 were involved. His body was a blend of hard muscle and supple quickness, and something in the way he held himself telegraphed the potential for violence and a willingness to use it. And yet when he talked to her Letty got the feeling that at heart he was a good man and rather than feeling threatened, with him she felt safe. For a certain value of safe at any rate.

But even her brother had taken her aside and warned her that, for her own good, she should stay away from Toretto if at all possible. Since most of the time her beloved older sibling would quite happily push her in front of an on coming car, Letty was forced to take her brother's words seriously. If even he was concerned for her wellbeing things with Dom were probably more troubled and complexes than she could even begin to guess at. It would, after all, take something serious for Alejandro 'Alec' Ortiz to become concerned about the safety of his baby sister.

The problem was that none of this changed the fact that Letty's heart did stupid little back flips when he smiled at her, as if she was some brainless schoolgirl enamoured of her first crush. Or that in three months of flirting she had failed to tell him to get lost even once. And she knew the reason was that some part of her was scared that if she told Dom she really wasn't interested he'd take her at her word. But the truth was she was interested, in spite of all of the warnings and danger signs, she was far more interested in him than was safe.

Glancing back down the length of the bar, and seeing the Dom was now holding an empty bottle, Letty excused herself from the young couple she was chatting with. His lack of anything to drink giving her a legitimate reason to head back towards him. When she reached him, without asking she grabbed another corona from the fridge, flicked the top off with a practiced twisted, wedged a slice of lime into the neck and placed it on the bar in front of him.

Dom returned her smile but instead of reaching out and taking the bottle he reached out and wrapped his hand around her forearm, holding her in place and preventing her from simply walking away. "What time d'you get off tonight?"

"Late." Letty said with a slight shrug of one shoulder, but evidently it wasn't a specific enough answer as he just kept hold of her arm. She was sure she could have pulled free if she had tried, his grip was hardly tight but his fingers were lightly stroking the skin of her wrist.

"Late?" He questioned, Letty's skin was warm and felt soft against the callused skin of his palm. And Dom wondered if the skin of her stomach was just as soft as that on the inside of her wrist or if the skin of her throat tasted as sweet as it looked.

His eyes, dark like bitter chocolate, were fixed on hers and suddenly all the reasons Letty had for keeping her distance didn't seem all that important at all. He was looking at her in a way no one ever had before and it sent her pulse racing. "Two." The word came out sounding thick and chocked and Letty swallowed before repeating, "My shift ends at two."

"I'll wait for you?" Dom hadn't meant it to come out as a question but never the less the sentence had finished on an up swing because it was important that she want this too.

Voices screamed inside Letty's head that the next word out of her mouth should be no, quickly followed by hell no. Part of her wanted to snatch her hand back and just run as far and as fast as she could. Instinct told her that if she did this there was only one way that things could end and it would not be good. Getting involved with Dominic Toretto in anyway would only end up with her getting hurt and the smart thing to do would be to walk away right this second.

All of this Letty knew, so she opened her mouth to politely refuse but when the words came out they had somehow become, "Yes, I'd like that. I'd really like that."

"Me too." The delighted smile started in his eyes and slowly melted to his mouth, and it took every ounce of Letty's self control to keep from simply leaning across the bar and kissing him right there and then. Her rational mind seemed to have abandoned her without any warning.

There was no telling how long they would have stood there watching one anther had of her regulars not signalled to Letty from across the bar. Swiftly, if reluctantly, pulling free she collected three bottles and slipped out from behind the bar, heading for one of the darker corners. She could feel Dom's eyes on her with every step, a heated caress that sent her pulse racing partly in desire and partly from trepidation.

She was a good girl who knew better than to get involved with someone whose past was clearly more than a little tainted, but she couldn't seem to bring herself to care. Two o'clock might seem like a long time away but when it arrived Letty knew she would have to face the truth, despite her best efforts it seemed she was falling in love with a criminal and she couldn't wait.

(A/N) The last three paragraphs aren't quite right, but after X rewrites I think it's the best you're going to get. Sorry. Well it's taken time but this is an idea that was brought up on the plot bunnies topic of the Dotty forum. Dotty lovers I hope you like it, mysteriesabound1, thank you for the idea.

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