Note: Mugenkage's name means "Infinite Shadow" in Japanese.

"What do you mean the Wicked Queen's not home? We brought her the gizzard she asked for!" Orson said.

"She followed you into the forest to make sure you did away with Snow Wade!" a dog guard said.

"Snow Wade is in tro-" Cloe said, but she was interupted by a strange force.

"You'll never see Snow Wade AGAIN!" Mugenkage said. "I am the powerful Mugenkage, and I will show everyone why you can't save Snow Wade!"

Mugenkage produced a mirror, and everyone looked into it.

"Well, I'm departing!" Snow Wade said.

"No, Departing's right over here! Oh, he left." said a dwarf.

Snow Wade opened the door, and saw the Old Hag Lanolin. "Poison apple, my dear?" she asked.

Snow Wade accepted the apple and said "Oh, I'll try anything that's free!"

The Old Hag Lanolin began to cry, "Snow Wade, don't eat it! If you do, I will...I upset!"

Mugenkage said "I'm doomed! Lanolin did not listen to me! She LOVES WADE! I FAILED MYSELF THIS TIME! I HAVE TO CORRECT HER MIND!"

Mugenkage came close to the Old Hag Lanolin and grabbed her. "You're going to be my next victim..."


Lanolin woke up in tears. "What was that dream? I don't know why I love Wade, but I love Orson!"

Lanolin explained to Orson and Bo about the dream. "I think I was in the story of Snow White, and I gave Wade a poisoned apple, but I regretted it!"

Orson replied to Lanolin with "We pretended to be in the story of Snow White a few years ago, but you weren't upset about Wade!"

"I don't remember...I must have fallen asleep that day or that may have been a dream you had!" Lanolin responded.

"Come on, sis, you have to remember..." Bo said.

"We never did Snow White, I was never the evil queen or an old hag, and I never killed Wade!"

Aloysius, who visited the farm quite often in the past, came to Orson, Bo, and Lanolin and said "Maybe there was a fake Lanolin in the place of the real Lanolin!" Aloysius said.

"I think there was this gust of wind when Lanolin and I were going to bed, and then, I blacked out, and then...I don't remember the rest of it...except for the part after I woke up and saw everyone run like crazy..." Bo said.

"Alright everyone time for breakfast! Lanolin, we can talk about this another time." Orson said.

Lanolin was still thinking about what her friends and brother said. Maybe they're right. There's no way I could have been the Queen, it may have been a dream everyone on the farm had except for me. But what if it was real? I could have not remembered it, maybe because it has been years since Cloe came over and visited us.