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There was a loud crash from the other side of the monitor. Light knew it meant that Rem had sacrificed her life to save Misa. Light smirked to himself, realizing that everything was working out just as he'd planned. He looked at the monitor while hearing the rest of the room panic. It read "all data deleted".

"Data deleted…? What's going on?" Light inquired, subliminally mocking the master detective. He thought it was humorous; the Shinigami had actually gone so far as to kill another to save an insignificant human life. He looked at the world's best detective. You didn't see that coming did you, L?

The small composed detective shot a dark glance at the three words on the screen and he responded to Light's question. "I told Watari that if something ever happened to him, he should erase all the data he can and to set his system up to erase automatically after a certain amount of time." Light laughed to himself, he knew that L's game was over because he had won without even having to raise a finger.

The men all froze and realized that this meant death for every person in the room. Panic and fear shot through their minds like arrows and hit every person except the detective and Kira. Light looked around to find the Shinigami, but realized she was nowhere to be found. Rem was more than likely dead by now. A pile of dust with a black notebook etched with names beside it.

Light knew that with the Shinigami dead, along with Watari, L would be forced to give up the game of cat and mouse with Kira. Everything had gone according to plan. He would have a new partner, L, and all the glory of Kira's new utopian world. Of course, his original plan was to kill Ryuzaki, but after being handcuffed together, he realized that if he could stop Watari from communicating with L then he would be able to convince him to see the necessity of his ideal new world. Light was more than pleased with the outcome.

From the corner of his eye he saw a streak of black shudder and fall to the ground. The sound of a spoon clattered against the ground, sounding like a tiny bell announcing an event. Light spun around to see L on the floor, sprawled out like a bug under a microscope. He fell to his knees and crawled over to Ryuzaki.

"Call an ambulance, he's having a heart attack!" His colleagues frantically searched the room for a cell phone, leaving Light to hold onto L, praying he would live and that it was just a coincidence, not Rem's doing.

"L, please stay with me. You can't leave me yet, it's not your time yet." Light screamed at the body of the world's greatest detective. He could feel his eyes stinging as salty tears began to streak down his face.

L lifted his hand and wiped away the tears from Light's cheeks. "Light-kun, don't be sad." Ryuzaki licked the tears that were now on his fingers "Your tears taste terrible. Goodnight, Light-kun."

The small man's body became limp in Light's arms. Light felt his heart tense up and began to feel an emptiness grow inside of him.

"Wake up, L. You're going to be okay." Light began to shake Ryuzaki. When there was no response, he tried this technique again, and again, and again. "Wake up! Wake up! Damn you! Wake up!" Light bowed his head against L's and squeezed his eyes shut, hoping that when he woke up again, this would all just turn out be another nightmare.

A hand fell on Light's shoulder for comfort. "I'm sorry, son. He's not going to come back. Kira will pay for this." Light felt a light reassuring squeeze from his father and then heard the footsteps before they faded behind a doorway.

Light held L's body close to his own. He ran his fingers through L's messy, jet-black hair and cried. A numbness washed over Light's body. It felt to him as though the nerves in his body were no longer working.

Why, Rem? Why did you kill the one person I felt I could count on. To save Misa? I'd rather her be here, dead in my arms, than be holding my best friend's lifeless corpse. So for that, fuck you. You should be thankful that you're dead, Rem.

I will right your wrong.

To be continued~

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