Wammy's House only accepted orphans who proved to have some kind of gift or talent to help solve cases. They were groomed to be the successors to the one and only L. The world's greatest detective who was second to none. Oh, how the children longed to see and talk to him. Despite him not actually ever physically visiting them, he was their sole role model and father figure.

However kids were kids so there were fights, chatter, disciplinary issues, and (for some) the plague of puberty. Even if being part of an institution full of geniuses to be was special, the kids took it for granted. Life was carefree and somewhat boring for them. The arrival of someone new always sparked up something in them. And one day, the orphanage manager announced a new girl. A large group of kids immediately crowded around his office.

The children of Wammy's House were chatting among themselves about the new girl. Her name was Ice. Ironically, she was not from anywhere with a cold climate but from California (as Roger, the manager, told them) . The kids wondered about how she got to England from the States and what her 'gift' was. A few even wondered if she was related to anyone of the kids already in the orphanage that also came from the States.

Roger blocked everyone's view of Ice. "Now now, settle down. She just came from L.A. She must be exhausted. Her roommate will either be Gigi...or Xia..." At the mention of Xia, a few kids backed away. The excited chatter turned into skeptical whispers and murmurs. Roger frowned. He closed the office door and the kids heard him muttering to Ice. They all quieted down to try and hear her voice. She didn't say anything.

Roger then came out of his office with his hand on Ice's shoulder, and a firm look on his face. The kids made a split in the crowd and they all gawked at Ice. She stared straight ahead and was rather roughly led to the dorms. Soon enough, Ice and Roger were well out of earshot.

Ice had a sickly pale complexion. Only highlighted by her snow white hair. Her eyes were round and very doe-like. At least one was, as her long hair was blocking half of her face. The eye they saw was also amber and very watery. As if she had been crying. Her body was very small, and her clothes were loose and baggy.

"Her hair...is it natural?"

"Her skin...eww...she can't be from Cali..."

"Her eyes...they're so big..."

"She's so tiny. Her clothes make her look like a chihuahua.."

"You think she's the same blood as...Near?"

The kids were silent for a few seconds and chatter erupted once more. They began talking about Ice all over again.

Roger frowned and could feel Ice tense up as they walked further down the hallway to her new room.